Written by Kasia

17 Jan 2008

Well if you search Kasia you\'ll know I\'m young, beautiful and deeply involved with a guy I love. I find it wonderful to be able to express myself here and share what have been the formative experiences in a healthy, experimental and flowering sexual appetite. Although I\'ve met the love of my life I\'m very young and cannot afford to look back and say why didn\'t I do that? That could be trouble in this relationship later on! So because I have my own time and space I have chosen to use it to fulfill my private fantasies, but not being able to tell anyone sort off takes part of the fun away, you agree?

This is my second \"love\" relationship my first finished because I didn\'t feel I was getting as much as I was giving so even though love and attraction were strong I knew it was safer to quit than hang around to be really hurt. He was a stunningly sexy guy with a body us girls lust after, that ass!!! The sex was great I have too say, new, exciting and satisfying but other things were all wrong.

I live in one country with my new love but come from another where my family and my past reside. Recently I was at home to visit family and that is when this story took place. My ex (lets call him Stefan) has made every effort and corny move possible since our break up to get back with me or at least get me into bed. Some times it has been difficult to say no, he is hot and some memories are still alive for me, especially some favorite things to do in the sack. But I always managed to avoid the pressure and stay out of his clutches. Even though I\'m not intending to be pure I always felt Ex\'s were the real no go area, however....

I was at home after a few drinks with my best friend alone and just chatting on my yahoo at about 1 am when I got a surprising text message from Stefan saying \"would you like to have sex with a beautiful black girl in 20minutes\". I laughed of course not believing this message at all but responding to Stefan recalling one of the fantasies we used in bed sometimes, it certainly was an original come on! Being a curious girl I replied \"why not\" to see where this would go. After a few minutes I got a reply asking permission for them to call around for a drink, they were in a bar close by that I had just left. He had known her for about two months, she was American studying briefly here and returning home in 3-weeks, we are still in touch, her attitude to life and love have inspired me. I advised him to arrive alone would mean I would not even answer the door. I have a small own door flat my father built for his mother to use but she never did, so it\'s my own place. After about 15 minutes the bell rung and beyond belief there was Stefan with a tall and stunning chocolate princess dressed in a blue shimmering mini dress, later I learned her name was Sandy.

Stefan kissed me on the cheek and gently squeezed my ass whispering \"I promised, I delivered\" referring to a conversation that happened a long time ago when we were together. Sandy was super cool smiling saying hi and complimenting my looks and figure directly to Stefan as if they had already discussed me, Stefan has plenty of blue pictures of me and I wondered just how well Sandy knew me. I offered drinks and fished a bottle of vodka with ice and coke from the fridge, once in glasses we toasted and everyone downed their drink and poured another. Small chat ensued and after a few minutes Sandy asked Stefan if she could talk alone with me for a few minutes. Sandy pulled her chair close and took my hands in hers, she quickly asked if I knew why Stefan brought her, if I was ok with that and if I found her attractive. She finished by saying I was twice as gorgeous as Stefan described. I answered yes to everything and especially that I thought she was hotter than any of my fantasies.

Sandy and I moved closer and our lips met kissing softly as Stefan returned, my blood ran hot through every vein and filled my senses all over my body. Stefan joined our kiss from the side and a three-way French kiss lasted for a couple of minutes. I don\'t know if suggested or naturally done but the three of us moved from the kitchen table where we were drinking to the couch in front of the TV. Sandy was in the middle but Stefan leaned across her and started to kiss me, my old desires and some guilt about the boyfriend I\'d been talking to on the phone while waiting for these two surfaced. He then moved to Sandy whose hand was on his crotch and on my thigh (I was wearing the red dress from earlier in the evening). As they kissed her hand went to my pussy (I had no panties, a cheap thrill I get when out without my boyfriend), I responded pushing her dress up her legs to her white thong. I had never gone further than a cheeky kiss with a girl before but boldly tonight my head moved down as in a sleek movement I slipped off the couch, she spread her legs and my face went to her juice as I pushed her nickers aside to uncover a perfect Brazilian style pussy almost exactly like mine except milk chocolate brown skin. Between kisses and licks I removed those pants and took her clitoris between my thumb and forefinger while tongue fucking her (a move my current love introduced to me), her pussy flooded`and she began to moan. I noticed that she and Stefan where no longer kissing and he was undressing, I took a moment to appreciate that body and beautiful cock that had given me such pleasure more than a year before. When undressed he coolly pulled both our dresses over our heads, Sandy unclipped both our bra\'s and with shoes slipped off we were all stark naked.

As I continued on Sandy determined that her first impression of sex with me would be a rocking orgasm she took Stefan in her mouth putting both her hands on his ass gently pushing and pulling him in and out of her mouth, tongue working hard and making lots of unnecessary noise which just added more heat to our cocktail. Stefan was switching his gaze (a very intense one) from me kissing pussy to Sandy sucking his cock and back. Sandy was in a slightly awkward position to allow me access and perform on Stefan so as she lay fully back on the couch I climbed on kneeling between her legs persisting on her clitoris with one hand I introduced her ass to the little finger of the other. Stefan went behind me and standing at the end of the couch started to fuck the girl closest to him ME! I started to look at our very clear reflection in the blank TV and as Sandy\'s eyes followed mine we both came.

I pulled away from Stefan and turned around to straddle Sandy\'s head and offer my vagina for her to eat which she did, Stefan then squatted with his legs under Sandy\'s and started to fuck her, her legs were so spread I had a wonderful view of their intercourse and as she licked and fingered me I leaned forward massaging her breasts and kissing Stefan while he tweaked at my nipples, again Sandy and I came followed in a couple of seconds it seemed by Stefan removing his cock and shooting cream over her and onto me also. I then did something I could never have imagined I would and cannot imagine it again but I licked his semen off her body and she responded licking each spurt off mine with both of us finally cleaning Stefan\'s big big cock together until he could not physically bare the intense pleasurable sensations it was causing as our tongues intertwined at the top of his penis and pressured under the hood. He fell back asking to be given time to recover.

Again very naturally and I don\'t recall anyone suggesting we moved into my bedroom. Stefan sat on my favorite chair (one we often fucked in, when I was his and not another\'s) and watched Sandy and Kasia (me) make love to each other in every way two women can imagine spurred on by our audience to make louder noises and do dirtier things than ever. We rimmed each other, fist fucked each other and came over and over again. Stefan joined us again and we each took turns in watching the other couple, we bent over side by side while Stefan poured massage oil on our asses and fucked us both up there and in our pussies moving from one orifice to the other in a way not generally recommended by doctors. We took turns of each two performing oral sex on the other one, getting rimmed and your pussy licked or sharing that with a guy and doing it to another girl is spiritual as is two girls licking and sucking and rimming and fingering a guy until you all are French kissing his cum back and forth between three mouths helps a girl believe in Santa.

After that final orgasm from Stefan things began to cool as our desires were sated and our energies depleted, we slept for an hour and then the bed became small and Sandy wanted to get back home before light because she was so dressed up. I said goodbye still naked kissing each deeply at the front door, Stefan asked could he call me and I reminded him I was with the love of my life. \"After this??\" he demanded I replied \"I loved you but was no angel, this was great but it\'s over baby\".