Written by joxx

7 Jul 2015

We have been married a long time now Sue my wife is coming on to forty for many years I have harboured this idea of her getting screwed by another man I have put it to her a few times and always got a no way defiantly not so that was that That was till Paul came on the seen he was a friend of a friend he was over working for six mounts he comes from South Africa, from the first time we meet him he took a shin to Sue and she was very flatted he must be almost twenty years younger than her I have to say he is very nice and maybe good looking I do know he comes over as charming and polite I noticed when ever we meet Paul Sue would flirt with him and chat to him a lot longer that other people that were with us

I must admit I didn't stand in the way in fact I gave them the every opportity, then she told me she been shopping and bumped into Paul and they had a coffee together, then one evening when we with friends and Paul was there Sue took me to one side and asked could we have Paul round for a meal, I said yes why not, when we got home she said she had asked Paul and had arranged for him to come over the fallowing Friday evening then when we were in bed and she was saying what a nice guy Paul is, I said you fancy him, she went quite and thought for a moment then said yes I do, this lead on to us talking about him and she came out with this she said if we knew him when we talked about what you wanted me to do I may of thought about it, so I said why not now, she said I am to old and he never want me now I was younger then

The next evening the subject came up again I must say it did surprise me it was Sue that brought it up, in the conversation she asked if I had of done what you wanted me to do would it of harmed us as a couple and would we still be together, my reply was of cause we would still be together, we then talked we about the rights and wrong of extramarital sex with out going into all that I explained it not the sex it going behind someone's back that is the problem, she thought about it and said you wouldn't be jealous, I said not at all, we lay in bed in silences I was almost nodding off when she asked are you sure you wouldn't have a problem if it did happen once more I told her no it wouldn't, she didn't say any thing and went to sleep it left me laying there wondering if my wife was really considering it as I thought about I got a hard on

The next day Sue wanted to talk again this time she pointed out about a couple we knew that divorced because the wife sleep with someone else and I was saying yes because she went behind the husband back that would cause problems he lost trust in her, Sue said so you are saying if she told you it would be of been okay, I said well it may of been but they could of talked about and it may of been right for them, Sue carried on saying if I did it and you knew about you be alright about I was running out of time I had to go to work, so I replied yes I would be fine and I don't think it would harm us

At work I had a lot to think about had I said the right thing what I had don't was I give my wife permission to sleep with Paul I was wondering if I had made a mistake I thought she was serially considering it she had never spoken like this before it had always been a flat no, why had she changed her attitude after all this time and why Paul he was so much younger than Sue I would of thought if it was going to be any one they be about her age plus Paul was south African and he isn't a white south African he maybe very nice and charming but he is black I don't think my wife has ever meet a black man before at lest not on a friendly basis

When I got home Sur was questing me again on the same lines as before, only this time she did say how much she liked Paul and I was bit surprised when she said she couldn't see any harm in it as long as no one found out it sound as if she had made her mind up that was quite a change from when I suggested it years ago

The next day was the Friday I got home to find the dinning table set and food cooking and Sue in a dressing gown she said to me get changed I have only got to put my dress on, so I showered and changed and came down Sue said well the dinner about ready I am going to put my dress on watch this on the stove and left me to it

When she came down and walked into the kitchen I almost fell over Sur must of been out and bought the dress it was light blue it fitted like a glove it really did it exenterated all her ceruse the front was low cut and parted with the straps she has a 38 bust and need a D cup her tummy is flat but the dress gave her a waste her hips are well shaped and went she turned round the dress was backless it hugged her rounded bum and the hem finished about a couple of inches above the knee she looked wonderful and I told her so

I didn't have time to say much more the doorbell rang Sue almost panicked saying you go, I opened the door to Paul he shock my hand and I took him to the lounge telling Sue he had arrived, he had given the bottle of wine he had with him as Sue came she looked a tad nervous but Paul greeted her with a kiss on the cheek and a littler hug , we had to eat right away the meal was very good and so was the conversation my wife looked relaxed she did drink more wine than normal after we had eaten I said I would look after the dishes and told them to go and sit down, we have a lounge dinner with glass doors which I closed behind them, I took another bottle of wine in for then and left them to it

I took the dishes into the kitchen and put into the washer and switched the lights off in the dinner it had taken several minuets to do, when I went back to the dinner I could see they where chatting and Paul had moved closer to Sue on the sofa, after about five minutes of that my wife surprised me she put her glass down and lent in and kissed Paul this was no peck on the cheek it was on the lips it was a full on as I watch this I got my real first feeling it was not of jealousy it was more of guilt I don't know why and as his arms went round Sue I wondered if I had made a mistake letting it happen and yes the fact I had encouraged it, by now Paul had taken the lead and pulled her over himself more his had where moving over her bearer back I could see a very real contrast in colour his large black and her white back

It was all very strange for me, the talking was over he had rolled my wife back so he was on top of her I could see my wives cheek moving as they kissed he had one hand on her ample breast, he was then kissing her neck her head to one side eyes closed, the hand that was on her breast had pushed the shoulder strap down and one breast was out exposed her large nipple looked erected and very stiff before his fingers went round it, he then moved from her neck to the nipple

Sue looked down then her eyes closed again she had a look on her face that said she was enjoying it

Paul left that nipple as he did Sue pushed the other strap off her shoulder that freed the other breast for Paul, I could only presume I was forgotten about, after a time he sat up to look at his handy work both my wives nipple looked very erect they are quite long but looked longer and stiffer that I had seen them before, she started unbutton his shirt when undone she slipped it off her shoulders, he is a lean bloke but still brood and quite muscular they then had another snogging session, then Sue was saying something they got up she took his hand and lead him out into the hallway

