Written by Trainman

2 Jul 2018

Chatting on here last week while on cam and one guy in particular got me real horny. He said he liked my cam, (I was wearing rubber cock rings and a white nylon thong as I wanked for the guys), he'd read my profile, liked my pictures and saw I liked gloryholes. He told me he had one at his house, that he invited people to use it on a 'turn up get sucked, leave' basis. Said it was in a door in the back porch, didn't even have to go into the house and he wanted to suck my cock. He said it was 25 minutes away and why not go then? By the time he'd finished telling me what he'd like to do to me I was really turned on .... he said of all my pictures he loved the 3rd one with my hands tied behind me, vest pulled over my shoulders so my body is completely exposed and my cock rigid and stiff in my steel cock ring. Told me he wanted me like that on cam so everyone could watch as he used my body. Well that got me stiff so I agreed to drive over to his place. He said it was down a country lane, through a gate then a long driveway away from other houses near some farms. I asked how private, coz I'm a real exhibitionist and love cock play outdoors too. He said there were no neighbours but a right-of-way track near the driveway.

It was a blistering hot day and as I got closer to the house I was playing with my cock, getting horny and 5 mins later I pulled through the gate and drove down to the house, a big Victorian pile. I parked away from the house so I'd have to walk down the drive and noticed someone at a window. I'd told him I liked being an exhibitionist and wanted to 'show-off' but he was worried someone may come down the path.

In the car I slipped off my hoodie and shorts so I was just wearing my nylon thong with two rubber cock rings under it. One ring was around my cock shaft, the other round my balls. I sat there for a few mins with the hot sun coming through the windscreen burning my nipples and cock. I was stroking it through the flimsy nylon and getting nicely stiff. Far as I was concerned we were on his private property so when I got out of the car wearing just the thong and trainers in the afternoon heat, I was really turned on. I walked down the drive feeling really turned on, the breeze on my naked arse and sun through the trees on my naked body. Coming out from under the trees of the drive onto the parking area there was no cover at all and I knew if there was anyone watching they'd have a full view of me, tanned and fit, almost naked as I walked across the parking area. That turned me on big time. I went round to the back of the house in the shade, cooler there and found the rear porch. Two doors and in the inner door three large gloryholes, two at cock height and one at chest height. I stood back and stroked my cock and balls wondering if someone was on the other side. A hand came through a lower hole and reached for me so I stepped forward and lowered my package onto a cupped palm. He squeezed my balls gently and tugged me to the hole.

I slipped my cock and balls through, still inside the thong and felt two hands begin to softly and slowly stroke and caress my balls. A mouth encircled my cock and he began sucking me, through the thong, as one hand enclosed my balls then tugged them down. I spread my ankles and raised my hands to the top of the door frame so I was spread-eagled as I felt my cock swell in his mouth. Then a hand began to stoke and caress my arse cheeks pulling me closer to the door and I understood the reason for the second lower hole. I was rock hard inside the thong and knew the flimsy material would be straining .... I also knew that when it's soaked it becomes transparent and that looks so horny. He paused and I could smell poppers. A hand offered me some and I took a long draw, immediately feeling a rush .... poppers make me so horny and wild .... I leaned against the door and felt the warm rush all over my chest, the cool breeze on my arse and his hot mouth on my cock.

He slowly pulled the thong to one side and very gently released my cock from it's soaked pouch so it slapped against his face. Circling my balls and pulling them down made my shaft stand upright to attention and slowly he lowered his mouth onto it, flicking the tip with his tongue as he did. I was in heaven. Then I felt a hand on my nipple and realised what the 3rd higher hole was for as he pinched and twisted it. What a way to spend the afternoon. Naked, outdoors but indoors, poppered up and being sucked and wanked by this guy. Then I felt another mouth on my cock as my balls were being sucked. There were two of them on the other side the door .... a big turn on .... and as my arse cheeks were stroked my nipples were being teased by the two guys as they sucked my cock and balls. I felt a sharp sting as one of them bit my nipple, sucked it and chewed on it almost pulling it through the hole. The smell of poppers was getting stronger and I knew these two were getting randier the way they slapped my cock and tugged my balls .... they were swapping my cock between their mouths as they sucked and almost choked on it, all the time tugging and squeezing my balls. Then one of them said ' Go round to the front door and come in '.

I pulled my cock and balls back through the hole, bent to look through and saw two guys in their 50's one kneeling sucking the other as the one standing sniffed my thong.

I walked, naked, round the house to the front door.... even that was a turn on .... and stepped inside a huge cool hall.