Written by Wiseguy

21 Apr 2010

I bumped into Sandy, by chance, when returning from a business meeting in Manchester. I spotted her standing on the platform waiting for the train that would take us both to our hometown. I had not seen her for eighteen months and she had changed.

Sandy had been eighteen when she came to work at our firm Straight college. Even though she was aware that I was married, she had quickly developed a crush on me. I found her attractive but I did not encourage her. She was not the kind of girl to have an office indiscretion with. She was impulsive and talked too much. A loose cannon, I always thought.

She looked professional today, dressed in a neat trouser suite, top-salon-styled hair, and carrying a briefcase, and her make-up skill had improved. I went over and said hello. She seemed pleased to see me. We spoke about what we had been up to since she had left to take up her new job. She was doing well.

We sat together for the twenty-minute journey and talked about her time at our office, gossiping about old colleagues. From her body language and the way she watched me I knew she still fancied me. As I no longer had to see her day to day, I started to flirt back. I asked her if she would need a lift from the station. She said she would, so we walked from the train together and over to my car, parked in the station lot.

During the drive things were going well between us, she was givng me a definite come-on and I knew she was mine for the taking. I thought it would be good to fuck her now, after denying myself during all the time she was a colleague. I asked her if she had time to stop off at my house for coffee. The look she gave me was enough, she did not have to say the words.

As soon as we were through the front door we were at each other, kissing and loosening each other’s clothes.

“Can I use the bathroom to freshen up. It’s been a long hot morning?” said Sandy.

“I’ll show you where.” I took her to our bedroom and pointed out the en-suite. I handed her a clean towel.

I went back down and opened a bottle of wine and found glasses. I returned to our bedroom just as Sandy emerged from the bathroom. She was naked. I eyed her trim, sleek body and nicely proportioned breasts. Her pubic hairs were golden and trimmed. She came over to where I stood and wrapped her tanned arms around my shoulder and said, “you do not know just how much I have wanted to do this with you.”

Having her naked in my arms, while still in my shirt and trousers gave her a vulnerability that I savoured as I ran my hands over her back and shoulders. We kissed, our tongues were eager to meet.

“What time will your wife be home?”

“About four-thirty.”

“So, I’ll have to leave at about four? You’ll run me home?”

”Yes, but you can wait for her if you want to. She likes girls as much as I do.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that…we could all spend the evening in bed together if you like. I know Helen would jump at the chance. She thinks you look delicious.”

“She’s only met me once.”

“You made an impression.”

She smiled and blushed slightly.

It was true, Helen told me Sandy looked delicious, and a lot more too. It was the time I had introduced Sandy to her at some office social function to which partners had been invited. Later, I had told her about Sandy having the hots for me, she had been surprised that I had not taken advantage. We had recently begun to think adventurously about our sex life and had discussed various options, each taking lovers being one of them. She had suggested I might want to bring Sandy back one night for a little overtime with us both. As much as I would have liked to, I did not think it a good idea, It would complicate things at work. I did not want an involvement with a girl like Sandy to mess up my prospects.

“I’m not sure,” said Sandy, “I know it’s the trendy thing these days for girls to make out with each other but I’ve never done it with a woman. I’m not sure I really want to either.”

“See how you feel later.”

I began kissing her fresh washed neck and travelled on down to lick her breasts, while feeling the arch in her back and the start of the crack of her bottom at the base of the spine. She broke away from me and got into bed. I removed my clothes and joined her.

After we had exhausted our passion for each other, I asked her again if she wanted to stay for some fun with Helen and me. I was persuasive and able talk her into waiting for Helen to arrive home. When she agreed I though it best if I phoned Helen at work just to forewarn her. Open as out marriage was, Helen might be a bit put out to come home and find a naked girl in our bed without been given any prior warning.

Helen was openly bisexual and had been so since she was eighteen. It was one of the things that attracted me to her. The first time I had ever seen her had been in one of the large Manchester clubs, when I had watched in awe as she would approach some girl that had taken her fancy and get them to snog with her.

Since our marriage, Helen had occasionally taken female lovers. She had told me that deep down all women were bi-sexual and just needed the right person to bring it out. I doubted all were, but she said it was so and that she would demonstrate.

On Helens instructions, after the pair of us had been out with her new friend Susan from work, I had pretended to pass out drunk on the couch. I listened and peaked as Susan quizzed Helen about her sex life. Helen did not need to coax her friend, it seemed to me that Susan was enjoying this intimacy with a bisexual woman and admitted herself to having a desire to try out making love to another woman. I nearly came in my pants as Helen lifted the hem of her friend’s dress and folded it right back revealing her the white flesh of her abdomen, and began to stoke her belly. Then moving her hand slowly down to massage inside her magenta panties. The two of them spent thirty minutes entwined, enjoying each other, before Susan suddenly became self-conscious and made an excuse and left in an embarrassed fluster.

