Written by Joe

4 Jan 2011

Back in the late 60s my Dad was a regular in the army and anyone who knows the forces knows when there is a party all the neighbours go and I was now old enough to attend this one. It was a great party and I was geting it on with someones daughter. We were in a darkened kitchen my hands up her jumper bra pushed up playing with her tits and nipples, this seemed to excite her as she was now giving my cock a good rub which she had been reluctant to touch before. I was about to pull her skirt up hoping to get my hand into her knickers when the door opened someone geting ice from the fridge and she took fright and ran back to the main party. I waited for a little hoping she would come back but no and I had this raging hardon which needed sorting. I decided to go find the toilet and give myself a quick wank. I passed a couple on the stairs he was doing better than me his hand up her skirt moving in and out. I went into the toilet and realised someone was already in there I muttered sorry about to back out when the voice of one of my Dads mates said okay just finished. As he washed his hands I was hoping he wouldn`t notice my bulge when he said I saw you geting it on withxxxx did you get in her knickers? I blushed at my Dads mate talking to me about this when suddenly his hand came down grabbing my cock, randy little sod you came in for a wank, I nodded. Well I have the same problem and with that he grabbed my hand puting it on his cock which was rigid. He leaned into me his beery breath on my face we should help each other out and with that he undid my trousers pushing them down and started to stroke and squeeze my cock and balls he slowely started to wank me and to my shame I spunked onto his hand. Now my turn he said pushing his trousers down puting my hand on his cock, his body weight pressed me against the back of the door slowly now I want to savour this and so I wanked him. All the time he was saying slowely as his body pressed against me and soon I felt my hand fill with his spunk. He quickly sorted himself out and left me in the toilet my trousers round my ankles spunk on my hand and a sticky cock. As I cleaned up all I could think was how could I let this happen how would I face my Dad but as I pulled my trousers up my cock was still hard. I justified it to myself that it was something that shouldn`t have happened but did and put it to the back of my mind but sometimes if I gave myself a wank it was his hand I thought of wanking me off.

Fast forward 10 years I am now in the army myself the fitest I have ever been I no longer think of what happened as I have had a lot of girls and cock slipping into cunt is just the best. I am on a train going to London to visit my best mate Craig and his German girl friend Lily my cock is hard in anticipation as I know it will be a weekend of sexual fun Lily is so uninhibitated and she has a large mouth big enough to take 2 cocks. I get on the underground to travel across London and as usual we are packed on like sardines a guy gets on same hight as me a lot older probably about 50. We all shuffle about trying to make space but as the train shudders off I am pressed against the back of the guy. I say sorry he smiles its okay as my crotch is in contact with his arse hope I don`t get hard again but the movement of the train the rubbing of our bodies and I feel myself hardening again I try not to press against him but the constant shuffling and movement of the train I cant help it, again I mutter sorry. I then realise he is actually pressing himself against me so I stop moving, ever so slightly his arse is swaying against my cock. Now I have a real boner I try to think of other things but all I see is Lilys mouth closing over my cock. At last my stop but it is also his as I make my way to street level to catch a bus to Craigs he stops smiles and says do you fancy a drink. Even after all these years I still can`t make up my mind why I agreed, we walked for about 10 minutes to the flats where he lived we chatted his name was Phil. In the flat he said make yourself comfortable I`ll get the drinks, I sat down on a very large easy chair and he appeared in just a dressing gown and two drinks. The whiskey burned my throat why was I here,his erection was making a tent of his dressing gown, and mine was straining my trousers, we sat in silence sipping the drinks. He stood up taking of the dressing gown his cock standing straight up do you want to fuck me. I shook my head, he knelt in front of me undoing my trousers and pulling them down to my knees my cock poking at him. He stroked me his fingers light as a feather then his mouth sank down my cock I let out a loud groan at the pleasure of it. I have been sucked by a lot of women but he got 10 out of 10 for his method. Soon my hand were clasping his head my hips jerking my cock in and out of his mouth. I then knew I was going to fuck him I grabbed him roughly by the shoulders a look of alarm on his face until I turned him on to all fours, he grabbed his dressing gown handing me a tube of KY jelly I smeared it over my cock some between the cheeks of his arse. I said are you sure you want me to stick my cock up your arse and ride you, he screamed yes and with one thrust I was up his arse to my balls. I heard him wince I now know to push gently but it was my first time. and I rode him hard I lay on his back holding his shoulders and pumped him for all I was worth and soon that sweet release as your spunk leaves your body. I lay still gasping for breath that I had actually fucked a man. As I dressed to leave he handed me his telephone number call and visit next time you are in London I said you Know if anyone found out I would be kicked out the army. He laughed 10 years ago I had a cavalry officer of and on for 2 years he loved to fuck while still in uniform especially his jodphurs he always said it wast just a different ride.

Three hours later I was up to my balls in German cunt but that is another story and yes I did visit Phil occasionally but that is also another story.