Written by Maxblythe

16 Jan 2013

Taking her at her word I eased from her ,and lay on the carpet " come on then do your worst ," she needed no further invitation ,standing over me she looked a picture ,she was still breathing hard but smiling the biggest ,brightest smile I had seen ,"now mister it's my turn " .Dropping to her knees she fed me into her pussy ,immediately starting to rock ,thrusting her hips forward creating a fabulous friction, leaning back her hand found my balls ,gently massaging ,man was she good .Releasing her hold on my balls she moved forward ,resting on my chest ,still keeping her rhythm "do you like it ?shall I ride you properly " before I could answer she lifted from my body ,now supported on her feet only her position looked just like a jockey .The first thing that was immediately obvious her pussy became tight ,gripping my prick like a vice ,as she rode each bob sent a beautiful throb through my whole body ,I could not stop moaning in extreme pleasure ,never before had I felt like this .Angie knew exactly what she was doing ,she sensed immediately I was approaching climax ,then her muscles relaxed and allowed me to calm down ,then she increased the pressure and brought me back to the boil ,"are you ready to come then big boy ?" I moaned " please ,yes make me shoot ," she just laughed allowed " I don't think so ,I'm going to have some fun ,but if you beg ,well " ,I just groaned ,she was back in the saddle increasing her pace ,"OK ,get ready to come " . It was like watching a race jockey ,gradually going faster ,her muscles clamped me ,each move now ecstasy "I'm coming ,Oh my god I'm coming " ,her muscles tightened then I just exploded ,her slender hand milking my balls I just sobbed as pulse after pulse of spunk shot inside her .She sat tight as my body spasmed to each jet ,like a bronco she rode me still ,until finally the shock waves diminished and I was totally and utterly spent .It felt as if my heart was about to burst ,sucking in huge breaths trying desperately trying to calm myself " how was that ?" ,her face close ," did you enjoy it then ,was I as good as Ash ?" I was still gasping for breath ,"that was fantastic ,can we do it again just to make certain."

Angie went through to the bathroom having told me she had to be off soon as she was actually going riding ,as requested I was making coffee and couldn't help wonder whether I had not come up to scratch .When she was dressing I offered to give her a lift which she quickly accepted ,I also asked ,only trying to be helpful whether she wanted to give me Ashley's keys for me to return "fuck off ,I'm not having you giving her one when I can't join in !!" That at least sounded hopeful that we would meet up again ,as we checked the flat ready to leave she gave me a scrap of paper "It's my home and mobile phone numbers ,I'm free weekdays when I drop the kids at school ,either call or ring if you want to come round ,any evening will take more organising but can be done with a bit of notice ." Following me to the car park she chatted constantly ,in the car she told me where the stables were and settled back next to me ,we had not left the city streets before her hand strayed to my lap "you do like me then " her hand making me hard again ,"unzip and get it out " I did not react "come on quickly ,give it me " ,following her instructions I lowered my zip very carefully ,the potential for pain all to obvious ,then eased out my weapon stiff already from her attention . Knocking my hand away she grabbed the shaft immediately starting to wank ,"don't watch me ,look at the road ,when we get onto quieter roads I'm going to suck your brains out ," .As I drove on her hand slowly moved up and down the shaft ,it felt unbelievably erotic she never looked across ,just quietly giving a running commentary on what she was doing and more erotically what she was going to do . Then we were out of the city ,traffic thinning out ,removing her seat-belt she leaned across, her head in my lap ,taking me easily into her warm mouth ,a groan as she took the full length down her throat .She became an animal, immediately devouring my cock ,I was not going to last "Angie for fuck sake ,take it easy I'll be off the road " she just moaned and continued to bob her head on my dick ,I was looking for somewhere to pull in ,actually slowing back "don't stop ,keep driving " she didn't even take it out to speak "if you stop so will I " .Driving at a slower speed I could feel my sap starting to bubble again "Angie I'm going to come " lifting her head she looked across "I'm going to drink every fucking drop " replacing her mouth her intensity increased ,her expertise emptying me yet again each spurt taken down her throat ,her mouth looking for more she was fucking insatiable .Finally lifting her head she replaced her belt licking her lips before she spoke "please ring me I can't get enough ,I need more sex and believe me you won't regret it !" She helped me make myself presentable as we neared the stables ,"see you soon I hope " then turned to leave "Oh you will ,I'll ring you later " smiling she closed the door and was gone .

When I got home the wife was still out ,time for a shower ,the hot water reviving me slightly but my mind was still occupied by her ,that had to be the best fuck I'd ever experienced and a blow job while driving ,fuck she was dynamite.I did ring later that day ,I waited until she had picked up her kids so the conversation would not be heavy ,I told her I thought she was fantastic and hopefully would see her soon "I hope so to ,I've still got that bloody itch ,bye " .I only reseived one more text that day ,surprise surprise from Ashley ,hoping I'd enjoyed the morning,my reply was that I'd only begged a bit !! ,her responce would be interesting ,however I suspected a call to Angie would be her priority .Weekend at last ,kids at home so no contact possible with Angie ,I think the boyfriend comes backanyway ,but I was concerned still no contact from Shona ,her kids have been at school for the last couple of days but still no email,plus I didn't recall even seeing her about . Knowing the PC was her domain I thought it couldn't do any harm to contact her ,very brief you OK? ,need anything ,call .M., even if anyone else saw it nothing incriminating to cause her problems .