Written by Josephine

17 Jan 2019

My husband, Gary, posted a story on here in 2017 of how I started having sex with a disabled guy who lives in our village. He posted the tale as written by ‘The Storyteller’, because he said it sounded cool, but I suspect it was because he felt guilty that he had encouraged me to step outside our previously faithful marriage. So many of the stories on here are told by men and, having thought about my experience (and what happened subsequently), I decided I wanted to tell my side of the story.

Stephen is a good friend of ours, who has been confined to a wheelchair since a car accident during his childhood. He lives fairly independently in his own bungalow, which has been adapted for his use with various hoists and grab handles. We became friends with him shortly after he moved to the village, and it ended up with me cleaning his house a couple of times a week, and Gary tending his garden. Gary has his own gardening business, so looking after Stephen’s patch is easy for him and he does it for free.

Gary and I have a great sex life, we have been married for nearly 30 years, and we have never wanted or needed anyone else. It came as a bit of a surprise when Stephen asked one day if he could watch Gary and me making love. We knew that he watched internet porn occasionally, and we decided it would be like doing real life porn for him, which turned us on slightly (as if either of us needed any motivation).

We had assumed that Stephen was paralysed from the waist down, so his naughty bits would be pretty much useless, and it was quite a revelation when we discovered that, with the help of some little blue pills, he was able to maintain an erection. And what an erection it was! I had only ever had full sex with my husband, so seeing Stephen’s fat weapon was quite a revelation to me. I have to confess that what started was my fault. Seeing Stephen’s cock growing to attention turned me on so much that I had to have him inside me. Being stretched by his fat cock felt wonderful, and I was so turned on, there was never any serious doubt I would be able to accommodate him. When he came inside me, I couldn’t believe how much he filled me up.

That first time was my decision, and I will admit I wanted more. I have read that a woman’s sexual peak is in her twenties, certainly our sex life calmed down a bit when our children were born, but I found I wanted more once I had gone through the menopause. Being given the opportunity to be penetrated by such a fat cock by a man 30 years younger than me was too much to refuse. The fact that Stephen could not manage ‘swinging from the chandelier’ didn’t seem to matter, if anything, I enjoyed playing the dominant role more than the missionary position.

From that point on, Gary encouraged me to have sex with Stephen. To be honest, I looked forward to our one-on-ones, usually when I was round at Stephen’s bungalow cleaning for him, and he would appear in his dressing gown, a sure sign that he was stripped for action underneath. Stephen made the excuse that watching my large boobs in my work overall turned him on, and I could never refuse the opportunity to feel my pussy being stretched by his fat cock.

At least once a month, Gary and I would go round to Stephen’s place for a meal. Living independently had enabled Stephen to develop his culinary skills quite well, and he would cook a really nice meal for the 3 of us. Knowing that 2 lusty men were going to take me to bed afterwards for the ultimate dessert added a certain edge to the evening. The anticipation that both of them were going to flood me with their hot sperm, one after the other, made the meal even more enjoyable.

So, after more than a quarter of a century of the most wonderful monogamous marriage, I was being fucked senseless by my two lovers. I should have known that it could not last. The first thing that happened was that Gary had an affair. He was remodelling the garden of a young couple who live about 10 miles from us. The husband has a high powered job in town and spends a lot of time away on business. I don’t know who started it, but Gary ended up fucking the wife. I had met her once while we were shopping in town, so I knew she was young and attractive. It would be easy to blame my husband for going off the rails, but Gary said it was her that seduced him as she liked his strong calloused hands, so I’m not sure who to blame.

Shortly afterwards, Stephen announced that he had become friendly with a girl his own age, which he thought might develop into something more serious, so he decided he should stop having sex with us for the time being. This left me feeling lost without the regular sex I craved, and I have to admit I went off the rails a bit.

One of my female friends whose husband left her about a year ago contacted me to ask if I wanted to go out for a drink one evening. She said she was feeling down and needed cheering up, so I decided some social time away from my husband would help me too. We met at a bar in town for a drink and a chat. Jenny is more than 10 years younger than us, but we get on well together, so I decided it might be the opportunity to tell a friend about my marital woes. I didn’t get the chance though, as she said she wanted to chat up a young hunk.

No sooner had we arrived at the bar that Jenny was scanning the place for men she fancied. After a while, it became clear she had made eye contact with a guy she liked the look of, and the conversation with me became a bit sporadic. He was obviously with another guy, as he kept turning to his mate, I assumed suggesting the friend could be paired up with me. They were both a lot younger than me, probably about 30 and, although I had not come out to pull a bloke, it occurred to me that either of them would have been OK to hop into bed with. It suddenly struck me that I am a mature married woman, with a happy marriage, who was eying up a bloke in a bar with sex on her mind.

