Written by pb

10 Mar 2008

It was a Tuesday evening and the kids were in bed. A friend of our Michael, had come to us for a meal as he and his wife were seperated by work. Shortly after the meal, my wife decided to go and have a bath, nothing unusual, but I joked that she should let the 2 of us come and wash her back. She laughed and discounted the comment.

Whilst she was in the bath, Michael and I talked of various things including the fact that he fancied my wife, I was a little taken back, but impressed by his honesty.

I went up to the bathroom and had a word with my wife and included what Michael had said, again she smiled and passed off the comment.

When she came down stairs, she had put on her favourite, sexy black negligee and stockings underneath. My cock twitched, she sat in the chair opposite both Michael and myself. As he saw her he whistled and I also noticed movement in his cock area. I poured a drink for the 3 of us and we talked again, this time getting a little risque. After a couple of more drinks I suggested that my wife come and sit between us on the sofa. She did and we both caught the aroma of her perfume. I placed a hand on her thigh and felt no resistance, Michael then chanced his arm and did the same, again with no resistance. Michael looked at me for the go ahead and I nodded. As he slid his hand up my wifes thigh, his eyes almost popped when he felt her suspender. My hand also rode up and then began to undo the front of the negligee. My wife, Christine, eased her legs slightly apart and turned her head for a kiss. I kissed her and placed my hand on her breast, now with her nipples sticking out like they had done before. I eased her nightie off and Michael bent his head forward to kiss her nipples and caress her tits. Christine put a hand out and began to undo my zip and take out my cock. She leant forward and started to suck and lick me, as she was doing this Michael stripped off and stroked his own cock gently easing my wife to a position to take his cock. A wry smile came to her face and I knew that she was enjoying the attention. I eased away from her to let her enjoy being penetrated by someone else for the first time, her breathing became heavy, her legs were stretched to there widest point and Michael pounded away and with a great grunt he came. Christine was not finished and wanted more so I placed my own cock inside her and felt the warm mixture of her and Michael. As I thrashed my cock into her I could feel the sperm and her juice sliding down my cock. I truned her over to take her from the back, as she was on her knees, Michael went to the front of her ans hungrily she sucked and licked his cock. He shot his load into her at the same time I shot mine. Christine gathered her clothes and retired back to the bathroom and then the bedroom.

Michael apologised for going outside the boundaries of friendship, to which I told him that it had been enjoyable and next time we should be more adventurous. When I went to bed Christine thanke me for what had happend and wanted a repeat perfomance.