I went out into the kitchen and looked into the hallway they had gone

I made my way to the foot of the stairs as I started to go up I felt scared and went slowly as if I shouldn't be doing that once on the landing I could see our bedroom door was open it did feel like I shouldn't be there, after a few moments I did make my way over to the door, the bedside lights were on the first thing I sore was the blue dress on the floor then his trouser, I move to one side and there they where on the bed together all my wife had on was her panties Paul seemed naked on top of her kissing, his hand move over her body to her thighs she parted then a little as his finger played with gusset of her pants her legs opened more the finger pushed the pants to the side and two fingers entered her I head a deep groan as they did they kissed with passion as he fingered her

For the first time my dick twitched as I watched Paul then licked and sucked each nipple then her tummy as he did he pulled down on her knickers she help lifting her bum then kicking them off as she did I could see her pussy it look very moist, Paul carried on down to kneel between her thighs with his face in her pussy his back and bum to me he had the biggest pair of nuts I have ever seen they hung in his sack like chicken eggs, moments later Sur monad then louder and louder, she had her hands on his head she was gasping normally it takes sometime to get her close to Cumming, she was rolling on the bed and then lifted her bum and gasped very loudly, then I heard the words fuck me Paul

He came up and move in doing that I got a glimpse of his cock I didn't think I was far short in that department I am six inches but my Christ he had to be two maybe three inches longer than me but what got me was his girth it had to twice that of mine and the crown the head was wider than the shaft, I don't think or know if my wife knew this or seen it at this sage but she was about to find out, as he positioned himself she bent her knees feet on the bed thighs apart

I couldn't see but knew when he found the mark and went in, she cried out PAUL (in the last twenty years I was the only one to go in there and we had not had sex for over two weeks which is common for us) as he pushed she squealed OH MY GOD OH MY GOD he gave a thrust she cried out AAAAEEAA he was in she was impaled on his meat, he lay still I could hear my wife panting, god knows how she accommodated it or what it did to the vaginal canal there must be a limit to what a woman can accommodate take, Paul very gently started to move Sue lay under him quietly letting him do that each time he went back in she gasped, I am used to her not moving much and thought this was the same, I have to guess he was using about half his length by now still slowly the gasps went to moans and when he must of almost pulled out and went back in there was fanny fart , he did that for another five minutes I guess by then the noises Sue was making told me she was enjoying it, Paul was going faster as he did my wives hand where flat on his back as if holding hiding him, the best way to put it was like he had brock her in again his size must felt like it was her first time, as the pace got quicker my wife reacted to the movement inside her he was going quite fast now her feet came off the bed she tried to rap them round him with out much luck she then lifted then into the airI watched then wave about as he thrusting in and out

After a few moments I could see her body moving under him this got more poorhouse then she almost shouted MY GOD JUESUS and she bucking to meet him Paul went faster if any thing, Sue arched up making animal noises her body shook she was in the midst of a huge climax

Paul didn't stop or slow down he picked her legs up pushed then over her spread his legs lifted up onto his toes and pounded her like a mashed gun he was move so fast my wife was screaming, then he grunted a few times and jerked on top of her he was cummings inside her I cum in my pants almost at the sometime they both panted he fell on top of her Sue shaking all I could hear was heavy breathing I looked on in amazement, when he rolled off her I panicked and went in the spear room next door I lay on the bed thinking my god my wife did it as I got myself together I thought I would wait till he leaves I couldn't face him at that point, I waited and waited then nodded of I think, it be between one or two in the morning I was awoken by a squeal next door and a sound like a rumble which had to be our bed he was still here and fucking her again , I didn't have thre guts to go outside and see but I dud get my dick out and pull myself off he must of fucked her for a half an hour after I woke up I did fall asleep in the end, I woke up about eight and looked out the bedroom door was still open the light where off and they were asleep, not knowing quite what to do I went down and made a coffee I knew I have to face them but what to say I was at a lose it had be an hour an hour later the sound of them at it again

Then an hour after that they came down stairs but went into lounge some time later they where back in the hallway Paul was fully dressed she in her dressing gown she let him out and trended to see me looking at her

She came into the kitchen she looked tired, we looked at each other it was a very long pause before either of us spoke then we spoke together and stopped and we waited for each other I think we both felt awkward then she asked how I was I told her fine she then said would I like a coffee I reply please, then she said we got to talk about this, well it broke the ice in a way, she asked were I disappeared to last night. I said you didn't need me around she looked guilt she said thank you then thought and asked did you see any thing I said yes, she replied oh my god did you I nodded, she carried on saying are you alight did it upset you I told her no, in what fallowed she told me she loved me and things like that and in conversation I asked did she want to see Paul again the reply was yes if she could and if I was okay if she did

It was when I asked what it was like she didn't want to say but when I said he has a very big prick she said did you see that I told her I watched and heard her in the night and they did it this morning once I said that she did say he was very big and she never expected that it did heart at first, the bottom line is she really enjoyed sex with Paul and the outcome was he was coming over the next weekend, we had a problem I have had a vasectomy and my wife took three loads of sperm from a virile young twenty year old last night unprotested we had to get the morning after pill I will finish it here but it was not the end Paul became my wives boyfriend after that and he used up a twelve condoms before she went on the pill and was safe so let me know if you are interested