Written by Mx

26 Mar 2016

Well as I said in my first recollection of my nudist beach experience "I came instantly".

But, that wasn't the end of their fun with me. I was licked and sucked back to life, and I watched one of the girls lick my cum from her friends pussy and leaving her friend moaning with in a fantastic orgasm. All this sensory overload had me hard again.

Two of the girls wandered off but the one who sat on my face had rolled onto her back playing with herself. I moved over and licked her pussy, nibbling her lips and listened to her moan, as she rippled with a small climax I started to move up to nibble and bite her nipples, and as her legs were open and her very wet pussy I slowly entered her.

I slowly and firmly rocked in and out of her and as she started to moan in a full orgasm I increased the strokes until I could not hold back and came again.

As we started to clean up and dress the 1st Russian invited me back to their hotel later that night. And then a whole new experience was enjoyed. Perhaps I will tell you, perhaps not.