Written by Luckybastard

24 Feb 2011

The boy toy and my wife, M had been seeing each other on a regular basis for a couple of weeks when the boy toy asked his friend, A, to come and watch him get it on with M. M, was open to new things so the plan was made and M was both nervous ad excited. When M got off work she phoned me and we talked about the way that the evening was expected to go down. She was just going to allow her boy toy to stick his cock in her and A would be there just to watch.

When M arrived at the house where the 2 men were waiting for her, she found them both just watching tv. She dialed my number so I can have the usual involvement, listening and getting off on it. She said that the two guys had an anxious look in their eyes. And then much quicker then expected, the new adventure had begun as M went into action getting her boy toy all prepared for her by touching his cock and taking strategically taking her clothes off. A sat across the room in a chair and watched as M sucked cock. A got more and more excited seeing that M was able to swallow all of her boy toys cock. M glimpsed at A in the chair and watched as he touched himself. She was so turned on by this so she turned up the heat and sat on the toys cock, surrounding it and heating it with her wet pussy. A was watching with intensity and M was ready to show him more. and then M noticed the size of his cock, it had to have been 10 inches!!! She had never had a cock of that size was wanted to explore it. Through the phone I heard her ask A if he needed a hand pleasing himself. A walked over to her and her moans became very muffled as she took his juicy cock into her mouth. She sucked it hard and playfully wrapped her tongue around his shaft as she moistened it. She tried to stuff it all down her throat and I could hear her gag on the size of it. M, was taking care of both men with one cock being swallowed by her hot pussy and the other being swallowed by her mouth. To my surprise it seemed to be too much for the boy toy and for A. I could hear them both grunting at the pleasure my wife was giving them and I knew they were about to cum all over her. The phone went dead and I waited.

A couple of minutes later I started receiving the after sex texts that I am always anticipating. The first two texts showed my wife with cum dripping all over her face. The second was a picture of her back and ass filled with cum.

The night was amazing, I was so fucking hott for her that I could barely wait for her to get home. So she rushed home so that I could take my turn with her. She was not more then a couple of steps into the door when I grabbed her and threw her onto the kitchen table. I punished her for fucking other men and I made her hurt. She enjoyed every single minute of it and we were both so turned on and hurting when the night was over. I think I might just be the luckiest man alive!