7 Oct 2019

(I'm writing this 'live' as it were directly into the SH website, not on a word processor beforehand, so first off apologies for any typos - I'm sure there will be at least a few :) Also this was quite a few years ago so although a true story I am relaying through years of memory, and memory is an unreliable witness so it's probably not 100% spot on but in the interest of making it a good tale (I hope) rather than something devoid of details, I have just run with what my memory tells me e.g. I might have got colour of her clothes wrong, of the time of night, or exactly what either of us said etc. So let's say 95% of the true story because the important bits (what happened) are as I write it below.)

Here's one from the history book (maybe one day I will write my erotic memoirs - won't have hundreds of stories but at least 20-30 really good ones ha!)

In 2008 I had an unforgettable experience with a woman around my age (mid 30s at the time) who I can only assume got a huge thrill out of meeting strangers with limited contact beforehand for one-off erotic experiences. I tend to prefer a social meeting or at least an intended social meeting with an 'open end' should both/all parties want to take it further, but basically a fair bit of exchange in advance. Back in my early to mid 30s I was having fairly regular meetings, once a month maybe on average, sometimes more often, with women and sometimes couples; certainly a lot more than these days ha! And I admit about half the women were not single but it was what it was and I was what I was (whatever you want to call me is alright lol)

I remember it was late on in the year, probably around this time, October, the nights were drawing in early and there was a nip in the air I remember. But to rewind a bit and start from the beginning I had contacted her by leaving her a voice message on a telephone dating 'site', one of those premium rate numbers where you leave a quick message and your mobile number, or used to before 'everyone' got on the internet and got a smartphone :) I had met a few local women (and some not local too - one from South Africa but that's a tale for another time!) using it and had enjoyed a mix of late-night spontaneous 'quickies' (less than an hour say), longer pre-arranged sessions and some overnights at hotels or at my place or their place, oh and my fair share of 'no shows' or we just didn't get past first base (usually they didn't fancy me but occasionally I didn't fancy them, well when I say occasionally I can only think of 3 off the top of my head, many more didn't fancy me or got cold feet)

This sounds awful but I don't remember her name, and I think actually we might not have even swapped names. When she called me I remember I was caught quite off guard and was preparing for my 'seduction talk' but she cut straight through it to the point as in something like 'I'm horny as hell, can you meet tonight?' so I agreed though I admit I was a bit cautious as I my overactive imagination thought about some kind of scam where you meet the woman and some geezer nicks your car while you're busy... ok, paranoid! So all I knew was her basic description and age, when and where to meet (not far for either of us to go based on where she said she lived) and that she had an estate car for us to play in. I had a few hours so I had a shower, made myself presentable but dressed quite plainly and 'easy access' in jeans and a jumper, no boxers or t-shirt, and I was really rather fit from cycling so I don't mind saying I thought it was a 'dead cert' considering how horny she was.

I was early at the large and empty gravel car park opposite the recreation centre. I parked facing the way out, just in case (def paranoid!) and she was a bit late, I had resisted contacting her and was deciding whether to just go home and put ir down to a wind-up when a car entered the car park, headlights in my face (not such a good idea to park facing the only exntrace/exit after all!) and it slowly came towards my car over the gravel and then parked beside me but a little bit away. I got my night-vision back after the dazzle as the engine of the other car stopped and I could see that there was just a woman alone in the car, unless someone was lying down in the back. I got out but didn't approach the other car, it was a big old Peugeot (I think) estate, really pretty huge actually, and I waited next to my car watching the other person. After maybe 10-20 seconds she got out and walked around her car so I walked slowly towards here smiling. She was not a stunning model or anything but then neither was (or am) I, she was attractive though with an average build, curves, wearing jeans and I actually can't remember her top but she would have had a jacket on anyway at that point. We said hi and she pretty much said that this car park was just to meet with it being open so she could check me out and see I was alone etc. so I admitted I had thought the same thing! She said jump in and we'll go to the clover leaf car park instead. I was hesitant about leaving my car so I said I'll follow you, so we went off in a mini convey, drove the 30 seconds or past the recreation centre to the clover leaf car park which was a collection of circles coming off a main 'stem' which is one-way, and it's all surrounded by bushes. It's a very quiet spot and we didn't see any other cars or people but then didn't expect to on a weekday night. I parked close to her car and as I got out and locked mine she was busy dropping the back seats in hers - they folded backwards into the estate/boot area, not forwards as in hatchbacks, which made for a reasonable sized flat and cushioned 'bed' which she threw a big open sleeping bag over and told me to take my shoes off and get in. I wasn't going to refuse!

