Written by notquiteacougar

22 Oct 2012

blog date 12/10/12

FUCK ME! OMG! My last client fit and tall and young guy came in and being a regular I allowed him the rare treat of tying me up, blinding folding me all in our time together today!

He started off by asking for a lapdance which I obliged as a music channel was on then followed by commanding me to put my harness on which he helped with and then he blind folded me and led me around... on all fours... I couldn't see where I was going and had to trust him to lead me around without me walking into a anything... he spanked me several times stopping and making me kneel up to suck his cock and slapping my face with his cock...The first time he came was in my mouth and all down my breasts... he came so much! Afterwards he continued leading me around on all fours... then took me to the bed where he used 2 vibrators on me... one is a DP vibrator so has a part which goes in the bum aswell as the pussy and a clit stimulator and using the other vibrator in my mouth... swapping them over occassionally so I could taste my pussy juice also occassionally spanking me, throughout our time together... then he made me walk on all fours again around the apartment until he tied my wrists using my thong and the one he had come along wearing to a coffee table and again used the vibrators on me eventually fucking my pussy with his lovely throbbing cock.. after untying me he made me walk on all fours again this time with a vibrator clenched between my bum cheeks and scolded me whenever I dropped it and spanked me again! Finally back in the bedroom he untied my wrists and took the blindfold and harness off me and rubbed me allover with baby oil and made a remark about how red my bottom was... then finally he got ontop missionary position and fucked me until I felt myself cum and not long after he came too throbbing inside me... After all his sexy horniness we took a lovely hot shower together where he soaped my body.

I now have curlyish hair as I didn't dry it.. I really do suit bed hair and I really suit that just showered look and I think most people would agree... I am glowing now from all this sexual satisfaction... I feel absolutely sexually liberated... I really enjoy my sexy encounters... but I may have to make it an early night (unless anyone else suggests otherwise)...and if not I will be back and ready to go tomorrow anyway!