Written by Marty

12 Feb 2010

I'd always been under the impression, at least if I even thought about it at all, that once a woman went through the menopause that was it, forget about sex, at least regularly. Jill started going through it early, at 39, mood swings, not interested in sex, a tough couple of years. Then things perked up, she put it down to not having to worry about getting pregnant, being able to fuck bareback after years of condoms (she couldn't use the pill) saying how much better sex is when she could let me cum in her. We now have sex usually at least twice a day but this is not enough, she also uses her vibrators and dildos frequently and during the day goes to the toilets at work and masturbates she feels so randy.

She looks fantastic, slim, nice 32" tits after a boob job, good legs, attractive and looks younger than her 42 years. She couldn't get enough sex, watching her fuck her cunt with a dildo was a turn on and we imagined she was being fucked by another man. I would suck her nipples, kiss her neck, whisper to her "That's a nice hard cock in your pussy. You're getting fucked hard. You don't even know his name and your letting him fuck you". She'd be so aroused she'd cum then I'd fuck her. One night, after several glasses of wine I was watching and said "Would you let another man fuck you?". She was close to orgasm and said "Yes, if you'd let me". "Only if I can watch" I replied. Nothing more was said until the next evening she asked "Did you mean what you said about watching me being fucked?" I said that I did but only if she wanted to.

Want to? she could hardly wait. It couldn't be anyone we know so she would have to pick up someone on a night out. She wasn't taking any chances of failing and dressed like a hooker, short skirt, thin transparent top, lacy bra, thong and high heels, she looked a right tart. We went to a club and I watched from the bar as she sat near the dance floor. It wasn't long before she was dancing with a couple of young lads. She had several drinks then got up and as she passed me said "They want to go outside with me. I'll take them round the back to the car park, near where you've parked". Five minutes later they appeared and she guided them to a spot that was hidden from a casual observer, near a light. One was kissing her and the other had his hand up her skirt pulling her thong to her ankles. She managed to unzip them and had a cock in each hand. Her tits were being squeezed, her pussy getting fingered. She pushed her skirt off then crouching in front of them started to give them blow jobs whilst using her fingers on her clitoris. She gave one 2 or 3 sucks, then the other taking them both deep until one pulled her to her feet, turned her round, bent her over the bonnet of a car, her legs apart. He rubbed his prick along her slit then, holding her waist, rammed his cock into her waiting cunt. I heard her cry out as he humped her, his mate standing stroking his prick near her face. Jill gripped the bonnet as he fucked her until he came pulling out, immediately replaced by his mate. He took her more slowly, pulling out, sliding his prick along her slit, teasing her clit, rubbing it over her arsehole then continuing to fuck her until she came telling him to spunk inside her. A few more jerks and he came, stepped away, put his prick in his trousers and walked off with is mate leaving Jill on the car, legs spread with their spunk running out, dangling from her pussy. My prick was throbbing, I was out the car and had my cock up her before they were out of sight. Her cunt was sodden and gaping open after the fucking she'd received, Spunk and juices ran out of her cunt as we fucked, she came again and I wasn't far behind when I added a third load in her pussy. She grabbed her skirt and thong, not bothering to put them back on and we drove home to clean her up.

We repeated this several times until it got to cold as autumn ended. After that she persuades them to come with her in our people carrier and I drive around while she is fucked in the back. About 3 weeks ago she picked up a bloke of about 30. As soon as he saw me he sussed the situation and asked if we were into dogging. We said no, had heard about it and it sounded fun, but didn't know how to go about getting involved. He said I'll show you a local place where there might be some action and guided us to an industrial estate some miles away where Jill has now had a couple of visits to remember which I will relate another time.. When we dropped him off later he told us to look at this site for information and read the stories which we both enjoy.