Written by Lisa

6 May 2009

My husband had been really pissing me off for some time - getting fat and generally being a useless wanker. When I found he'd been on online sex chat rooms it was the last straw - I banned sex.

Sadly this meant I was without it too! At first this was fine but after a while I was having VERY horny dreams...but I wasn't going to give in and fuck him.

Then I had a call from my friend Kim. Her husband and her had booked an adventure weekend in the west country - you know the sort, abseiling etc. He'd been called away for the weekend, did I want to go? Well I hadn't seen her for a while so I said yes.

On the Friday night I drove over to her house. We had some wine and food and then got dressed up to go into town. I had my tight trousers on and my strappiest top, the one I can't wear a bra with.

We went into a few pubs and it was nice to get lots of attention. I could see the guys looking at my hard nipples and it - along with the wine - was having a good affect on me.

Eventually we went to a nightclub and got dancing. Guys were coming up and dancing with us, some rubbing their cocks up against my arse...very nice. My poor pussy hadn't had any cock for three months and was starting to twitch. I went for a drink and this guy came up and introduced himself as Jacques - a French soldier over here to do some training. I looked at his shaved head, stark blue eyes and buffed body and felt my pussy start to squelch.

He bought me a drink, looked at me and said "Lisa - can I kiss you?" well how could I resist. I'd never cheated before but what the hell. The kiss was wonderful, and his arse was tight and powerful. Over his shoulder I could see Kim with her tongue down someone's throat. Kim saw me and came over - "let's go" was all she said. I thought she'd come to her senses but both guys followed us. We got in a cab and Jacques' hands were all over me, up my thighs and occasionally rubbing his thumb over my nipples. I could see the cab driver looking and also Kim checking out his swelling crotch, which my hand kept brushing.

We got home and there was no messing around - I pulled Jacques into the spare room and heard Kim start to moan in the next room. He was kissing me hard now and lifted my top to reveal my pert breasts. He let out a moan as he leant to kiss them, quickly drowned out by my own moans! With his French mouth he sucked and nibbled one breast whilst his hands squeezed the other - it was sending shockwaves direct to my clit. I pulled up his shirt and whipped it off to reveal a strong, well-formed torso - so unlike my husband's!

He pushed me back on the bed, me there with my top off and married tits on show, and told me huskily to remove my trousers. I slipped them down and his eyes roamed over my wet thong. "And ze knickers" he growled. I eased them down and could see my pubes matted with my wetness. I lay on the bed whilst he stood there in his combat pants, looking at my little tits and wet cunt.

He unbuckled his trousers and let them fall, revealing a tasty bulge in his tight boxers. "Suck me" he ordered.

Who was I to resist?

I crawled forward and eased down his pants - a very large, thick cock flopped out. I wrapped my left hand around it and pulled it to my lips, noting as I licked the end my wedding ring glinting. Ah well!

His cock hardened in my mouth and I cupped his heavy balls with my other hand. Once he was fully hard and starting to drip precum I pulled it out, admired its length and rubbed the head over my nipples while I looked into his eyes.

Meanwhile the yelps from the other room told me Kim was getting a proper fucking - she always was a dirty slut.

"ENOUGH!" he shouted, and shoved my shoulders roughly back onto the bed. He moved over me and I felt his giant cockhead brush my clit. I almost came then, and even more as he ran the head up and down my slit, and then hugely as he eased its full length in. I'd never felt such a big cock in me. I dug my hands into his ass cheeks as he pumped into me. What a man.

He pulled out and I was bereft - until he flipped me over, pulled my ass into the air and eased his cock into my gaping pussy. He fucked me hard and it almost hurt as his balls slapped my clit. I came again, hearing Kim cumming in the next room, and he growled a deep moan as his cock spurted gallons of spunk into me.

My face was crushed into the pillow as he slipped out of me. He turned me over, put two fingers into my tingly cunt, and spooned his thick cum out and into my mouth.

"You will get used to ze taste of zis before ze morning!" he whispered. He was right.

I shall tell you what happened when we eventually got to the site if you like this...