The 2 guys came over and introduced themselves as Dave and Andy. We started chatting, and it became clear that Jenny was happy to be chatted up by Dave. Andy was a nice guy and we chatted for a while, he is a lot taller than me, more than 6 foot with a strong athletic body, and I was soon wondering what it would be like to run my hands over his muscular chest. We paired up on the dancefloor, and I couldn’t wait for a slow number so I could find out. When he held me close to him, I could imagine his manhood pressing against my belly which, with my boobs pressing against his torso, I started to feel my nipples tingling. As the slow number came to an end, he reached down to kiss me on the lips, and I put my hand to the back of his head to let him know I was feeling passionate.

When we came off the dancefloor holding hands, I couldn’t see any sign of Jenny and Dave. A few minutes later, Andy’s phone pinged with a text, which he said was from Dave saying ‘I’ve pulled, see you tomorrow’. We both looked at each other, wondering what to say next, and Andy broke the silence saying “I see you’re wearing a ring …… I assume this is a quick fumble and home to hubby”. After a few drinks, I was feeling brazen, so I said “hubby is an arsehole, I was hoping for a bit more than a fumble”. He told me he had a flat in town, and we were out of the bar in quite a hurry.

We got a taxi to his place, it was a cold night and I quite enjoyed snuggling up in the back of the taxi. The driver must have got quite an eyeful, with Andy’s hand up my skirt as we snogged. I wriggled my hips forward, so he could get his fingers into the side of my panties. Feeling his fingers opening up my labia certainly got my juices flowing.

Andy’s flat was in one of the modern blocks in town, really smart. As soon as we got inside, we were snogging passionately, pulling each other’s clothes off as we moved towards the bedroom. When I felt his cock through his trousers, I wasn’t disappointed as he clearly had a weapon to go with the body. By the time we reached the bed, I was down to panties, stockings and suspenders. My bra was somewhere between there and the front door, and he was feasting on my boobs. He told me that he really liked big boobs as he sucked my nipples which were tingling constantly.

I managed to roll him over on to his back so I could begin undoing his trousers. His cock popped out when I pulled his pants down, and I immediately said “WOW”. He was at least 2 inches longer than hubby and nearly as fat as Stephen. I slurped his cock greedily, as he mauled my tits, pinching my nipples which made me gasp. Eventually, he rolled me over onto my back and pulled my panties down, smiling at my shaven pussy. He spread my labia wide with 2 fingers and then dived in with his tongue, plunging inside with his tongue and then withdrawing to suck my clit between his lips. I was lost in my own orgasm, gasping and moaning as he pleasured me.

When he eventually kneeled up and looked at my creamy pussy, I assumed he would want to fuck straight away, but he crawled over to the bedside drawer to find a condom. He just assumed we would use protection, and I thought ‘what a gentleman’. As he slid in to me, I could feel my pussy being stretched wide, I do so like a fat cock. When he was up to the hilt, he started to fuck me slowly to start with, but steadily built up the pace. We fucked for what seemed ages and, when he filled the condom, I was well on my way to my umpteenth orgasm. When we finally calmed down, I realised it was nearly 11 pm, when I had told Gary I would be home. Andy wanted us to exchange phone numbers, but I refused, I told him it was a one off, never to be repeated.

I knew that going home to Gary straight after sex would probably give the game away to him, but I didn’t care, I wanted him to know how I felt about his affair with the young wife. When I climbed into bed with my husband, I think he knew straight away I had been fucked. He didn’t create a row though, he wanted sex but I told him he would have to wait until tomorrow, when we could talk first. I went off to sleep with that well fucked feeling, the feeling that we were now even.

Gary had to be up for work early the following morning, but he came back into the bedroom to kiss me tenderly before he left the house. I returned his kiss passionately, just to let him know I wasn’t looking for a row either. When he got home from work, we talked at some length and I told him my night out was retribution for what he did to me, which he seemed to accept was fair. He clearly didn’t want a major row. Afterwards, we fucked and it felt very much like when we were first married.

Over the following few days, we talked at length and it felt slightly strange that we both said we had enjoyed sex with other people. The upshot of this is that we are considering putting a profile on a swingers’ site, possibly SH, as a ‘couple seeking couple’. We think that being open about our desires and doing it together will avoid the tension from our experience so far. Watch this space!