“Told you so,” said Helen after Susan had left.

Helen explained to me that it was one her greatest thrills to pierce the defence of a supposedly straight woman. She described the moment when she would bring a previously reluctant woman to climax as like winning gold.

I went downstairs and dialled her office. It was three forty-five and Helen was still behind her desk. I filled her in on the situation. She said Ok but did not sound over enthusiastic.

“I’d planned to get through these reports tonight, they’ve got to be in tomorrow. Important stuff, Steve.”

“But Helen, its not everyday you get a lovely twenty year old waiting in bed for you when you get home from work. You can do your reports later.”

“Ok, I suppose I can stay up late and finish them. I’ll be there in thirty minutes,” she said, “keeper her simmering for me.” She laughed as she hung up on me.

I went back to Sandy and got her to suck my cock while we waited for Helen.

Later, we were just having a break, taking a sip of the drinks I had prepared, when Helen arrived. She came directly upstairs and into the bedroom, still in her coat.

“You two look cosy,” she said, as she stood looking at us from the foot of the bed.

And then addressing Sandy: “Hi Sandy, obviously I’m Helen, I think we met once at that office charity fund-raiser thing.”

Sandy greeted her shyly, “Hi Helen. Yeah, we did,” now pulling the sheets up over her breast, self-conscious of Helens glances of appraisal.

“Steve say you are going to stay on for a bit more fun?”

“I think so.” She did not sound too sure.

“I’ll slip out of my work clothes and get tidy,” said Helen, kicking of her shoes and removing her coat as she made her way to the bathroom.

While Helen showered, I thought I would warm Sandy up again, by kissing her neck and rubbing her between the legs.

“I’m still not sure this is a good idea,” said Sandy putting a stop to my new advances

“Come on, we’re all here now, give it a go, just think of it as extra hands and lips, forget who’s at the end of them.”

Helen came out of the bathroom in her robe, her neat hair brushed back off her face and clipped in place. She sat on the bed next to Sandy. My heart was racing now anticipating watching this thirty-year-old, voluptuous, woman about to make love to a girl just out of her teens.

“When you were at his office, I used to say to Steve that you were a very pretty girl, Sandy; and that he should bring you home for us to play with. And now he has.”

She leaned forward to kiss her on the lips, Sandy lay passively and let her do so. Helen pulled the sheets down to reveal Sandy’s flesh and gently stroked her breasts with the back of her hand, causing her nipples to harden again. I’d had Sandy to myself all afternoon so I let Helen enjoy her exclusively for a while.

Helen stood up and let her robe fall to her feet.

“Do you like me Sandy?” she said as she caressed her own full breasts; Sandy did not answer, she just stared

“I know what you need to relax you,” said Helen. She pulled the sheets back from sandy, knelt, and began to kiss her pubic mound, rubbing her tongue in the fine hairs. Then she climbed onto the bed and manoeuvred her self between Sandy’s legs and started to munch on her sensitive flesh with skill and enthusiasm. I watched Sandy’s face as Helen set to work on her; first her eyes opened wide in surprise, her entire body stiffened for a few seconds then relaxed as she closed her eyes and surrendered. Her hands came up to Helen’s head massaging her scalp as her opening was licked and sucked. She started to moan in appreciation. I watched Helen give Sandy her second orgasm of the day.

Helen slid herself the length of Sandy's body and started to kiss her on the mouth. This time Sandy responded enthusiastically. I watched as they entwined their limbs, and held each other tight. This is what I loved to see, two beautiful females merging their flesh into one mass of sapphic lust. Sandy had buried her head ito Helen's ample breasts and was lapping and licking. I could tell that Sandy was enjoying this now. She seemed more aroused than she had been with me earlier in the day.

Helen was breathing heavy and whispering to Sandy. I couldn't here what she said, but Sandy was gasping "Yes!" over and over in response to Helen's lascivious prompting.

I edged to join them but sensed I was not welcome, so I remained aside and watched. They made love like this for over an hour. My favourite part was watching the two of them masturbate each other, timing their climax to coincide. Eventually their passion waned and they became untangled.

I drove Sandy home and asked if she had enjoyed the experience with another woman. She had a dreamy look in her eye and said that she had.

We had couple more sessions with her but a few months later she was posted abroad by her company. I have not seen her since she left the country. She sends us an email from time to time keeping us up to date about her life.