Written by Sundaycoffee

9 Dec 2009

It may have been two years ago, perhaps three. Single and fed up, I occasionally paid the money to browse this site and wonder about an adventure, a bit of a fling. Of course, many couples are seeking women, or other couples - and fair enough - so single men may form the bulk of the membership but i wonder to what extent they enjoy the bulk of the actual encounters?

Anyway, although memories are vague on the initial detail, I may have answered an ad. A Scottish couple (no names will be revealed here, or other details, as discretion is very important) had a fantasy of being watched while they had sex with each other. I wrote what i hoped was a polite email, they kindly replied, mostly on the basis that many emails they had received were one-liners and pretty basic. With myself, I think they were just intrigued to see if emailer sounded as reasonable as his email? Perhaps that's flattering myself to an extent.

Anyway, emails were swapped, an anonymous picture of the lady concerned was sent (her breasts exposed in the front seat of their car, no face though) and i sent back a phone number. One day, out walking the dog oddly, my mobile went. It was the gentleman of the couple, older than myself, making contact and checking to see what i was like ... We chatted amicably and he said he'd be back in touch. I can't remember how long that took, but he did get back in touch.

He proposed that i book a room in a hotel by Edinburgh airport, they visit for the afternoon, then leave. The rules were, no participation, just watching, but if i wanted to masturbate to orgasm then that was fine.

On the day, I was nervous. Lunchtime; I parked up, went to the bar and ordered a glass of red wine. Soon after, the couple arrived. He was older than myself by 10-15 years perhaps, she was lovely and only a couple of years older than myself. The initial chat was amicable - we had some glasses of wine - but it looked like she was more nervous than i ... perhaps mixed with anticipation? It's odd making small talk under those circumstances, but we managed.

Small talk aside, she was attractive, well dressed, friendly and had a fantastic smile. She also had a fantasy of being watched during sex, so we took our glasses of wine up to our room. Sadly the room was pretty small, so i sat on a chair by the bed - they took up a position in the corner nearby, him standing, her adjacent. She shucked off her clothes, and stood in some elegant underwear then helped him off with his trousers and helped his stiffening cock out of his pants. I can't swear to the order of events as it was two or three years back, but i was simply thrilled. It was a privilege to be given a glimpse of someone else's intimacy, and so sexually evocative to see her kneel down and guide his half soft/half hard cock into her mouth. By now i had a stiff cock in my trousers but wasn't sure of the etiquette ... Stay where I was? Move closer? Take my trousers and pants off and start stroking myself? I thought it best to ask ... and they were happy for me to move closer to get a better view of a pretty, mature woman enjoying the act of cocksucking.

Where we went from there still seems like a blur... I half undressed and started to masturbate, they moved to the bed. He introduced a small sex toy and masturbated her with it. I do remember kneeling on the bed, by her stockinged feet as they played with each other and i had my hand on my cock but held off having an orgasm.

I can't remember how long it went on for - maybe an hour or two ... in the end, I think he was taking her from behind and i was kneeling on the floor, naked, so she and i were looking at each other, eye to eye. As i write this, i remember her winking. Odd what comes back when you start to think about it.

The moment came and i couldn't hold back any longer - but when i cried out as i came, she put her hand over my mouth because i was making too much noise. Aside from brushing her feet when i kneeled on the bed, that was the only physical contact of the day - so everyone observed the agreed boundaries.

They showered, I sat on the bed, naked and post orgasmic. Eventually they left and i was in the strange position of being in a hotel in the middle of the afternoon, with cum on my cock and all on my own.

Some weeks later, we tried to arrange another meeting but it fell on the 'wrong time of the month' ... after that we weren't in touch again, which left me worrying a little bit that i'd said something untoward, or sounded inadvertently snippy in an email - but i guess maybe these encounters happen, then people move on, which is the way it goes ...

it was still a fantastically horny afternoon with two rather smashing people - (and if they still frequent this site then they probably know who they are so thanks)