With the doors shut and us lying side by side, like shy teenagers, the windows soon steamed up from our small-talk but she wasn't there for talk and she said something like "it's quite chilly can I warm my hands on you?" and without waiting for an answer put a hand onto my chest (my jumper) and then down to my jeans where I could feel I was already getting a hard-on, but she stopped at the belt and instead slid her hand up inside my jumper, her hand was a little bit cold and I started but we laughed and that was the ice broken really as she rolled over half on top of me and we began snogging like mad, we both had pent up passion and it poured out, it was steamy (and not just the windows!) and she was not hanging about, had my jumper up over my head and off within minutes and was kissing my neck, throat, my chest, sucking on my nipples even, and I thought to myself 'surely this is what I should be doing!' but it was damn good and my cock was rock hard already (and if you've seen my pics, my private pics, you know what I mean) as her lips moved down my body and she quickly got my jeans unfastened and unzipped, commented about me not wearing any undies (in a good way) and yanked my jeans down to my knees as I shuffled up to make room for her as she moved down.

This was all within about 5 minutes of her putting her hand up my jumper and her was on her knees bent over and licking my rock hard thick shaft and cupping my balls and telling me how lovely my cock was and how big my balls were - pretty much all the things you want to hear so she was definitely no stranger to doing this I realised. I remember looking at her licking my erect cock with one hand feeling my balls and the other pressing on my chest to steady herself as she leaned over me then her pursed lips pushed onto the head of my cock and she pushed down on it keeping them close together, and my god what a feeling as my cock pushed between her tight lips and her tongue started flicking over my piss-hole. I closed my eyes and let the hot feeling of pleasure run through my body and head, and the tingles down my spine and legs as she expertly sucked just the head of my cock, all the time using ger tongue tip on it. She hadn't even wanked my shaft and I felt like I was going to burst so I tried to stay calm and didn't say much. She asked if I was ok, I said yes it's just amazing I don't want to cum but she laughed and said something like 'don't hold back, enjoy it, cum in my mouth, I want it and then it's your turn to please me' and with that she wrapped her lips around my cock again, now I wasn't feeling cold at all even mostly naked, and I reached out and felt her ample peach arse through her tight jeans as she started to bob up and down on my cock, taking about half the shaft inside her mouth on the downstroke, her tongue caressing me in her mouth and her teeth lightly sliding against my shaft which was now as big as it's ever been and like an iron bar!

I knew I couldn't last, I really wanted to be 'a real man' and enjoy this for 10 minutes but it had probably been about half that she'd had my floating on cloud 99 of tortuous pleasure and I managed to get out 'Oh fuck I'm gonna cum!' just a couple of seconds before I shot my load really hard inside her mouth, not much warning at all! She didn't stop bobbing and started gently squeezing my balls too and brought her hand off my chest onto my shaft to wank it while I was cumming, I have to say without any exageration it was fucking magical and my orgasm was a proper explosion in the head kind and I squirmed and bucked my hips as she milked me and squeezed my balls rythumically. All I could so was groan and swear and swear some more and kick my heels until my orgasm passed and I reach down and stopped her wanking my shaft. She 'cleaned me up' with her tongue and I could see she had swallowed the lot! Magnificent!

