Written by MS

22 Sep 2008

I'm not sure it is the profession but my wife is also a flight attendant and we have always had a fantasy of having her fuck someone else. When I stumbled across this wed-site and read the stories of other flight attendant wives getting fucked I showed them to my wife and we had great sex discussing them. We decided that maybe it was time to try to live out our fantasy but wasn\'t sure how to go about it discretely. I often go on her trips, especially the good ones and when she picked up a Hawaii layover we decided I would go along and maybe we would try to live out our fantasy. We picked out a new very sexy revealing bikini and when she showed it off to me she looked incredibly fuck able. She is still very sexy in middle age and has a good body with great large tits. The new bikini really showed off her tits nicely.

When we arrived and checked in to her resort hotel it was still very early afternoon because of the time change. We went to her room and noticed that the walk-in closet had louvered doors and as I checked it out I had a good view of the king size bed through the louvers. I showed my wife and we came up with a plan. We decided she would go to one of the pools by herself in her new bikini and see if anyone hit on her. If so and I was sure someone would because she looked great. She would then invite them to her room and give me a call on my cell and I would hide in the closet where we had placed a fairly comfortable chair. If things worked out she would fuck her new friend on the king bed while I watched hidden in the closet. I was really hot thinking about this and wanted to fuck her right then but she said if we really wanted to do this we should wait and I could have sloppy seconds so off she went. I lounged around the room and balcony and after about 1 1/2 hours thought maybe this wouldn\'t work after all and then my cell vibrated. When I asked how it was going she asked if I really wanted to do this. I was hard immediately and asked why. She told me that a middle aged gentleman named Mark had struck up a conversation and seemed to have a hard time keeping his eyes off her tits. She said he also seemed to be getting a hard on while they talked. She said he was traveling by himself on business. I asked if she wanted to do it and she said if we really wanted to live out our fantasy this would probably be the right circumstances and she said her pussy was already getting wet thinking about it. I told her to invite him up for a glass of wine and I would be in the closet.

I got in the closet and made myself comfortable in the chair and looked through the louvers at the bed. I had a good view and after about 10 min. I heard the door open and they entered the room. She told Mark to make himself comfortable and she would get them a glass of wine from a bottle we had purchased at the airport and opened prior to her going to the pool. Mark lounged on the bed since there was no chair in the room and I could see her hand him a glass of wine and lay back on the bed also. They chatted for several min. and he mentioned how great she looked in her bikini. She said she thought she was getting a bit old for this type of bikini but he laughed and said he had never seen anyone that looked better in it and especially how it showed off her breasts. He then sit his glass down on the nightstand leaned over and kissed her. When she kissed him back he took her glass and sit it down and they really started to make out. I couldn\'t believe how exciting this was. I was hard as a rock. It wasn\'t long before he had her top unfastened and her large tits spilled out. He said wow and started to suck on them. She was moaning and started to rub his cock through his trunks. He then slide his hand down to her pussy pulled her bottoms aside and begin to finger fuck her. I could see her pussy lips glistening with moisture. She then slide his trunks part way down and pulled out a very large hard cock. It looked like it might have been 8 or 9 inch\'s and very fat. She slowly jacked it as they continued to make out. I heard him whisper to her that he wanted to fuck her and then he stood and took off his trunks as she slide her bottoms off. He lay-ed back down on the bed on his back and she climbed on top of him and placed her pussy on his face and he started to suck it as she took his cock in a 69 position and looked directly at me and smiled and started sucking on his cock. After several min. of this he moved around got her on her back with her legs spread wide and in the air. She took his cock and guided it to her pussy. He sank in up to the balls and for the first time in over 20 years my wife had a strange cock in her pussy. He then started to fuck her with long slow strokes. It was an incredible sight and I shot cum on myself without even touching my dick. I then relaxed and watched and after several min. he moved her legs on his shoulders and started to really fuck her hard with long strokes. They were both moaning and I could hear my wife tell him to fuck her pussy hard and to cum deep in her. He then tensed, shoved his dick in all the way, held it there and I could tell he was cumming. He held it there and I could see cum seeping out of her pussy around his cock.

