Written by Karen

30 Aug 2009

My husband lost his job several months ago and so times are hard. We have a young child and I have been looking for work as he has been unable to find anything, but there is a lot of unemployment here and so I haven’t found anything either – which means we live on benefits. My husband is a good man, he knows I am a better manager than him and so I get all the money and if at the end of the week we have anything left I always try to give it to him so he can go to the pub and have a drink and talk about football with his friends. A few weeks ago he was gone far longer than I expected, and when he came back he had obviously had a lot more to drink than the funds I had given him would have paid for, and he was with a guy I had never met before. I have a pretty high sex drive and so there have been the odd occasions when I have happily agreed to a threesome with one of my husband’s friends. I have always enjoyed them, but for money reasons we have never been to swinging clubs or anything. The threesomes usually happen when hubby starts to make out with me whilst his friend is with us, and then he is invited to join in. This is exactly what happened on this occasion. Hubby started to kiss me and feel my tits, then he slipped a hand up my skirt – all the time this other guy was sitting in the armchair watching intently. My husband then invited him to join us on the settee – which he did, and soon his hand is also up my skirt. I am by this time very turned on, and offer no objection as my tee shirt, bra, skirt and thong are removed one by one. By this time I am very aroused and feeling for both their cocks. It doesn’t take long for me to get the guests cock in my mouth – at which point my husband rather strangely moves away and goes and sits in the armchair. I thought it odd, but with a mouth full of cock I couldn’t ask him why he had moved, and anyway the stranger had twisted round and was lapping away at my vagina and massaging my clit and so I was getting more and more excited and wasn’t about to do anything that might stop the action, which I was really enjoying. Contrary to what you might read in some papers when you are on benefit there isn’t any money left over for fun, and sex is free – and so I was making the most of this unexpected opportunity. Soon we had rearranged the 69 and he was on top and my hand went down to guide him into my oh so eager pussy. It was my husband who shouted ‘condom’ at us, and the guy, reached down for his trousers that were in a heap beside the settee and scrabbled in the pocket and rubbered up. I was so far into an orgasmic frenzy that I am ashamed to say I would happily have let him ride me bareback if he hadn’t had a condom. As soon as he was ready we resumed with him pushing his cock, average size – nothing special - into me almost in one push. He didn’t last long, but I had a good orgasm – and had thoroughly enjoyed the encounter and hoped that he would stay a friend of my husband and might come and visit again. The guest rolled off me and I looked across at my husband who then came over from the chair where he had been sitting quietly wanking himself. He immediately mounted me and I started to build to another orgasm, which was bigger than the previous one and came almost exactly as my husband did – but was better for me because his spunk pumped in, which always adds to my enjoyment. After my husband had finished I went off to clean up, and when I came down from the bathroom the visitor had gone.

All in all I thought the encounter was a little strange, but I had thoroughly enjoyed myself, and it wasn’t as if I hadn’t done similar things in the past – so I didn’t think about it too deeply, just said to my husband that I had had a really good time and if he ever wanted to invite the guy back for a repeat performance I certainly wouldn’t object. Life carried on, and then about two weeks later almost exactly the same thing happened with another stranger, and a week after that it happened again. Don’t get me wrong, I was thoroughly enjoying the encounters, they were the highlight of the week for me – but it all seemed a bit odd. Anyway I eventually found out what was going on from a neighbour whose husband was also out of work and who had also been enjoying the company of ‘friends’ her husband had brought back from the pub. She is more astute than I and more suspicious. Her husband eventually confessed that word was out that if you went to the pub for the cost of a few beers one of the locals would almost certainly take you home to fuck his wife. Both my neighbour and I were being set up by our husbands in return for a few beers. Her husband swore blind that it was never pre-planned, just that some stranger would come into the pub and start buying rounds and then turn the subject to sex and how he would love to have a threesome – and by that time having got a bit drunk on the punter’s money one of the guys would volunteer to take him home because ‘my missus likes a threesome’. How it started none of them seem to know, must have been one of them genuinely took a guy home and he spread the word. Whatever.

I really am not sure what all this makes me. I honestly thought I was having a threesome with a friend of my husband, when in reality access to my cunt was paid for in rounds of drinks in the pub. If I had known that would I have enjoyed myself as much? As my husband was paid for me to have sex with a stranger why not be more professional about it and earn real money for doing it; God knows we need more cash. I don’t blame my husband – he was always half drunk by the time he agreed to bring the guy home, and he also knew how much I enjoyed the encounters – but we wives couldn’t really let it go on once we knew, but it seemed to me stopping was a lose, lose situation as my husband lost his free drinks and I have lost the pleasure of the sex. The good thing though is that all of a sudden we have found three couples who live close by who have similar interests in sex as we do, and my husband and I have already had one very enjoyable swap with the neighbour who worked out what was going on, so whilst that will not make up for our hubbies free drinks it might sort out the sex side for me.