It was such an extraordinary experience, having that done by a complete stranger within minutes of meeting, it was partly the excitement and 'risk' but mostly her talent, and I felt drained even though I'd done nothing! For a few seconds I had the guilty idea to tell her I had to go so I could go and have a rest, but that quickly passed as I realised she was slowly wanking me hard again, and I'm a quick repeater so my libido spring back into life. I thought she wanted me to eat her pussy from what she had said about 'your turn to please me' but when she saw I was quickly getting hard she took off her top and was wearing a white lacy bra, underwired, 'half-cup' with her biggish boobs (I guess a D cup) almost on show. I wanted to get at them, god did I, but she rolled onto her back and started to take her tight jeans off, I help help get them down her legs and off (inside out now as happens!) and she had (I guess matching) white lacy knickers, not tiny little things but not Bridgette Jones specials, sexy in a 'classy' way, so as I said I was ready to go down on her and started the trick movement in the back of the estate to get in position but she said ' lie back.'

I did as told and she swung her leg over me and straddled my abdomen, my hard cock standing erect up against the back of her knickers and pressing between her arse cheeks as she rolled back and forth on me, but at least now I could get at those tits, and she made it easy leaning over me, I took hold, her body was very warm now with really soft skin, she was quite pale skinned, not one for sunbathing, and I squeezed those tits through her bra as she smiled - I think she did enjoy it but more enjoyed the effect on me rather than direct pleasure for her, looking back she was getting me fully turned on again so she could fuck me but at the time I thought that wasn't going to happen until after a lot more foreplay and her pussy on my face. I was wrong... but not disappointed! Her hands were pressing on my shoulders, supporting her, then she lowered herself down and those twin globes of gorgeousness pressed into my face, my nose slipped between them and my face was already hot and flushed but more so now as I reached behind her and to my surprise got the tricky bra clasp undone first time. The full weight of her tits on my face was lovely and somehow got the bra up out of the way and started to kiss and suck while she rested on her elbows either side of my head, her naked thighs warm either side of my body. She smelled gorgeous, I don't know what the perfume was but it must have been expensive! Her nipples didn't get all that hard no matter how I sucked and nibbled and squeezed but she made the right noises and then said into my ear 'now close your eyes and think of nice things.' I'll never forget those words, I though them a strange thing to say to me, and maybe they had just come to her out of nowhere. She leaned back up and lifted up to get my cock under her, leaning to one side with her other hand she took hold of my cock and it suddnely dawned on me I had no condom on. I quicky told her but she smiled and then I realised she knew of course and she said again softly 'close your eyes and think of nice things' but I couldn't close my eyes, I wasn't sure what to do, I'd always used condoms (except in relastionships) but I just kind of lay there open mouthed and watched as she slide the gusset of her white lacy knickers to one side and I could just make out the hair on her mound of venus, but I didn't stop her as she guided my throbbing cock between her labia and inside her, and she slid down on me easily all the way - she was very wet and just a 'nice fit' not super tight (but I guessed from the faint stretchmarks on her stomach she'd had a kid/s) and it hit me then that this was her goal. I protested (but not very hard I admit!) that I didn't want to get her pregnant (thankfully I wasn't so stupid to say 'I don't want an STI or AIDS' even though that suddenly came to mind) but she quicky countered with 'the pill' while moving around on my groin and pressing down pushing me as deep as possible - and the head of my cock could not go any deeper I tell you! And so the unexpected happened, the unplanned, and this stranger who I'd met maybe half an hour ago started riding me bareback, just rocking back and forth not up and down. And I did what she said, I closed my eyes and thought of nice things (well, filthy things) and I fucking loved it. With my eyes closed I reached along her thighs and stroked them as she slide back and forth, my hard cock being forced against its natural straight up erection. I moved my hands up over her full curvy hips, up the sides of her body with my fingertips and this seemed to work for her and I heard her gasping and her hands took hold of mine and moved them to her tits. Now her nipples were very hard and very large, well they felt very large, and I rolled them between finger and thumb as she carried on her tantric-like movements over my groin, back and forth, around in circles, side to side, all the time my cock staying in the same place inside her as if anchoring her to me. It was fantastic and I felt like I could last a hell of a long time as I wasn't sliding in and out, wasn't getting the 'normal' frictious movements. I don't know how long we did that, or I should say how long she did that, but it felt like a long time, as if in a sexual trance.

