Written by Gareth&Katie

7 Nov 2009

We were travelling home after attending my wife's nieces wedding. We'd spent the previous night in a hotel and been able to have a long uninterrupted fuck the kids being with grandparents. In the morning we showered and I'd shaved her pussy before a 69 session when we both came and she swallowed my cum. Katie dressed in tan hold up stockings, little white lacy panties with matching bra and a cream silky dress. Despite the children, her stomach is till flat and her 32d tits firm, at 40 she can still turn heads.

We'd left at about 11pm and had about a 2hour drive, but had only been going about 20 minutes when she announced a need to pee. 5 minutes later I saw a sign for a lay-by and pulled in. It was set back from the road, divided by trees and bushes. There were a number of cars dotted about and I parked a bit away from them. Katie got out and I suggested she leave her panties in the car not to get them dirty, she handed them over saying I was a dirty bugger. There was full moonlight and she got in front of the car, pulled her dress up round her waist and crouched down. I couldn't resist

-Full Beam- There she was naked from the waist down, shaven pussy, pissing on the grass. She mouthed something and after about 10 seconds I turned them off to just parking lights. As I did I caught sight of some one who'd also been watching. Realising she had been seen, my prick began to harden and as she stood up I got out of the car. I caught her round the waist as she said "I knew you were a dirty sod" and pulled her to me kissing her as she rubbed against my erection. One thing that turns her on is having her neck kissed and nibbled. and as I kissed her she relaxed as I ran my hands over her dress and up to the zip. I pulled it down expecting her to stop me, she didn't so I pulled the dress over her head and put it in the car. I then undid her bra and put it with the dress, she was now naked except stockings and shoes. I quickly undressed and stood behind her, my cock pressing against her back, and inserted my fingers in to her sodden cunt and fingered her clit as I kissed her neck and fondled her breasts and gently pulled her erect nipples. By now I was certain we were being watched and I whispered in her ear to ask if she wanted to leave"Don't even think about it. I'm not leaving here until I've been fucked" she replied hoarsely. She had hold of my cock and bending over the car pulled me in to her open cunt. I could see two men watching, both wanking as one spoke into a mobile. "Katie". I said "If we don't stop now I think your going to be fucked more than once " Would you mind Darling?" "No, I've fantasised about seeing you fucked my other men" I replied. She needed no more encouragement and just said "Fuck me first" I was pumping in her as we were watched and she rubbed her clitoris and we both came me spunking inside her.

She then looked at the men and said "Do you want to fuck me. I want cock, lots of cock, I need to be fucked now". They didn't need asking twice as she laid back against the car, spread her legs and used her fingers to part her cunt as the first drove his prick straight in to its full length, causing her to gasp as he fucked her leaning forward sucking and biting her nipples. Her mouth was open as she pushed back against him trying to get him deeper. He was speeding up and after another dozen hard thrusts his cum joined mine. He stood still for a few moments, with his prick still in her as they recovered. He pulled out as another car drove slowly towards us and stopped. 3 men got out just as she was being penetrated for the third time. His cock was considerably larger and as he pushed his helmet against her pussy I saw the lips open wide as her cunt stretched to accommodate him. "Oh my god, that's so big, that's so good, fuck me, fuck me" she muttered. He was standing up with his hands on her thighs, spreading her legs as far as they would go so we could all see the pounding his cock was giving her tight, stretched cunt. As she was being fucked she was looking over his shoulder at one of the men who had just arrived. He was about 6'6" and shirtless, his torso heavily muscled and covered in tattoos with rings through his nipples. I was looking a bit concerned but the first to have fucked her said not to worry 'J' is a gentle giant, he's a mate. Katie was crying out and shaking her head from side to side as she came again from the hard fucking she was getting. There was perspiration running down her naked body and beads of sweat on her face as she took another load.

