Written by BrazilSylvia

11 Apr 2013

I've got issues! I'm very needy and low in self confidence. I have been out with good looking successful guys in the past but always end up feeling unworthy. I even used to drive one of my boyfriends to his other woman's house so he could fuck her! I never felt good enough and so was never happy. I couldn't go on like that any more.

One evening about 6 months ago has changed my life. I'm nothing special to look at but I'm slim and quite pretty and although I've lived in England for over 15 years, I've still got an accent and with my Brazilian looks I guess that makes me seem a bit exotic! When some guys in the pizza place flirted with me a bit, I just smiled shyly and ignored them. There were 3 of them in the queue, 2 athletic looking guys were acting cocky whilst the 3rd, a chubby, funny looking guy just smiled.

"I'll come home with you and share it if you want" One guy said. "Haha, she would much rather it was me" the other replied. All three guys were looking at me and I felt embarrassed and didn't know what to say. I blurted out "I prefer him", and pointed to the chubby one. The other two started to tease him, so I said "I mean it, can you walk me home?" He mumbled something and I thought he wasn't interested but after getting his pizza he waited for me and we walked back to my flat.

I felt GREAT! This guy was acting like he couldn't believe his luck and was staring at me as if I was a supermodel! You can't imagine what it was doing for my confidence. There and then I decided that I was going to give him the night of his life.

I got some wine from the fridge, dragged him to my bedroom, told him to get undressed and get into bed, then I grabbed my sexiest gear and went to the bathroom to get ready. When I returned he was awkwardly sitting on the edge of the bed in his t-shirt and boxers. So I just took over. he didn't know what hit him! I kissed him passionately and went down his body, licking his nipples, grabbing his bum, writhing against him. I pushed him down on the bed and straddled him backwards so my stockings and red panties were by his head and my mouth was close to his boxers. As I pulled then down he let out a gasp. He began to caress my legs and bum as I stroked his legs. I was a bit disappointed that his cock wasn't hard yet and I guess he was too as he quietly told me that he was too nervous!

"No need to be" I said as I got up and stood in front of him. I took off my bra and slowly took off my stocking and panties. He looked at me opened mouthed and mumbled "Oh God" I told him to close his eyes and proceeded to kiss him lightly all over his body. His cock was beginning to stir and I kissed it gently. As it grew I knelt between his legs and took it all in my mouth, slowly moving up and down. He was now rock hard and I was getting very wet so wanted him inside me. He let out a gasp again though and came powerfully in my mouth! He started to say sorry but as I swallowed his cum I smiled and said "We haven't finished yet"

I laid him on his back and spent the nest 45 minutes massaging him with some oil. When I turned him over he was starting to get erect again and I once more took him in my mouth to suck him hard. This time I couldn't wait though and got on top of him, sliding his cock into my VERY wet pussy. His eyes were closed and mouth open. I pulled his head to my chest and prompted him to take a nipple in his mouth. He greedily responded and sucked my nipples for ages as I slowly rode him. I came noisily and leaked my juice all over his legs. This spurred him on and he thrust into me hard until he came, holding by bum as he did.

The rest of the night went with little sleep. He was holding onto me tightly as if he was scared I would get up. Every now and again I would suck him again and put him inside me. In the morning we showered together and I soaped him all over. I asked if he would lick me as he hadn't done that yet. He knelt down in the shower and I opened my legs. He licked nervously at first but my groans gave him confidence and he licked harder and pushed his tongue deeper. I cried out in pleasure as I came, grabbing his head tightly! He looked up with the BIGGEST smile I have ever seen! We got out and I dried him off. He left at about 10oc and thanked me with what looked like a tear in his eye.

I was hooked! It felt amazing to think that I could bring so much pleasure to someone! Since then I have sought out guys that I don't think have had much luck with women, guys that I think would be grateful to me. I know it's so shallow of me but it makes me feel good AND them, so what harm is it doing?