Written by dean

8 Jul 2012

Thanks for all the comments. I have never discussed or put down any of my "private" life so I hope it's not to disjointed.I should probably give you a mental picturew of D, she is by no means a thin woman but is well rounded in all the right areas. Her breasts are heavy with very sensitive nipples which she loves being sucked and chewed on, we have discussed some nipple clamps to warm her up before we meet.She has wide hips and a tight bum.Her pussy is one of her best features, its covered with a mousey bush which I have been asking her to shave although she is concerned that her man (who is somewhat older than her)may think is a strange thing for a woman to start doing in her 50's.The lips of her pussy hang down slightly, her clit is hyper sensitive and the pussy itself seems to be constantly wet with tasty juices.When we meet to play I tell her what I want her to wear, mainly I instruct her to attend me knickerless, that easy to access her wet pussy and also if we are having a quickie easier for her to drop her skirt and she is decent!

we have been very daring in some things we have done, she have played with my cock at parties when all the room were concentrating on the karaoke singer, she wanked me when we have travelled in the back seats of fiends cars. Some of the more crazy things we have done included being sat around a supper table, her, her hubby and me (my partner was abroad) he has a habit if falling asleep after drinking to much and fell asleep at the table. I then proceeded to finger her, she had already taken her knickers off, she sat wimpering at the table as I teased her clit, she was biting her lip as she cum on my hand.She then unzipped my cock free and went under the table to suck it.Obviously not till I came but it still makes me hard thinking about it.

When they come over to visit she sits opposite me with her feet up on the couch and when she thinks its safe, if others are out of the room, she then opens her legs to show me her wet pussy.When we are together she is guaranteed to suck my cock and she always swallows my cum, something my parner wont do, even if I can get it in her mouth.I love to take her from behind so I can pound her hard and she can cum more than once which always makes us guys feel like we are doing a good job.We have fucked all over our house with the exception of the main bedroom ( that just dont seem right)I have laid her on our kitchen table and licked her to orgasm, I have fucked her in my office over the desk and in another property I own. But our long sesions have been at the travel lodge where she turns up suitably knickerless with hold ups on and we spend the whole afternoon sucking and licking and fucking. As I have said she can cum and cum and in those sessions I normally cum in her pussy rest for a while have soggy seconds and then finish off in her mouth as she puts a finger up my arse that guarantees she is getting a mouthful of spunk.She has even rimmed me which was rather sexy and I enjoyed that! from time to time she gets pangs of guilt and says we should stop and we had for a few months until she started readin the 5o shades book an text me to say it reminded her of me and then the next text said that she really needed me to make her cum, I text back and within 30mins she was again in front of me knickerless being fingered till she came hard. She then dropped to her knees and started to suck my cock, which she if fanatstic at but I also wanted her wet pussy, so, it was in the dining room on all fours, fucking her hard saying she wanted to fuck me again and how much she had missed my cock.The session finished with her sucking me off with her digit up my arse as I fingered her wet pussy.So it looks like I am to resume getting my share of her wet pussy, I will now be booking the travelodge again! She has said Ann Summers stocks the items described in her book so we will then buy them to use. I want to take her ass next time so watch this space. Still the question remains "Am I so bad"?