When I did open my eyes it took a second to focus, blinking, it was dark outside yes but the car park has a few tall lights so the woman on top of me was like half in shadow and half in the light, but it was quite dim. I'd opened my eyes in response to her stopping her movements on me. She let out a sudden laugh and said her knees hurt, I laughed too and helped her off, she rolled onto her back and let out a long sigh saying something like 'oh god that feels fantastic, just keeping the pleasure going, but I really need to cum!' and she spread her legs invitingly, she didn't need to say anything else. I got straight on top, good old fashioned missionary, slide straight back into her wet pussy first time and she wrapped her legs around me and locked her ankles round again as if to make it plain I wasn't moving until she was satisfied. My cock was still hard but was no longer in that 'sensitive' stage after having been massaged insider her warm wet pussy, so I had no trouble actually getting going straight away and pounded her with long strokes at a slow pace. 'No, go for it' she said and pulled my head down to her, kissing me hard on the mouth then my throat again as I leaned on my elbows and redoubled my efforts, ploughing her like a steam piston as deep as I could while keeping the pace up, bouncing off her lower body (she'd gave bruises the next day I bet) but keeping my scrotum relaxed as my cock was hard enough with me squeezing my buttocks together and I wanted her to orgasm before I did, maybe a bit of 'male pride' haha. Thankfully this was working a treat for her and she sank her teeth into my shoulder giving me a love bite as I slammed in and out, moving up slowly further and further up the make-do bed, her head approaching the inside of the rear opening estate door. The sleeping bag was just a tangled mess but we were both hot and sweating, the slight pain from her lovebite was delicious and I could feel my tension building so I just went for it, squeezed my arse cheeks and fucked her while I panted and the sweat dripped off my brow, and her fingers dug into my back then my arse as I felt her body stiffening and her legs gripping mine hard, her teeth let go of my shoulder and she let out a low loud moan from between clenched teeth, no scream or squeal, just this animal moan as her orgasm seemed to hit her like a wall of water, smashing into her then crashing around and over her - she stayed stiff for a good few seconds while her pussy gripped my cock then rolled her head side to side and dug her fingertips hard into my arse cheeks (good job she didn't have long nails!) while the low moan came on and off between deep breaths.

I could have stopped, I wasn't right on the edge, I could have stopped and pulled out, but that was a million miles from my mind and I pounded on relentlessly as she came beneath me, squirming but unable to move, her legs kicking free of mine, and I just rode her right through it selflishly, feeling my balls tighten, pumping the last few strokes slower and harder and then cumming heavily myself inside her, I felt a lot of hot spunk squirt out and around my cock, more than I expected after her earlier milking of my balls. I shouted, probably fuck or shit or both, kept pumping slowly into her, no guilt, my brain on fire, my balls on fire, my cock suddenly felt quite tender and after I'd stopped jerking I withdrew and rolled off her onto my back, take long deep breaths, feeling my pulse pounding heavy in me throat and chest, hearing it inside my head. When I looked over she was still on her back, legs together, one hand between her thighs, the other over her eyes as if shielding herself. I asked if she was ok. Her abdomen and chest were rising up and down with her breathing but after a short while she moved her hand from her eyes and reached over to me and found one of mine to take hold of. It oddly felt more intimate than what we'd just done. She said something like 'fuuuuck me' and giggled. I got the giggles too, more of a uncontrollable spurt of giggling really.

I don't want this to turn into an epic so just to say I did eat her pussy after that (and yes my cum was in her) and so we both got to cum twice which was nice, it felt like a 'draw' if that makes sense. I remember when we pulled our clothes on and got out of her car it was really cold and the sweat on my body felt gross turning cold. She smoked a cigarette, I hadn't expected that either but it was somehow fitting, like you see on TV or film, the post-sex ciggie ha! There wasn't much to say, and I'm glad we didn't say much, it was a unique evening, probably 2 hours at the most, and some of the details are very vivid to me, and some are more like emotions and smells and sounds than images. We went out separate ways without even a kiss goodbye. It wasn't at all romantic but it was very intimate. And it was an inforgettable one-off with a stranger.

"Close your eyes and think nice things..."

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