Written by randy

14 May 2008

my 35 year old wife and her friend went around town shopping and as it was an hot day the wife wore a denim miniskirt , a light top,her heels and just a tiny thong underneath . they had been out for an hour or two and decided to go into a pub for a drink. it was a back street pub and apart from 3 oldmen there was no one else in there.they had a couple of drinks when her friend said she had to go, but the wife decided to stay for one last drink. she said she got a drink and as she was sat by herself, the old men called her over to sit with them, so she did. they had been sat together for about an hour and they had bought her a few vodka and cokes. one of the men mentioned her tan and asked her to stand up so they could have a better look. so she did.at that one of them said that her skirt should be shorter to show it off, he took hold of it and pulled it up from 4\"above her knee to about 4\" below her ass. he then pulled her down so she was sat on his knee and all 4 were laughing and joking.

then the oldman whose knee she was sat on ,put his hand on her knee and moved it along her thigh, she had her legs crossed and he asked her to open her legs so he could touch her ,and she did. she said his hand went to her thong and he pulled it aside and rubbed her shaved pussy and slipped two fingers in her. she said as she was sat on his knee she could feel him getting hard. she was shoked so she went to the toilet and as she was doing her make up in the mirror the old man walked in ,she said he just walked over and took his cock out which was quite big and hard, he got her to sit on the sink top and he started fucking her . he told her he was 77 and and had not had sex for years and it wasnt long before he came, she told him she was on the pill and he could come in her so he did. he then asked if she fancied an oldman gangbang back at his house wich was near by,she said yes and all of them went to his house and she had sex with each of them at least twice each .she told me that they were all naked and at one point all three were doing her together.and for oldmen ,each one over 75 years old,they each gave her an orgasm