Written by hungrycunny

11 Jul 2008

I have just returned from a trip to Assen (appropriate). Im well into the dogging scene now and its brilliant but like everything else when the same people turn up and you get asked to do the same things over and over again it gets BORING!!!!!

I had booked a luxury cabin with minibar, had a shower, had a meal, had a few drinks and started to get very turned on. I sat at the bar, the boat was packed with bikers so i had alot of admirers, so i gave my room number to two guys and told them to come along in a few mins.

I went back to my room, the guys knocked and came in i could see hard cock so i pulled up my tight red dress over my waist revealing hold ups, high black boots, red underwear. i had put pegs on my cunt lips to make them tingly. i laid on the bed pulled the pegs and opened my cunt - i wanted deep throat, a guy was above me thrusting his cock all the way down my throat holding my hair to fuck my whorish mouth properly. the other guy pounding into my cunt. Before i knew it they had both cum and cleaning up - i wanted much much more, so they agreed to go and find me lots of cock all.

Ten mins passed i was getting anxious, i was wanking hard , i wanted to piss, my nipples and clit on fire - god i wanted a huge gangbang. In came the guys from before, followed by one guy - i was a little disappointed, but then another knock and men just kept coming into the room.

I excused myself to the bathroom to pee, a guy followed me and asked me to piss over his face - i stood in the shower he kneeled and i peed all over him and he drank it all with 25 guys watching - the room was fucking packed!!!!! then the shower was on i was being wanked with the shower head whilst having my ass fingered and a guy biting my rock hard nipples. So many hands and fingers were over me it was so fucking exhilerating and exciting i was their whore toy. I was laid on the bed after drying off and my ass was being fingered then i had a few fingers up it and a hand in my red hot fuckhole - i was screaming cuming panting bucking like a fuck horse on heat, two cocks in my face at one point licking and sucking both - i wanted cock cock more fuck-dirty cock bastards. Two guys entered my cunt hole at the same time one guy under me in my shit-shute which had so much juice it was tremendous. The guy at the front of me tied my hands grabbed my hair and deep throated me, then another and another. I was being abused and fucking loved it my cunt just desperate and sticky full of cock spill. Every guy pulled out, i was tied gasping and craving for more more and a beer glass was put to my mouth - god it was full of spunk - i ate, drank it with gusto, it was poured over my tits - hands rubbed it in, god i was in fuckwhore heaven i was such a fuckwhore bitch, i needed it fucking hard fast like an animal frenzied, dirty and disgusting. Mouths were biting me there must have been 15 20 men licking sucking fucking me at one time it was just crazy orgy frenzied men wanting a hole - god it was fucking good. The room was full of people watching and cheering, a guy brought in a bottle of champagne so i lubed it up and pushed my ass onto it whilst one guy bit my clit very hard, guys biting my tits cocks in my face, guys wanking and cuming over me. Im not sure when it ended,i just went into overdrive and then must have fell asleep with fucking exhaustion but i woke up fucking hungry for a big fat cock in my ass fuck hole - any takers????????,the boat made a change from dogging at alport!!!!!!!!!!