Written by t

31 Dec 2017

It was oddly strange, given the previous 10hrs excitement that even as she let me into her flat, or ‘theirs’ as she put it, I was still fully awake and ready for whatever was going to happen.

I got hold of Olive as she shut the front door, probably with more force, therefore more noise, than she would’ve done had she been sober. I pulled her towards me and we kissed, I dropped my bag so my hands could roam over her near perfect body, as a door opened. I tried to keep kissing her, but she managed to separate from me, in order to swear at him and tell him to go back to his room, she was entertaining. The sight for him must have been strange, his normally hetro gf (or ex-gf) snogging an older ‘woman’ in front of him. Could this have been his fantasy? He made some stupid comment, along the lines of if I wanted a man then I would be welcome in his room, at this point I actually looked at him, he was stood in his white Kelvin boxer shorts and did appear to be packing a fair size meat, but I laughed and Olive laughed at him as well.

We made our way into the living room, which Olive had turned into her bedroom, she was sleeping on a sofa-bed, she opened a packet of wipes and told me that we had to remove our make-up first, that done, we both stripped naked and clambered into the bed, she took no time in rubbing me hard and then climbing on, I was pinching and kissing her nipples in an alternative action as she rose and fell down on my pole, she shuddered to an o but kept going until I felt myself bubbling it up again, I let go of her breasts to grab her waist and as she pushed down onto me and I knew I was spunking in her tight hole I held her down so she could feel the full effect of my jets of juice filling her up. She dropped down and kissed me again, but I felt she needed more, so I lifted her off me then gently put her down on her fours, then I went down behind her and with just one finger in her sex, I used my tongue again to lick her ring and sex slit, pushing my tongue as far into her bum as I could get it. This really got her hot, she was pushing backwards onto my face as I licked her and when she came she really let out a shrill scream, even I was shocked, but not as much as her bf when he came running in to see whether she was alright. He stood there opened mouthed as he saw, not the beautiful older mature woman, he had spied 30 minutes earlier, but now he was looking at a old, podgy man, with a fair meat weapon licking his gf’s ass and making her scream in orgasm. She got her breathe back and told him to fuck off. I sort of smiled at him as he was still in some shock at the sight of us both as he slowly withdrew from the room and quietly closed the door behind him.

I decided that I’d had enough fun and excitement for the day and snuggled down under her duvet, pulling her towards me, we had one last passionate kiss before we both drifted off to sleep.

It was nearly noon before I woke. Olive had been up and was walking around in her negligee when she saw I was awake, she firstly offered me a cuppa, then having put it down beside me, she climbed back into bed and, to my amazement, plonked her sex down onto my head. Sod the tea, this was more than the breakfast I wanted, she rubbed her slit up and down my face I let my tongue do its job and she was rewarded with a big yell as she stopped. I thought about pulling her down for the 69, but decided that it was time for one last fuck before I washed, dressed and drove home.

As I opened the front door, her boyfriend re-appeared, she pulled me real tight and kissed me, all for show for him, I wasn’t sure I was going to see her again, except in the salon and I doubted I would ever see him again, but I think she had more than gotten her own back on him for fucking her mate.