Written by AlKaz

8 Jun 2019

We conclude my lucky afternoon......

Looks like you lot have had more fun than I’ve had this afternoon Kaz said after the formalities of introduction. Still are said Ellie. “Come here E I want to grind on your face. You guys can stay if you want.” “ You certainly know what you want “ said Kaz as Earl dropped the towel his cock springing out from it’s confinement “Mmmm that’s nice” . Kaz was fully dressed in her work clothes , (minus tights I noticed). Kaz reached to feel Earl’s cock. “I’m over dressed here but I’d better put my clothes off properly I’ll need them tomorrow. Releasing Earl Kaz then removed her shoes and unbuttoned her blouse carefully putting it on a chair then unzipping her skirt and doing similar . She now stood in just her “work” plain white bra and standard matching briefs Earl .joined Ellie on the bed I moved in to unclip the bra turning her to reveal her breasts cupping them stroking her nips as I did so. Nice said Ellie. I knelt to lower the briefs wet as I suspected. “Tough afternoon” “was once you texted me” Earl was clearly transfixed by Kaz pussy Ellie moved pushing him on to his back . Eat some of this she groaned as she mounted his face in a 69 position thrusting her slit straight onto his mouth and grinding herself hard at him. Kaz turned and pushed herself to me I crushed against her lapping at her wetness as we each serviced our wives.

Earl’s groan drew our attention as Ellie began to suckle his cock Kaz moved and bent to assist Ellie running her tongue over his balls as she sucked. I moved behind pushing my cock into her welcoming pussy Kaz gasped and then we hit rhythm I thrust slowly and gently with long strokes enjoying the moment and my favourite woman to fuck.

Ellie kept moving her face closer to Kaz at this point although they were more than aware of my preferences Kaz had not been mentioned . I’d not given a thought either to Ellie. . The girls faces meeting tongues touching as they ministered to Earl.

This lack of resistance spurred Ellie who moved planting several kisses along Kaz shoulder and neck as she sucked on Earl. Kaz of course didn’t resist instead she moved position offering Ellie a nipple to suckle . “ You’re Bi “ exclaimed Ellie Yes said Kaz now suck my tits. Ellie didn’t need asking twice I withdrew from Kaz pussy figuring they needed to “discover” each other as Ellie stroked and suckled Kaz as she reached to play with Ellie’s own tits.

Ellie paused “ let me eat your pussy. I haven’t tasted pussy proper in months. I love pussy” Earl moved Kaz lay back on the bed Ellie moved between Kaz spread legs planting kisses along her inner thighs as she sought her target . Reaching Kaz pussy she expertly parted the outer lips with her hands either side before starting to lap. Kaz howled as she hit the clitoral spot but Ellie didn’t stop keeping Kaz at an ecstasy level .

Earl was clearly highly into watching his wife perform ( who isn’t ?) and moving behind Ellie he began to fuck her from behind in a similar steady fashion I had used on Kaz. I sat for a moment enjoying the spectacle before I moved behind him nudging his ass with my own throbbing member. Go on he growled I reached to part his cheeks his hole accommodating me easily as before.

We kept this up until Kaz inevitable cum and squirt hit Ellie who after a second’s initial surprise positioned to catch and gulp down Kaz offering. Kaz spent for the moment ( she said afterwards the intensity Ellie generated was awesome) We moved again Earl and I withdrawing and Ellie moving aside kissing Earl allowing him to sample Kaz before he pulled Kaz to him impaling himself at one thrust.

Ellie lay on her back raising her legs right up blatently exposing pussy and ass. Fuck my ass she demanded. She had been prepped earlier for mine and Earl’s fucking so I began to tease her entrance with my cock easing gently forward until I was fully inside. I kept my strokes long and slow allowing her to get used to my extra girth again . He hand now busy as she rubbed herself . Earl clearly enjoying fucking Kaz beginning to speed his stroke rate I matched him with Ellie all of us fucking harder to completion.

Ellie flopped back I had cum but not so much ( more of a dribble) and I withdrew and moved to the bathroom . Returning to Kaz sampling Ellie Earl making a somewhat half hearted attempt at fucking her from behind. Like me hard yes but his energy was spent.. Kaz however was fresh and after about a third cum Ellie pushed her off.

No more please. I’m as fucked out as these boys. She groaned. Pity you hadn’t been available earlier. I’m gonna need a day or two after this I’ll feel as though I’ve been kicked tomorrow. And we have a drive to Fort William ahead of us.

We have the company dinner to attend more boring bullshit said Kaz. Looking at the time darling we had better make a move, sorry to seem abrupt. Ellie just lay there legs apart not bothering to respond. We must keep contact said Earl I don’t know if or when we’ll cross the pond again even if it’s only a email or skype it could be fun .and if you come to the US you must visit us. There’s some card’s in my purse Ellie chipped in. Kaz wrote them ours on paper from her handbag. Thanks for a super afternoon.

Seems like you had fun said Kaz as we returned to our room to prepare for dinner. Is that hard ever going to go down...