Written by RobBham

28 Jun 2009

My wife and I purchased a small newsagents in a rough part of Birmingham. I was 37 at the time and she was 32. We are from Exeter and this shop was our first business and was the only thing we could afford, so that's why we ended up in Brum.

As soon as we took over the shop and gave it a refit, takings went thru the roof and we needed to take on a couple of staff.

Kathy was 18, lived locally and started working for us at weekends; giving my wife this time off.

Kathy wasn't what you could call a stunner. She had lovely long hair and a great figure but didn't seem to look after herself much. She always wore the same type of baggy jumper, tight black trousers and knee length boots underneath.

Not long after Kathy started, our conversations moved onto her personal life; and I found out that her parents were pretty useless and that she had only ever had one boyfriend, who had cheated on her and went off with this other girl.

Over a period of several weeks, Kathy started to appreciate my interest in her life and what she wanted to do in the future; it seems in this part of town you weren't expected to do much with your life. Anyway, we started having a good laugh together.

Whenever I said something to tease her, she would give me a kick with a platform boot and I would cry out in mock pain.

One weekend, my wife went to visit her mother, so I rota'd Kathy to work the Friday as well as her usual Saturday and Sunday.

On the Friday, I said something to her and as she kicked me I grabbed hold of her boot and left her hopping around trying not to lose her balance, whilst we both had fits of laughter.

I couldn't help but tell her that I thought her knee boots were very sexy but that she didn't do much to make the most of what she had.

I let go of her boot and she called me a f***in pervert but I just went on to say that she had amazing legs, yet she always had them covered up. She had a great pair of tits but they were hidden away in her baggy jumpers.

I thought that I'd overstepped the mark as she was extremely quiet for the rest of that day and failed to turn up at all on the Saturday.

Then, just before closing Kathy turned up at the shop and went straight out the back and into the toilet.

After a few minutes, I locked the front door and shouted after her, to see if everything was OK.

Then, she came out of the toilet and my eyes nearly popped out of my head as she stood in front of me in her long boots, a little black skirt and tight vest t-shirt. Her lovely tits pushing the material taught.

Well? she asked, is this better?

I just told her to follow me to my small office.

When we got there, I put my hand behind her neck and pulled her in for a long kiss. She didn't hesitate and rolled her tongue around my mouth.

When we broke apart, all I could do was to say how fabulous she looked and that she would now have to deal with my hardening cock.

Kathy lightly traced her hand down the front of my trousers and teased me thru the fabric before lowering my zipper and pulling my cock free.

She slowly wanked me and slid herself down onto her knees, before taking my bell end into her warm mouth.

Kathy spent the next few minutes licking, kissing and sucking me until I told her I was going to explode any second.

She took me from her mouth and furiously wanked me until I shot my load across her face; she then wiped my spunk away with the back of her hand and stood up.

We kissed some more and I then lay her back on my desk.

I knelt down on the floor and lifted her booted legs either side of my head before moving her knickers aside and teasing her pussy with my fingers and then my tongue.

I ran my tongue along the length of her slit, playing with her enlarged clit; flicking it with my tongue and then my finger.

I held her panties aside with one hand, wishing I had slid them off first. With my other hand, I caressed the leather on her boot.

Kathy didn't last for long before she came on my mouth; she dug her heels into my back so hard I was scared she would leave marks for my wife to find.

As she calmed down, I stood up, grabbed her legs by her heels and forced them as wide as I could.

My cock was hard again and I managed to lean forward and slide myself into her gaping pussy.

I plunged into her as hard as I could and slowly withdrew each time.

I needed to unleash her tits so pulled her legs over my shoulders and grabbed the hem of her t-shirt before forcibly pulling it up and over her head. I got hold of the bottom of her bra and pulled it up over her tits until they spilled out where I could pinch her nipples and knead her flesh.

The speed at which we were going meant that I was again ready to come in a few minutes. Kathy told me to come on her tits so I pulled myself out of her wet pussy and leant further forward. She again took hold of my cock and wanked me over her stomach and tits.

I then lowered myself to the floor and started licking and flicking her pussy. I used some of her juices to move my finger onto her arse and tried to slip it into her.

As I was playing with the outer edge of her arse she cried out that she was cumming and her whole body shook as she came. I pulled away for a couple of seconds whilst we both got our breath back and then restarted on her pussy, sending her into another two orgasms.

We then both remained where we were for a few minutes - her lying on my desk with her legs dangling down the front and with me kneeling on the floor in front of her.

Kathy was the first to speak when she said that she had been wanting me to fuck her for weeks.

We then got up and tidied ourselves.

After that encounter, Kathy came to work dressed much sexier each weekend - thankfully, my wife never came in at weekends as she would have known something was going on.

Sadly, after that day and Kathys new found image, she got back together with her boyfriend. But, we did manage to get a quick fuck after work each Saturday until she left a couple of months later and moved away.

The good news is that our business flourished and as we expanded, we took on more staff......