10 May 2019

Last night I had one of the horniest dreams I have ever experienced, it was so vivid I could feel and taste every moment!

About 15 years ago my former sister in law persuaded me to sign up as a sperm doner on the IVF programme at our local hospital which I did. Something must have triggered in my subconcious because this is what my dream was all about although I can assure you the real experience was a lot more prosaic!

“As I walked from the hospital car park to the main reception I had serious doubts and knew I would be embarrased when I explained why I was there. I need not have worried, a very pretty girl was waiting by the door with a clipboard in hand ticking us off as we arrived. After a few minute my name was called and I was led into a side office. After various health question etc. it was explained that they would need a sample to ensure my sperm was ok and that I should not be embarassed as the staff would be there to ensure it was produced properly. Once they were happy I knew what to expect a door opened and a very attractive blonde nurse came, gave me a smile and introduced herself as Helen and that she would be assisting. I followed her through the door she had entered to find myself in what was obviously a single bed private ward but instead of the bed there was a leather covered table. The top half looked like an ordinary massage table but the bottom half was split at 45 degrees which she explained were for my legs. I also couldn't help noticing a hole at about waist level and with a smile she said that was for my penis.

At this moment another nurse walked in carrying a hospital gown which she handed to me while she introduced herself as Barbara. She asked me to go into the en-suite and take off my clothes ready for a shower. As hygiene was crucial she would be joining me to ensure that I was completely clean before they started the process.

I walked into the bathroom and removed my clothes and a couple of minutes later there was a knock on the door and she came in. My penis by now had started to stiffen, she noticed but just smiled and told me to relax and get in the shower which I did. When I turned round she had slipped off her white coat to reveal she was completely naked underneath with a stunning figure, great breasts and a neatly trimmed pussy. Turning on the water she stepped into the shower to join me and started soaping my shoulders working down my back to my bum cheeks, she asked me to lean against the wall and open my legs while her smooth hands parted my bum cheeks and then soaped my balls. By now, not surprisingly, my penis was fully erect and when she asked me to turn around she commented on it with a grin. She then soaped my chest and worked her way down towards it before taking it in her hand and thoroughly washing it. As I'm circumcised she did not have to worry about the foreskin but paid particular attention to the head and slit to ensure the sperm would not be contaminated. When she had finished she washed off the soap and asked me to get thoroughly dry and put on the hospial robe, one of those awkward ones that tie at the back. She quickly dried and slipped her coat back on and asked me to come back into the main room when I was ready.

After a few minutes fiddling with the cords to tie it I went back in the room to find the two girls waiting for me either side of the table. Helen asked me to get on the table and lie face down then put my legs on the two wings so that they were about level. When I was comfortable I felt a hand slide underneath lifting me slightly and inserting my penis through the hole. Barbara then told me to relax but to watch the small tv screen in front of the table. She explained that it would be showing a compilation of cum shots as they had found that those were the most effective for producing a large climax from their donors. With that the screen came to life showing a large penis ejaculating in slow motion over the face of a pretty girl. This rapidly had the desired effect as my own penis swelled to its full legth. I had imagined that this would be all the stimulation needed but then gasped as I felt a pair of lips encircle my glans and slowly suck in my whole shaft. I realised that Barbara had moved underneath the table and was giving me an incredible blow job. Helen then said that when my climax approached I was to let them know so that all the sperm could be collected. With that she untied the back of my robe and poured some scented oil on me which she then worked into my skin moving down to my bum, all the while Barbara' expert mouth was pleasuring my penis sending little electric shocks through my body. She then poured some more oil on my bum cheeks so that it ran down to my balls which she then started to gently squeeze and massage. She then explained that when I started to climax they would effectively milk me to ensure that I produced as much semen as possible.

By now the film together with their expert hands and mouth had worked their magic and I could feel my semen building up to release. The girls could sense it too and Barbara slipped my penis out of her mouth and put the glans in the top of the collecting jar while continuing to wank the shaft. This was too much for me and with a groan I shot my first jet into the jar, with Helen squeezing my balls and Barbara continuing her wanking I gave five or six jets to completely empty my balls. Once they were sure I had finished Barbara removed my glans from the jar and let my soft penis hang down through the hole. When I had recovered a bit they showed me how much I had produced and said it was an excellent result. They then asked me to get dressed and that I would hear from the programme in a few days”

At this point I woke up but it had been such a vivid dream I found I had cum in my sleep!