23 May 2017

This our first experience posted so we hope you like .. please let us know,?

Mr F travels a lot on business and usually nothing interesting really happens .. until his last trip ...

It was a regular mundane flight to London and he noticed a well dressed 'Executive type' lady sitting across from him.

I guess nothing unusual there other than she seemed to be staring straight at him for a prolonged period of time. It took him a while to notice (liar) but when he did he was very pleased such an attractive woman was paying him so much attention ... smug twat.

Anyway, nothing much else happened until the attractive Ladies flight was called for London City whilst Mr F was waiting for the Heathrow flight. It was then she winked at Mr F and then proceeded to uncross her legs and reveal a beautifully shaven pussy ... he was gobsmacked ... and impressed ... and no doubt horny at this point!

Next thing she walked over to him and whispered 'It's a shame I need to leave as I would have loved to fuck you' ... then she disappeared on to her flight.

So, thinking he was dreaming Mr F texted me before he got his flight ... and to be honest I thought he was too .. until he arrived at work ...

At this point I should explain that he is some sort of Consultant so ends up everywhere and anywhere ... I gave up trying to know why and where he needs to be a long time ago.

However, on this particular day he texted me back to say that he hadn't dreamt about this Lady as it turned out she was one of the clients in the room when he started his presentation ... which he apparently found quite awkward with a semi ...

... apparently it got more interesting as the day went on ... let us know if you would like to know what happened later?