Written by Genevieve

27 Jan 2016

All I knew about sex was what my husband had taught me. I was a virgin when we married , it was not such a rare thing back then. With the benefit of hindsight I now realise that he was crude and selfish when it came to sex , but at the time I accepted whatever he said and did whatever he asked. He was a tyrant in the house , I was just his cook and cleaner, also available to be shagged when he was in the mood. I admit that occasionally I had an orgasm , but usually I was more pleased that he had finished than wanting him to continue to satisfy me.

A lifetime of smoking and drinking and fatty foods took its toll. In his early fifties he had a massive stroke, and never recovered.

There I was, a youngish widow on her own , but free. Years of being dominated had left me incapable of thinking for myself . Thankfully a friend came to the rescue. Her name is Pattie, a strong willed lady who will not be messed around , and who has divorced twice so far.

Pattie asked me what I intended to do for the future, and I honestly could not reply. I simply had no idea what I was going to do. Being the no nonsense type that she is, Pattie decided to take me in hand. Firstly, she said, we are going to get your hair done and smarten you up a bit . She led me up to the bedroom and started looking through my clothes , all the time making comments like awful, old fashioned, OMG , bad bad. Even worse was when she started looking through my underwear draw, my faded or grey bras , and my large knickers. She asked if I really wore stuff like that ? Tomorrow we are going shopping she told me.

The next day my hair was transformed from a tangle of dry, greying weeds into an easy care, lustrous and shiny golden mane. I could barely recognise myself. Then I was given a quick , light make-over, foundation , mascara, eye liner, lip gloss, colours I did not know existed nor would ever have dared to wear. Then it was a few new clothes, selected by Pattie , all at very reasonable prices . Next, new underwear, again selected by Pattie, some functional but colourful, others almost non existant. Pattie sent me off to get us each a cafe latte while she popped off on a very quick errand.

When we got home I was high on excitement from the day. But she was not finished with me yet . She led me upstairs to my bedroom and told me to undress and try on the new undies. I felt embarrassed, I was never one to go naked in front of even my husband, but Pattie insisted. I felt great in the first bra and panties set , but again Pattie was not happy. To my horror she laughed and pointed at my pubic hairs sticking out from the sides of the panties. Time for a trim, she ordered.

She came back from the bathroom with a towel, a razor and scissors, my husbands shaving cream, a tin of nivea, and a bowl of warm water. She made me lie on the bed, on the towel, my legs apart and raised. She soaped me up, then delicately shaved and trimmed until I was left with a very neat patch above my pussy, but bare everywhere else. She applied the nivea cream over the parts she had shaved , and I was feeling aroused from her touch.

She noticed my expression, and asked if I liked what she was doing. I could not deny it, especially when her finger tip slid across my clitoris. I gasped with pleasure and closed my eyes. Then I felt her lips gently touching mine, a sensuous and erotic kiss as her fingers started playing at the entrance to my vagina. This was so so different from anything that had ever happened between me and my husband. So tender, and delicate, slow and lingering, building me up to my first truly satisfying orgasm.

Pattie left me to recover , then made me continue to try on my new clothes. I was confused about what had just happened, how she could be so calm about it , how she could carry on as if nothing was different. But I did as she told me, enjoying the moments when she touched me, moulded my breasts into the new bra , ran her hands over my bum to smooth down my new dress. After trying on the last of my new outfits, as I stood in front of the full length mirror , she came up behind me, put herarms around me and caressed my breasts. Her lips nibbled on my neck, as she unzipped my dress and let it fall to the ground. She led me to the bed, laid me down, then laid beside me , her thumbs rubbing on my nipples. I let her remove my underwear, closed my eyes and let her explore my body. She touched me where I had never been touched, she made me feel sensations that I could never have imagined. I watched her undress , such a beautiful body, large firm breasts with wide dark nipples, a curvaceous bum , a trim patch of hair . She laid beside me , her body pressed against mine, her legs intertwined with mine. She placed my hands to make me touch her as she was touching me, I felt her wet pussy and slid a finger into her vagina. She purred with pleasure as I played with her clit as she had done with mine , going harder and faster as she built up to her orgasm. She licked and kissed my clit , then put herself above me so that her pussy was by my face. So we licked and kissed each others clits until both had had another climax. She played with me again, the tip of her finger rubbing my anus as her thumb pushed inside my vagina. Such sensations. Then she made me wait as she unwrapped a little gift. An egg shaped object that she inserted into my vagina, which vibrated slowly then faster then faster still making me scream in orgasm.

We laid cuddling and caressing for half an hour, before she said she had to go as she was meeting a man friend that evening. I must have looked at her oddly,she said no I am not lesbian, I am sexual. I like men and women and sometimes both at once. And soon, so will you.

The next day Pattie phoned me, invited me round to her house that evening for a meal. She told me exactly what to wear.

I took my time getting ready , creamed and pampered. Pattie let me in , then led me through to her dining room. There were two men , both elegant and charming. Pattie introduced us , served us drinks, then a nice light meal . After the meal was finished we went through to her lounge where she put on some slow dance music and dimmed the lights. I was expecting her to dance with one of the men, but instead she took me to dance. Being that close to her again I could not help but raect to her touch, and soon we were kissing and caressing as the men watched. We undressed each other slowly, touched each other sensuously, aroused each other , licked and tongued and fingered to orgasm. As we separated to relax, Pattie said OK guys you can join in now. Pattie and I lay side by side, each with a handsome man's hard cock thrusting in to our willing pussies. After the men had emptied their spunk into us we licked each other , an amazing sensation to taste salty cum mixed with Pattie's honey juices. watching us licking each other caused the guys to get new erections, then Pattie said swap time. We knelt in front of the settee, kissing each other as we were being taken doggy style . Another load was pumped into our vaginas. Pattie told me to clean her man while she cleaned mine, to suck him back to hardness, which took a while but we got there.

Then Pattie announced it was time for the hostess privileges . The men seemed to know what she meant. I watched as Pattie applied lube to one man's cock and to her own anus. The man sat on the sette, Pattie lowered herself onto him , her back to him, his cock easing into her bum. When she was comfortable, the second man pushed his cock into her vagina. She told me to climb onto the settee and put my pussy over her mouth. Soon everyone was moving in rhythm, Pattie licking and sucking my clit, the men playing with our breasts and fingering my bum. Pattie was getting nearer and nearer to a climax, the guys went harder. As her climax hit she pulled me onto her mouth and gripped me there. She was done, I moved away, she rolled off. I noticed the guys were still erect.

Me next I said.