Written by D man

15 Sep 2018

We had been in London having a boozy night out at the theatre, when we got back to the hotel there were only high stools at tables for two available in the bar. So we went over to one and I helped My lady up.

The dress she was wearing rode up flashing the whole bar most of her thigh. It looked fabulous in black shiney tights. She quickly covered up but three Chinese guys sat on low seats nodded at me to show their appreciation. After a while and a few drinks I managed to play a game and get her dress as high as I could, flashing the side of her bum cheek at the Chinese, she really didn’t mind due to the amount of wine !

This went on for about an hour until we decided to retire to our room, I called the waiter over and asked for a card machine to pay the bill.

The waiter was all fingers and thumbs and didn’t seem to get the machine to work, obviously distracted. I followed his eyes, she hadn’t pulled the dress down at all and obviously attracted by the amount of thigh the waiter had seen what neither of us knew he could..... the dress was so high and her legs were apart.... though the tights and through her mesh knickers her shav n pussy was on clear view.... and the waiter was stood there clearly enjoying it.... for a minute I wanted to cover her up but then I relaxed and enjoyed his enjoyment keeping him talking for a couple of minutes during which she moved and unknowingly flashed more of her shaven slit.....

We went back to the room and I told her, for a second before we had the best fuck ever she was embarrassed..... now we often talk about it and want to repeat the experience, perhaps without knickers next time !