Written by Stevie Boy

22 Apr 2009

One of the women in our wages department is a real top-notch MILF. She’s in her late 40’s and is tall and slim with a great pair of tits. She’s always very smartly dressed and I’ve noticed that occasionally she goes braless and quite often we get a great show of leg from her. Most of the lads in the office have the hots for her and I’m no exception.

Yesterday she was in my office for an hour or so, and she was sitting on a chair opposite me sorting though files and shredding old papers. She was wearing a maroon coloured dress that came to about 3 or 4 inches above her knee. She was wearing sheer, flesh coloured tights and her legs looked great.

The longer she sat, the more her dress worked its way up her long, slim thighs and I was enjoying seeing a healthy display of leg. Then to my surprise and absolute delight, she moved in such a way that I got a perfect view right up her dress. At first I couldn’t be certain, but I was pretty sure that she wasn’t wearing knickers; just tights. During the time she was in my office, I managed to get a good few glimpses up her dress and confirmed that she was indeed without knickers. Although it was difficult to see clearly, it looked as though she had a very nice, neatly trimmed muff from what I could see. This woman is defiantly the top of the tree for me now. Not one of the young es close to being a sexy as she is.

Needless to say, she was the subject a nice long, thoughtful wank later that night when I got home.