Written by studleygudshag

4 Jul 2011

I should have posted this a few months ago when it happened but time flies when you're busy.

Angie and I had just finished a meal at John's (divorced and single) when we retired to his lounge to continue drinking wine. She sat next to John on his sofa whilst I sat opposite on an armchair.

During the relaxing chit chat Angie seemed to be sliding slightly forwards revealing the tops of her stockings as her black dress rode upwards. Unusually for Angie, she had a black thong on (she normally goes commando) and I had a brilliant view from my position right up between her legs.

John by now was leaning into Angie and had his left hand on her tummy slowly stroking down to her hip and back up just stopping short of her left breast. She had no bra on and I could see the effect this was having by the way her nipples were standing to attention.

I announced that I needed the loo and exited the room. On my return I didn't re-enter the room but instead, peeped through the crack in the door. Wow! John had Angies right tit in his left hand and her left tit in his mouth sucking furiously on her nipple.

They'd wasted no time in dropping the top of her dress to get these two beauties out for some attention. My prick was so hard I had to release it from my trousers and slowly wank away at this lovely sight!

Pretty soon John's left hand had moved down towards Angies thong, slipped uderneath, over her hairy mound and found her soaking wet hole as she opened her legs to give him full access. Although hidden by the cloth I coud see he had two maybe three fingers inside her making her squirm with delight.

I was so close to cumming I had to stop wanking. So I decided at that point to re-enter the room, cock in hand and sat back down to enjoy the view.

Angie looked at me and smiled, she was in heaven knowing that I fully consent to all this going on. John then moved off the sofa and pulled Angies thong to one side before burying his head straight ino her lovely wet hole.

She moaned with delight as he brought her to orgasm with his skilfull tongue. Soon after, his trousers were down and he was shafting her for all he was worth.

Angie raised her legs high and he held them there while he pounded into her, all the time I'm sat there grinning and wanking as she climaxed again quickly followed by him shooting his load into her pussy.

His cock went limp and slipped out, dribbling spunk onto the sofa John moved to one side.

I wasted no time in taking his place, removing Angie's thong to reveal her soaking pussy, gaping wide with spunk oozing from it. I'd never had sloppy seconds before and the feeling was amazing as my cock slipped into her so easily. Silky smooth with a mixture of John's spunk and Angie's fanny juices. I rode her hard, the sloppy noises were fantastic and I just couldn't get enough of it, Angie came to a very loud orgasm squezzing my arse and pulling me hard into her like a woman possessed, I'd never seen her like this before and banged her as hard and fast as I could.

After she came I picked her up still embedded on my prick and sat back down on the sofa with her straddling me. John got behind her and started to massage hir tits. This set her off again like a firework. She rode me like she was on a horse and was so wet down there my whole belly was soaking with her juices.

She leant forward and kissed me long and hard then whispered "I'm cummimg and I want you to now" So I did. It was one hell of a moment, she just seemed to be cummig and cumming relentlessly as I shot my load deep inside her. I don't think I've ever cum so much and how John managed to hold on to her tits I'll never know!

Angie flopped forward onto my chest exhausted, and, as my cock went limp and slipped out of her, John slipped his hand into her well fucked hole from behind and scooped up the juices massaging them into her backside. With that Angie sighed and said she didn't want anymore, it was fantastic but she needed to clean herself up and have a glass of wine.

We didn't stay the night (I hadn't drank too much so could still drive home) and we dropped into bed and went staraight to sleep. In the morning though...we were at it again!

That was a few months ago and we've been too busy to repeat the experience, but this week we aren't so busy and we've prompted John for another get together......tee hee.