Written by Suzy C

30 Jun 2009

I had just enjoyed a very nice pub lunch with my work friend Anne. We have known her for about 15 years now. We used to go for drinks as a couple with her and her hubby Ken. Unfortunately they suffered a messy break up a couple of months ago. I invited her to lunch on our day off last week and she was glad of the company.

We both had soup of the day followed by a very nice beef in ale pie from the specials board. We washed it down with a couple of bottles of house red. After the meal she poured her heart out about her hatred of all men and how she would like to castrate all of them. I tried to assure her they are not all as bad as her ex. We talked of her relationship and of mine. I told her how if we are annoyed with each other rather than have a row we have resorted to giving each other a spanking. It seems to work for us I offered to let her try it on my hubby Rog. She wasn`t too sure at first but the house red seemed to give her the enthusium to try it.

I rang Rog and persuaded him to allow her to try out a bit of gentle spanking on him. Any thing is possible with Rog if he thinks he can get his leg over.

We finished the last drops of wine and phoned for a taxi. We were soon on our way to my house.

Rog let us in when we got there and I explained the situation to him. I didn`t tell Anne that I had rang him so he pretended not to know.

We poured another couple of drinks and took them to the bedroom. I told Rog to undress down to his pants. Anne sat on a bedroom chair and I told Rog to bend over her knees. I said to Anne that she should firmly smack his bum. She smacked him a couple of times but was a bit embarrassed. I told her to hit him a bit firmer.

After about a dozen smacks i said ok maybe we should try something else. I handed her a 12 inch rule pulled his pants down to his ankles and said to give him a few more smacks. She started to learn what she needed to do to inflict a little bit of pain. Rog`s bum was turning a nice shade of pinky red.

I then ordered him to take the pants off and bend over onto the dressing table with his forearms on the table. I got a leather paddle from the wardrobe and gave it to Anne. I said to give him about a dozen sharp smacks all over has bum. After each 2 or 3 I told her to do it harder. I could see from Rog`s face they were stinging. I could also see that Anne was starting to enjoy it.

After about a dozen very firm strokes. I said we would finish with the cane. Rog was made to stand upright then bend over to place his hands on the chair. He was made to stand with his feet shoulder width apart and legs straight. I told Anne to hold the cane across his buttocks give then a little rub then with a straight arm take the cane back and bring it firmly across his bum. I said that if she could she should direct each stroke to a different area of his bum. And most importantly do each one slightly harder than the previous stroke.

She started with a quite gentle first stroke. I told her she could do it quite a lot harder. So the next 3 firmly hit him leaving nice red lines criss crossing his bum. I said to enjoy the next 2 as that was it for today. She placed the cane across his ass gently rubbed it around took it back and then with a swish it really hit him hard his body tensed and his face screwed up. I told her the next would be the last. She followed the same procedureas each of the others. This time though she took it back further slightly twisting her body with it. She waited a few seconds as if savouring the moment them brought it forward far harder. As it bit into Rog`s red ass his legs buckled and his bum tensed his back straightened and his face momentarily contorted in pain. His hands grabbed his buttocks as he groaned in agony and extasy.

I got some ice cubes from the freezer and we massaged his tender red hot bum.

Afterwards we asked Anne what she thought of it and to my suprise she said that she had enjoyed it. We talked quite a bit before she said that she would sleep in a spare room rather than go home a bit tippsy. Durin the chat she confided that she had enjoyed the experiment. She also said that she would like to be spanked next time we met. Although she did say she didn`t know if she could handle it so hard but she would try and she would like to repay Rog by letting him do it to her. I look forward to telling you how we got on.