Written by The Milfs hubby

9 Sep 2017

An open letter to my wife. The Kent MILF

Hi Honey. Thought I would write you a letter and share my thoughts, and why not let everyone else read it!

together now for about 17 years and married of rah last 12. You were and still are the love of my life. You are gorgeous and have large 44JJ tits that I love sucking on.

About 6 years ago, I confessed to you that I would love to watch you get fucked. A fantasy that started in my late teens when I read a story in a wank mag.

Initially a little shocked, you took to the fantasy and some 4 months later we had our first threesome. A guy calling himself Matt arrived and you pleased that he had a larger cock then mine.

I remember so well, probably by the fact that I videoed the encounter, what happened.

It is hard to explain to a possessive guy why you would want your wife to fuck someone else. There are lots of reasons. I love to see my wife cum. That exhilarating bliss of cumming is fab. Why limit your wife experiences of orgasms to just you. Each orgasm with each partner in life is different. |I might buy my wife presents or spa days or lingeries and sex toys. But what could be better than a sensual passionate guy who wants to get his dick in you.

My wife is my favourite porn star. Not only do I get to fuck you. But I also got to watch a live 3D show with you as the star and got to film it.

There was something else. About taking part in a taboo subject. Something you can’t talk about with your friends and family. My wife is prim and proper in their eyes, but really a cock hungry slut. The experience was fantastic.

I went through an array of emotions. That first time, there was some remnants of jealousy, but at the same time moments of joy. Seeing the woman you love so much, having so much fun.

It also satisfied my fantasy. My wife took to the occasion with enthusiasm. I was thrilled that you became so selfish and devoted to cumming that at times I was forgotten.

We sat on the bed in a hotel room together with Matt sat opposite on a sofa. We made some small talk. I then started kissing you and rubbing your tits. Just doing that with a guy watching was a turn on.

Then he sat next to you on the bed.

I was snogging you and he rubbed your leg and you rubbed his. Then that beautiful moment came where you decided that you no longer wanted to kiss your hubby, but wanted to kiss this new man. You turned your head away form me, and I was the gooseberry

I grabbed the video camera

You both stood and your hands worked their way into each other pants.

My lovely milf and faithful wife, parted her legs. You were kissing so passionately, and I could hear your wet fanny as he rubbed on your clit. Within a minute, you were cumming. I was so aroused.

I remember the gasp and how you bit your lip when he got his cock out. Probably 2 inches bigger than my cock.

You were on your back in just your sexy lingerie, and he was licking your pussy

He made you cum again. I was so excited. My wife was in a different place. He said to you

“ You’ve got a lovely wet pussy” and you replied. “ She’s been waiting for you all day”

I love it when you talk dirty. I loved listening to you talk to him, as the afternoon progressed.

You don’t expect a well respected business woman and your wife to be saying

“ I want you to fuck me now”

“God that is so hard”

“Make me cum”

“I want to sit on it”

I watched as you threw yourself into the experience. You din’t give a fuck about anything, other than getting shafted and cumming.

I was playing with my cock as I watched. I joined in sometimes to give him a break or for you to have two cocks at once.

He was fucking you an about to cum and you told him to cum on your tits.

He obliged and shot his load over your ample breasts. It was lovely to watch how you were so excited, as he rubbed it in with his knob.

Then you sat back on the bed, and wanked with your vibrator. Your tits glazed with his cum. It dribbling slowly done your curved bosom.

I remember you kneeling and wanking on his cock with it in your mouth. You were like a woman possessed.

I was so turned on. You fucked him some more before we finished.

You enjoyed it so much, that the following week, he fucked you again.

That was the first guy. We’ve had some more adventures since then. All of them fun.

I’d like another session like that with you my darling wife. There is a guy on here with a bigger cock. He’s seen your pictures and wants to fuck you.

He said to me, “ Your wife is beautiful, such a gorgeous lady and with the kind of body I love. I would love to share my long hard cock with her. If she wants to be treat like a lady, I can do that. If she wants to feel like a slut, I can do that. I would love to stretch her tight little pussy. Make her nipples rock hard. She can cum all over my face as she sits on it. I promise her a night to remember as I slide my shaft in and out of her. You can sit in the corner and watch whilst I pleasure her. I can meet you in a hotel, or you can come to my place. I will bend her over in the kitchen and screw her from behind. She can suck my cock on the sofa as we drink beer. I’ll take her to my bed to give her a seeing too. If she wants, you can come upstairs too. If you don’t like the sound of my place. I’ll meet you in a hotel, Buy her a drink and chat her up. I’ll finger fuck her in the lift as you take the stairs. I can be submissive or dominant, she calls the shots. You are lucky to have a wife so beautiful. I will just cross my fingers that she likes the look of my body.”

So my beautiful Kent MILF. What do you say?

Love you x