Written by analalan

16 Apr 2008

Lisa had a house warming party, the place was rocking, only thing is CATHY was on nights, Lisa talked to me afew times but she was the host so she was talking to everyone, She said that i could stay on the sofa, if i wanted to, due to her best mate SUE staying in the spare room, i said that would be fine, i tried to get her alone a few times, in the bathroom, but with the bath been full of wine and beer,it was hard,the party came to an end in the early hours,everyone was going home , but i had a drive so i stayed, i crashed out on the sofa , and there was another guy asleep on the chair.Lisa came down with a sleeping bag and i pulled it over me , she climbed in besides me and we talked while the guy snored, we started kissing and i undid her jeans and slipped them down with her panties, and finger fucked her hairy pussy, we had to be quiet trying not to wake the sleeping guy up, she soon had my jeans down and was wanking my cock, i climbed on to and slid it into her pussy, i fucked her, soon her pussy was so wet i was slipping out, i looked at her, she knew what i had in mind , she bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes, i placed my knob at her bum hole and pushed, she throw her head back as my cock slipped up her bum ,i again started to fuck her slow, still trying not to wake the sleeping guy, but her arse was so tight i was soon building up to cum , has i came in her bum i said in her ear \\\" HERES YOUR HOUSE WARMING PRESENT\\\". I slipped out and we dressed under the sleeping bag , she kissed me good night and left for bed.I woke up needing a pee , and the sleeping guy had gone.I got back on the sofa, when Lisa walked in ,in her nightie, she went to the toilet and came back with a coffee, she slipped in besides me and we started to do some heavy petting, soon we fell off the sofa and onto the floor, i was undressed and her nightie was off in seconds, i was soon up her pussy with her saying FASTER and DEEPER, i turned her over onto all 4s and was soon banging away at her pussy, just then the door opened and in walked SUE,\\\"DONT MIND ME \\\" she said, LISA cried out OH GOD and tried to hide her head under her hands.SUE looked at me fucking her mate, my cock going in and out of her mates pussy, she watched for a short while and started to walk off, i grabbed her leg to stop her, LISA still hiding her face under her hands, i took my cock out of her pussy and let SUE see how big and wet it was, then i placed it on LISAs bumhole and pushed it up in one go, OH YES came out of LISA and i fucked her bum again, i said i was cumming and shot some of my cum up her bum, pulling out to finish cumming up LISAs bum crack , i fell back on the floor, SUE looking at my spent cock and looking at LISAs bum covered with spunk and with spunk dripping out of her bum hole, she then walked off to the toilet and was gone for a while, she knocked on the door before coming back in the room and asked if we were dressed i laught and told her it was ok LISA was up stairs getting cleaned up, .......she gave me a smile as she walked passed..