He then rolled off and said wow that was great. They relaxed and chatted and finished their wine and he asked if she had cum and when she said no he said he would work on that. She told him that she cums easiest by getting fucked from behind and asked if he would fuck her that way. His dick was already responding and she started to play with it and took some lotion from the night stand and jacked it until it was hard again. She then moved around with her pussy in the air sideways on the bed on her arms and knees right. I had a great view as he got behind and slide his cock back in her pussy. He started fucking her with long slow strokes as if he thought that he was going to get the job done. After about 15 min of this she started playing with her clit as he continued to fuck her. I knew she was going to cum since she loves doing this while getting fucked from behind. She then whispered to him that she was going to cum and asked him to cum in her pussy again. She started moaning and cumming and he fucked her harder and then tensed and shot another load of cum in her pussy.

They then relaxed and she told Mark that she had gotten up very early and needed to take a nap. He stood and pulled on his trunks leaned over and kissed her and told her how great she was and if she wanted an encore to give him a call in room 724 and that he would be there another two days. He then left and as soon as the door closed I came out of the closet with the hardest cock I had had in years and she smiled and asked how I liked it. I asked if she couldn't tell and she asked if I finally wanted sloppy seconds. I spread her legs and shoved my cock in her pussy which was very wet and sloppy and stroked about five times before adding my cum to his. We then talked and I asked how she liked it and she said it was great and we might have opened pandora's box along with her box. I asked if she wanted to fuck him again and she reminded me that we were only there for the night. I told her we could go to dinner and if she wanted another fuck she could call him later that evening. She said we could wait and see.

We then took a nap and woke up earlier in the afternoon and went to dinner around 5pm. We talked through dinner about what had happened and both of us really enjoyed it and thought that it wouldn't effect our marriage or sex life although she admitted she liked his larger fatter cock. While we had dinner we were both getting horny again and she took my hand under the table and slide it up her thiegh and I got hard immediately when I realized she didn't have any panties on under her sundress. I slide a finger in her pussy and it was already very wet. We decided that we would return to our room and she would give Mark a call and if he was in she would invite him over for a quickie.

She called and he answered and they chatted as I listened. After a couple of min. I cound tell they were discussing the afternoon. She told him she had to get up early but if he wanted a quick encore for him to drop by her room.

I went to the closet and she stripped naked and put on a hotel robe. It was only about 10 min. when we heard a knock at the door. She let him in and as they walked into the room he took her in his arms kissed her and opened her robe. he moaned as he bent down and took one of her tits in his mouth. She let the robe fall and told him he was behind and he stripped his t-shirt and shorts and his dick was sticking out very hard and ready. He continued to play with her tits as he layed her back on the bed. She asked if he liked her tits and he moaned very much. She then told him her pussy was a bit sore from the afternoon and asked if he wanted to fuck her tits. She took some more lotion and rubbed it on his cock except for his cockhead. He straddled her and placed his dick between her tits and she held the sides around his cock. He begin to slowly fuck her tits and on each stroke she would suck his cockhead. After about 10 min. he said he was going to cum. He took his cock, stroked it a few times and shot his cum on her face and tits.

She then got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned herself up and returned and layed on the bed. They talked for several min. and she said she had to get up early and he had better go. He asked if he could have one more time at her pussy and he would be very gentle if she was sore. He was semi hard again and she said ok but she would put somemore lotion on his cock as a lubricant. She slowly rubbed lotion and jacked his cock until it was hard again. Then she layed back with her legs in the air and pussy spread wide. He got between her legs and slowly slide his dick in up to the balls. They both moaned and he begin to fuck her pussy with slow gentle strokes. They fucked this way for what seemed like a half hour and then he said he was going to cum again and picked up a little speed, tensed and I could tell he was cumming again. This time I couldn't see any cum seeping from her pussy. I guess there wasn't much left after four times in a day. He then dressed and left and I came out and asked if I could have seconds for the second time. She spread her legs and I slide in and slowly fucked her until I came again. It was not quite as good as the afternoon but still great.

It has been a couple of weeks since this happened and we have had sex discussing this on almost a daily basis. We have Mark's phone number and he lives in a town that she occasionally lays over in. We have talked about getting her fucked again and she said she loved Marks big cock but didn't want to unless I was there and we might not have a closet with louvered doors and we are too shy to have a threesome. She said that even though it worked out great maybe if we are going to do it again we should give someone else a shot at her pussy. She did admit that she would be somewhat disappointed if his cock wasn't as fat as Mark's. She liked how it spread her pussy and I liked how loose and wet her pussy was after he fucked it.