Written by Helen

28 Oct 2009

When I went to bed after by sex in the bar episode, I found it really difficult to drift off to sleep, I kept fantasising about what I could do with my new found partner. After a while I managed to drift off. The following my husband John and I were sunbathing next to the pool and it was very quite with only another half dozen people spread over the terrace area. After an hour of soaking up the rays and wondering if any of my fantasies would become reality, I decided to go into the bar for a drink and once again left my bikini top on the sunbed. To my surprise and delight, my new lover was sat at the end of the bar on a stool, with his back against the wall and wearing a small tight pair of trunks. He saw me coming towards him, his legs opened and I walked right up to him and got in between his legs. My hands were on his chest and we kissed. Here I was in broad daylight, snuggling up to a guy, with the thought of my husband coming along and finding me. Dave, my new lover put his hands on my bottom and pulled me even closer. Once again as I gently moved against him, his cock started to grow. He put his hand down between us and into the top of my thong, his finger probing my wet little pussy. I wondered what was going to happen next. He got down of the stool, took my hand and walked over to the pool. We both slipped into the pool and swam over to where my husband was sleeping. I pushed Dave against the side of the pool and wrapped my legs around his. His hands once again went down onto my bottom, hooking his thumbs into the string of my thong and pulling them down: as they came down my legs went up and my thong floated away. The position I was in now gave him easy access to my pussy and without a second thought it was inside me. All the time this was happening, my eyes were fixed on my husband and wondering if he would wake up. I started kissing Dave, still with an eye on John. It was unreal the sheer risk of being caught was sending me over the edge. I came twice before Dave eventually shot his load and we sank into each others arms, for the first time taking my eyes of John. I now had to find my thong, which had drifted over to the other side of the pool. I asked Dave to go and recover it for me, which he did, but instead of bringing it back he took it out f the pool with him. He beckoned me over, I swam over to him. He said if I wanted it back, I’d have to come and get it. I looked around the pool and at John, to see if it was safe to get out of the pool totally naked and recover my lost garment. It was clear so I clambered up the ladder and onto the side of the pool. Dave was a complete arse. I walked backwards with my knickers spinning on his finger. Coma and get it then. No more looking over my shoulder, I’m out of the pool and I need my thong. He backed up behind a wall that hid us from view of the pool and stuffed my thong down the back of his trunks. I pushed him against the wall and put my hands down the back of his trunks to recover my thong. He again put his hands on my bottom and pulled me to him, kissing me passionately. My hands which were now down his trunks pulled his trunks down and I got on my knees and started to lick his now hardening cock. I put it in my mouth and started to suck on it. I could feel it getting bigger. He suddenly pulled me to my feet, put my hands on the wall, bent me over and stuck that lovely big cock into my fanny. It was wonderful, the excitement was unreal and as we could feel each other starting to come, he spun me round lifted me up and put his cock back in, I was seconds away from coming, when he whispered in my ear “open your eyes and look over my shoulder” there at the window of the kitchen were t least 5 guys watching everything that was happening. I cannot explain the feeling, I came as I’d never come before and it seemed as if it would not stop. I opened my eyes again, as I got back onto my feet and here were the 5 guys clapping us. But there was better to come.