Written by Gloria

24 Oct 2011

The story about my genital predicament is totally true and I suppose I can see why some men might find it a bit of a challenge from a completely sexual fun perspective but would they continue to want to be in a relationship with a woman who herself needed to masturbate her own penis or have it masturbated on a regular basis.

When my penis is fully swollen it does cause restricted access to my vagina and requires patience and gentleness for a "male" fully erect penis to gain full and complete entry,and I'm sure that for most men when they become fully aroused and might need immediate intercourse to relieve themselves these might not be virtues they display.This is why my older next door neighbour has turned out to be almost my perfect sexual partner.

After running from my bedroom on that first time I saw him masturbating in his back yard,I returned in minutes,it was as if I was drawn back,between my own legs my penis/clitoris had reached a state of hardness that I had never before experienced,I knew that some of the juices were flowing from my vagina but it felt like the hard two inches of flesh standing up and out from my labia was on fire and was exuding copious amounts of liquid,I had to go back.

He was still standing there masturbating,he did'nt know that I had actually left the room,he thought that I'd just removed myself from view but was still watching him.When he could see me again he smiled at me and increased his hand movement on his handsome penis,I did'nt let him see that I was masturbating myself,but as it happened,and of course he was'nt aware that I was a person of dual genitalia,nevertheless and in the circumstances correctly,he assumed that I was masturbating.

From wathching dvd's I could tell by his body movement,his slightly opened mouth,the backward and forward movement of his hips,the spreading of his legs,the increasing movement of his hand which in turn gave a lovely swinging motion to his testicles,I knew he was close to ejaculation.His hips stayed in a forward state as he pushed his penis upwards almost as if he was inside a vagina and then the first globules of his semen spurt from him,it was'nt with the kind of force I'd seen on dvd's but it was the first real ejaculation I'd seen,it was beautiful.

I was transfixed as I watched him produce spurt after spurt of semen,as I said before I'd have given anything to be able to experience a moment like that for myself.My own penis/clitoris remained fully hard as his hand movement slowed and he pulled on his softening penis to empty it.Fully soft it was about twice the size of mine,he continued to sroke it,then bent down to retrieve his briefs,he gave me the thumbs up sign and still looking towards my window went back in his house.

I was still in my dressing gown the following morning when there was a knock on my door,I at first I thought it was probably the postman,I felt almost stunned when I saw it was my next door neighbour,I think we should talk he said,I think my behaviour yesterday was wrong,I should'nt have done what I did,I have never done anything like that before,I've hardly slept all night.

I have no idea why but I found myself inviting him in,and I found that underneath my dressing gown,which was the only thing I was wearing,a deep intense tingling sensation had started in my vagina,I could feel my "penis" start to enlarge.

I enjoyed seeing what you did,I said,that simple statement would change my world.