Written by Woody

3 Feb 2011

I suppose it had to happen eventually. For years on isolated occasions; I have put on some of my wifes clothes, had an enjoyable wank and then got on with stuff. This was one of those occasions, the first time in the new house in fact. My wife and daughter away overnight.

So there I was at least a size 18 in a womans world, in June's size12 pleated mini, zip undone, red 6 strap suspender belt supported by elastic bands to fasten it, finished off with red knickers also too tight and tan stockings, what a sight I must have looked.

Mid afternoon by myself so I thought.

Downstairs I closed the blinds in the sitting room preparing for a nice wank, turning to close the door. I am confronted by my neighbour, a middle aged lady, quite smart, who I get on with very well. To put in mildly she looked surprised, got only knows what she was thinking, but to her credit what she actually said, was “Well what have we got here !” I think I said something like its not what it seems, and made for the stairs, but she stood in front of me and said “ I think we will have to sort this out.” She led me upstairs into up into our bedroom, where she began to examine all of June's clothes, both in the wardrobes and her drawers, skirts, blouses, knickers, bra's even commenting on junes selection of suspender belts.

I just stood there mute, but with an enormous erection big enough to push out the front of June's little skirt, something not missed by Irene the neighbour.

Turning to me she said that I had better do something about it, pointing to the bed but clearly meaning it was down to me. The next five minutes were painful trying to come while being watched by a now amused Irene, try as I might nothing happened although I was rock hard.

Impatience must have taken over as she reached across, pulled june's underwear clear of my cock and with a few swift strokes made me explode messily over the skirt and suspender belt, normally I am very careful not to mark things.

After a swift clean up, she decided that I was to have to stop using June's stuff, and that she would supervise some purchases, despite my protests, silenced simply by her suggesting that June would find out.

We spent the next two hours in the town, visiting shops, after Irene had me draw out £150 cash which she steadily spent. I cant tell you how embarrassing it is to have a female buy knickers that clearly are not for her, even putting a suspender belt up against me in the shop.

On my return I was the owner of a white and pink pair of full knickers, a pale pink suspender belt with long frilled straps, a blue elastic waisted skirt and a white camisole top along with a cardigan.

Shoes are to be bought via the internet !

Irenes husband was away for a few days with relatives, so our return to her house, involved me trying on the outfit and remaining in it for several hours. Once again I was unable to prevent my cock from making itself seen while sitting on the couch, but this time on seeing my predicament, Irene simply lifted the skirt and took hold of my throbbing cock through the knickers and with no more than five or six movements of her hand I was again shooting my load into them.

I have no idea of her motives or what she might want, sex doesnt seem to be it ?

That evening in bed I went over and over what had happened, the clothes left with Irene, for the future I imagine, she never asked for anything, but did say that she would want me to be available on occasions. What have I done.