Written by Neighbour15

4 Dec 2011

THe day before Amy's parents were off on hols,she turned up.She was going on some dog training day with her dad.While he was getting things ready,Amy came round to see me.I was doing some tidying up in the front garden.She turned up wearing her usual unflattering cargo trousers;boots and a padded jacket.

She stood in front of me and after a quick peek to see if her dad could see,(he couldn't) she kissed me.Her tongue deep and active in my mouth and,as usual,her hand deep and active on my groin.As soon as she kissed me I was hard,like most men would be and as she stroked me I slipped my hands inside her jacket and stroked her tits.Her nipples were hard in my fingers,she unfastened her jacket to let me in easier.

Amy had her back to the road so hopefully no-one could see us but she obviously didn't care.She slipped her hands into my trousers,eased my cock out and began wanking me.Given the situaiion I did not expect to last long.I continued feeling her tits then slipped my hand down into her trousers.She unfastened them and my right hand went down and found her hot,wet cunt.I slipped a finger inside and she moaned but continued to stroke my cock.

Over her shoulder I saw lots of traffic but we continued wanking each other in spite of it.Amy wanted to try to fuck but being out in the open and her dad only yards away I thought not.My fingers worked in and out of her hot wet cunt between those thick dark hairs and she was soon cumming.As her legs buckled she leaned on me,bit into my shirt to stifle her cries then stood still.She carried on stroking my cock then moved closer,my knob was against the cool skin of her stomach and it was my turn.I stiffened my legs then came,spurt after spurt onto her belly.

She smiled,pulled down her shirt and walked off smiling.I'll save that for later,'she said.