Written by Dave

27 Jan 2011

I recently wrote about spying on my girlfriend after the party and how turned on I became. Julie and I had talked about it in bed and it was obvious to her that how she felt and seeing it were important to me. I suggested that she invite the guy from work to have a 3 some with us. She refused point blank saying that she could put him off from more this time but if he had a threesome then he would blab it at work. I had to agree that this made good sense.

Then Julie said ' What about if we get a man we don't know to join us'. ' He would have to be suitable of course'. I wondered what suitable would be and she gave me a run down on her ideal. He would be around our age or younger, slim and nice looking with good personal hygene and of course very well endowed.

I had to agree with her in principle and began to wonder where we would contact someone when I thought of Swinging Heaven. I showed her some of the adsand she was quite interested. Not really being prepared I said that we could answer some ads or put our own ad in. She said ' Why don't we do both'.Out came the digital camera and she began to pose. Fully dressed to start and then gradually stripping down to just her black stockings and heels. We decided on 4 photos to start, one of her in her red lace bra and panties another of her in just her panties and stockings and one of her in just her stockings and another in her stockings from the back.

I was well pleased with the results and we sent in our ad.

Julie wanted to search the ads of guys near us and so we sorted out a list of their ads and independantly chose our top ten. Then compared results. Six were the same and we decided to each put those in order of preferance.

Amazingly we had both picked a guy called Steve as our number one choice. His ad showed a few pictures of him. He was quite nice looking , aged 25 slim and very well equipped. He could entertain or travel and he lived only ten miles away. Julie said ' Lets mail him now' I agreed and we put a note together with a couple of pics and sent it off. Amazingly we had a reply within minutes expressing his keen interest and saying that as it was only 7pm he could meet us tonight if we wanted.

I looked at my girlfriend who by now was in a high state of arousal and said ' Its up to you' She started looking through her wardrobe about what to wear found stuff to her liking and said ' OK I can be ready in half an hour bur where shall we meet him'.

As Julie got ready I mailed Steve to take up his offer. He suggested 8pm and gave me directions to a pub not far from his flat.I agreed the timing but said we could be a few minutes late.

By just after 7.30 we were in the car and ready to go. Jullie told me that she was so excited and very nervous at the same time. On the way we discussed what she might like to happen. I said that I would like to see her do the same with Steve as she had with her work mate. Soon we were parking outside the pub and I asked if she hadany change of mind. No she replied 'I had a cock without you seeing it and now I want you to see everything' I had a hard on by now and kept stroking her tight little bum as we walked into the pub right on 8pm.

Looking around I spotted him at the same time he spotted us. He was sitting at a table in a fairly quiet area of the lounge. He came over to us and we shook hands. Steve kindly got the drinks and we sat at his table. Conversation was a little stilted at first but as we shed our nerves it got easier. We talked about holidays and things but not sex. Presently he excused himself to visit the gents leaving us time to talk.

Julie told me that she was very keen to do a lot more and she hoped he was. My erection told me that I was keen.

Steve returned to the table and Julie went off to the ladies. I looked at Steve and said 'What do you think? Do we go further or just go our seperate ways.' He replied that he would love us to go back to his flat with him for some fun and he found Julie very sexy.

We followed him the couple of miles back to his flat which was very nice and purpose built. In the lounge we were seated Julie on the sofa and me on the chair opposite. Steve got us drinks and returned to sit beside Julie.

There was some arkwardness at first and then Steve kissed her and put his hand on her breast outside her dress and then Slipped the zipper at the back down. Julie moved her hand onto his bulge and began exploring him. Encouraged, he pulled her dress forward and down revealing her large firm breasts restrained by her red lace bra. His hands were all over her now and he tugged down her dress easing it over her thighs leaving her in just her red thong and her black stockings.

Julie tugged his zip down and opened his belt. She needed him to help her a little andhe kicked his jeans aside. While he was standing she pulled down his underpants to reveal his manhood. It was impressive. Long but amazingly thick and as hard as a rock. Her two hands cupped it and she began to explore' pushing his heavy foreskin back and forth and cupping his large balls.

Steve turned his hands to her panties and slid them down over her knees parting her thighs to reach the treasure between. I could see his fingers questing and searching and exciting her more and more. She bent forward and took his thick tip in her mouth and then pushing his foreskin back she took a lot of him in her mouth. Her head moved back and forth and I could imagine how he was feeling. He broke off and dropped to his knees between her thighs, his tongue lapping at her clitty and his fingers working on it.

I could see that she was incredibly wet. He wanted to enter her and she moved to the floor, parting her thighs and raising one knee. Steve moved between her thighs and looking under her leg I could see his thick hard cock pressing at her entrance and then entering a little at a time. I got my head down there to get a closer look as he slid fully inside her. Her bum began to move in time to his hard thrusts and her breasts bounced to the rythm. A wet squelchy noise filled the air and then the slap of thighs on thighs. I quickly undressed and put my hand under to feel the wet base of his cock as her juices covered it. ' Julie hit her first climax and carried on for several before she said to him 'Girls on top' and they moved so that he was on his back and she was on top. Slowly she slid down his thick hard cock impaling herself. I moved so that she could suck my hard cock as she rode him furiously.

Not too long before he began to grunt and shot his load deep inside her pussy.

She raised herself from him dripping a mix of their juices and laid on her back.

I lost no time and quickly entered her. I have to be honest he had stretched her so much that I couldn't feel too much but the excitement soon had me cumming hard into her.

The three of us just lay together. Julie reached for a towel to put between her legs to soak up all the excess.

A half hour later Steve was ready for more and Julie certainly was. He got her to put her head and shoulders on the sofa and moved behind her doggy style. He entered her in a single long thrust causing her to cry out. Then there was just the sound of their wetness and his thighs slapping against her tight little bum. Julie was squealing with pleasure and reaching climax after climax. Steve held her tightly again as he jetted his load into her willing pussy.

They fell to the floor and rested before I got hard again and slid in for sloppy seconds. I came very quickly again.

Looking down at Julie's pussy I could see our combined cum leaking onto the towel.

We chatted for a while and Steve asked Julie how many men she could manage in a session. She thought about it carefully before replying maybe somewhere between three and five.

Steve told her that he knew other guys who would love to make up the numbers.

It gave us someting to consider later.

We set off for home quite late and with Julie still as horny as hell having had both of us.

I did wonder what I had unleashed as later she started talking about his suggestion.