Written by studley

6 Jul 2008

You may remember some time ago that I nearly got caught fucking my mother-in-law Maureen.

It was such a shock, that our relationship stopped there and then even though I tried so hard to resurrect procedings.

Sure I loved my wife Julie dearly, but there was something about fucking an older woman that drove me into straying away!

What was I going to do now though?

It wasn\'t long before my father’s cousin came to my attention!

She was the first women I was ever attracted to, blonde with a great figure and she still lived down the road.

I called on her on a Friday evening and was very nervous as I hadn\'t seen her for such a long time since her husband had died.

She opened the door and thankfully welcomed me in.

As she beckoned me into the lounge I quickly took in her appearance, about late fifties, her hair now white, but she still had a great figure!

She was wearing trousers with a loose blouse and I hoped she didn\'t sense that I was studying her intently.

We got on well, catching up on the old days and I liked her forthright manner she always had and was never short of an opinion on things.

I wondered about making a move on her, but was too nervous and the night ended well when she said that she had enjoyed me visiting.

The next week I went round at the same time and the evening assumed the same pattern, still I was too nervous to attempt anything.

This went on for weeks; I even began taking some wine to hopefully loosen her up in an attempt to move things along!

After a couple of months, we were having a good night, something on the TV had caught Jean\'s attention and I just went for it by placing my hand on her leg, just above her knee!

Jean was facing the TV slightly and able to avert my gaze and didn\'t say or do anything!

Feeling braver I slowly eased my hand up her leg, taking an eternity to reach her inner thigh!

Still she didn\'t say or do anything.

I could just run my small finger along the top of the zip in her trousers!

Still nothing, had I offended her?

Was she too scared to say anything or move?

My heart pounded faster and faster, my head raced with what to do?

I decided that if nothing was going to happen, I may as well get a good feel between her legs and pushed my hand down and rubbed her most intimate area!

Still nothing as she continued to face the TV!

After I while I moved my hand up, over her breast to cup her cheek and said \"Jean, look at me\" and gently eased her head round to face me

\"Have I offended you?\" I whispered

\"No\", came her nervous reply

\"My Peter is the only one to...\" her words trailed off

Easing forward, I kissed her soft lips which trembled with nerves

Pulling away I whispered \"It\'s ok, I\'m nervous too\", which brought a lovely smile from her before I kissed her again, this time longer

Her lips just seemed to melt into mine and I eased my hand up to feel her breast through her jumper which lasted for some while before I eased my hand back between her legs

Easing my hand up inside her jumper, I expected to feel the soft flesh of her stomach, but felt the material of her underwear as I moved up to her breast!

As I rubbed her breast, the material of her underwear intrigued me and as I explored with my fingers, I realised it went inside her trousers

I was soon undoing the button and zip on her trousers and pushing my hand inside the waistband of her trousers

She was now beginning to moan softly and her hand found its way to my leg which encouraged me

Surprisingly she pulled away and said \"excuse me a moment\" and went quickly out of the room, before returning several minutes later

I could smell her perfume that she must have applied which smelt nice and she had not done up her trousers which I took as a signal that my movement was acceptable

Again I pushed my hand inside her jumper as we began to kiss once more and after a few minutes helped her to ease her jumper off

I could now see her underwear underneath and guessed that it was a panty corselette which intrigued me

Pulling my shirt off quickly, I then eased her trousers off leaving her before me in a white panty corselette with the tummy firming and body shaping panels, maybe this is why her figure still looked so good?

The material just drove me wild and I could see the hooks and eyes between her legs where it did up

Again I felt her breast through her panty corselette and kissed her neck before easing a strap off her shoulder before easing her breast free!

It was small, which meant it wasn\'t too saggy and I took it in my mouth, playing her nipple with my tongue

She enjoyed this and held my head to her not wanting me to stop

I soon eased the other breast out and was giving her a good feast with my mouth and tongue

After a while I made her more comfortable on the settee before putting my hand between her legs and rubbing her with my fingers

I attempted to undo the hooks between her legs, but this was no ideal task as the material was drawn tight between her legs and I seemed to hurt her a couple of times as she winced and I had to remind

myself to stay calm and not bottle it now!

Soon all the hooks were undone and I was easing her panty corselette up to her waist, she had a thin pair of panties on underneath and I rubbed these into her entrance!

Easing the material to one side, I eased a finger into her which made her moan!

I began to finger fuck her, but she seemed quite dry and I eased her panties down her legs, pushed her legs wider and pushed my tongue into her as far as I could!

She was moaning and bucking her hips up into my face as I lapped at her pussy as hard as I could with my tongue

Holding my head into her pussy, I guessed she wasn\'t going to last long and sure enough she rushed my head as she came to an orgasm!

It seemed to take ages for her to collect herself once more, or was it just me wanting her so much?

Finally as I eased my trousers down, she made herself comfortable on the settee which suggested she wanted it as much as me and I got between her legs positioning my cock into her entrance!

Thrusting into her, it only went a small way in and then again and I was fully in her!

She felt tight and I smiled at her at my victory!

Easing out, I thrust into her hard a couple of times!

\"Oh, easy\" she said \"It\'s been over 5 years since my Peter..\"

Again I smiled and began fucking her as gentle as I could, I knew I wasn\'t going to last long as I had wanted this for some time!

She was now lifting her hips, meeting my thrusts and moaning every time I slapped against her her

Her hands held my bottom, wanting as much of me as possible

A few more thrusts and I shot my cum deep into her!

We lay together for ages in each other’s arms until I slipped out of her and she quickly moved to clean up

She soon returned, dressed in a nightdress, cuddled up to me and returned to her wine

\"I didn\'t think that would happen?\" she beamed

\"It was fantastic\" I told her and went on to tell her how I had always been attracted to her, which she found fascinating

All too soon, it was time to leave and I had another feel of her breast and knickers in the hallway before we said goodnight and she asked me if I would return?

You bet I would...