Taking a minute to recover she moved over to "J", she reached out touched his tattooed arms and chest and took the nipple rings between her teeth softly pulling before moving down to his waist and crouching as she pulled his shorts off. His prick was fully erect but she was fascinated to see it had a tattoo of a snake curled around it. She took hold of it and wiped it over her face smearing precum then parted her lips, taking him deep in to her mouth and sucking him. All around we were stroking our erections as we watched Katie perform. The man next to me said "Wait until you see his party trick". With that "J" reached down and picked her up by the waist, turned her upside down, she took hold of his cock and got him back in her mouth and held on to his legs as he lowered his mouth and started licking and sucking her clit and cum filled cunt. She was trembling and being driven wild by the attention her clit was getting and came as he moved his hips fucking her mouth. She got one hand on his cock and started wanking him until he stiffened and sprayed his load in her mouth and face. Then gently as if she were a china doll he put her back on her feet.

There were two more standing close by, she walk to them and took hold of a cock in each hand and lead them to the car. She had one lie back on the bonnet and bent over to suck him and spread her legs so the other could fuck her standing behind. Her inner thighs and stockings were soaking with a mixture of cum and cunt juice. As she was fucked her nipples were pinched and squeezed, she was moving her body in time and pushing back against the cock fucking her until he came and more spunk jetted in to her cunt. The man she was sucking pulled her up his body so he could fuck her and when his cock was level she guided it into her cunt and he pushed it in and started fucking. The other bloke who'd arrived stood behind her and spread her legs wider so we could see her engorged, swollen cunt being filled again.

He stood over her and dribbled onto her arsehole and inserted a finger. Katie stiffened, clenched her bum and looked over her shoulder. "Are you going to fuck me up the arse?"

"I will if you'll let me". Her answer was to relax her bum and he spread her cheeks wider, spitting on his hand to lubricate his prick he pushed the helmet against her hole. He pushed harder and she moaned as her arse began to open and he penetrated her virgin arsehole. Once open he moved smoothly with slow, steady strokes as he arsefucked her in time with the cock in her cunt.She was supporting her body with her hands, head thrown back as if in ecstasy, muttering "Oh god, so good. I'm cumming, I'm cumming. Fuck me, Fuck me. Cum in me". She came crying out as she felt the cum splattering in her cunt. She was still being arsefucked and with a few more thrusts a shot his seed in her. He pulled out and as she moved off the car he offered his prick to her mouth, it was the only thing she refused all night.

Her cunt was stretched and wide open the lips parted. She said she wanted to be fucked by the tattooed cock, but wanted to be able to see the snake penetrating her pussy. "J" was rock hard again and picked her up, she gripped his shoulders as he supported her and lowered her down on to the waiting "snake". She was looking down between then called out "I can't see turn the headlights on". Fully illuminated she watched raptly as the snakes head disappeared in to her cunt. J" was lifting her up and down his pole and she came at least twice more before he moved her quicker on his cock before given her the final load of sperm of the night. She said she was tired and getting a bit sore. They all looked rather disappointed and she said that before we left those who wanted to could masturbate over her. She quickly got a towel out of the boot and lay on the ground. All six of us surrounding her including "J" who was hard again. She lifted her arms above her head, her breasts round and firm with hard erect nipples and she spread her legs. Her cunt was soaking, still pink and gaping as sperm dribbled out and between her arse. We all wanked our pricks over her until we had all ejaculated covering her from head to foot. We helped her up, I put the towel on the car seat and she collapsed into it. She couldn't be bothered to dress and reclined the seat as I dressed and continued our journey, Katie next to me naked, with a contented smile on her face as she circled her clit slowly with her fingers giving her self mini orgasms as we drove.

In the few months since our sex lifes have improved and we make sure the kids visit the grandparents often. Katie now loves anal and would like to be DP'd again in the meantime she uses a vibe as I fuck her arse. The other thing was an interest in tattoos and piercings. Over a number of weeks she had laser treatment which removed all her pussy hair and has recently had a couple of snake tattoos on her pussy with the heads stopping either side of her clit hood which she had pierced and a ring inserted at the same time as her nipples were pierced. She also wants to have her labia pierced and a row of rings.

We have yet to visit any more "car parks" and anyway its to cold, but may be once the spring returns so may we.