Written by satisfied

18 Oct 2010

Well the weekend came and went and what a weekend!

Started on Friday, when Lewis arrived around 4.30pm, carrying an overnight bag. Ann lety him in and kissed him and he went into the lounge whilst I took his bag upstairs to our marital bedroom. When I came down Ann and Lewis were chatting, talking about Lewis day at work etc, just idle chit chat. Ann had already prepared dinner and so I offered Lewis a beer before dinner. Well, we had dinner, like it was just a friend of the family staying over. After dinner Ann said that she was going to prepare Lewis a bath as she was sure that he would like to freshen up after work. So off she went to run the bath whilst me and Lewis chatted, I asked him if he was looking forward to this weekend, he said sure he was. Yeah I am sure he was too, and to be honest I was too. But it did seem that maybe I was the one who was nervous about it all rather than Ann and Lewis.

Anyway Ann came down dressed in her bathrobe and said that the bath was ready and she would show Lewis up to the bedroom. So off they went and alittle later I heard the bathroom door close, followed by some giggling and splashing of water. They must have been in the bathroom for getting on a hour before I heard the door open and footsteps into the bedroom. I crept upstairs, standing in the doorway I could see Ann and Lewis in the bedroom, both had towels wrapped around them. Ann then undid her towel and let it drop to the floor, climbed on the bed, opening her legs slightly I heard her ask Lewis top dry her off. Lewis grabbed his towel and tugged at it. It fell to the floor and I let out a small gasp. That must have been why they had been in the bathroom so long, because Lewis was stood at the end of the bed, his cock and balls were completely shaven, which made his cock look even larger than I remembered it. His balls looked menacingly big, dark compared to the whiteness of his cock. The circumcised head look massive. Lewsi climbed on the bed next to Ann, his arms pulled her close and they started kissing whilst his hands moved over her body gently rubbing her soft skin. I moved into the room a little more so I could continue to see, Ann was gasping and moaning softly, as they kissed. Ann's legs parted, I could see her pussy glistening and pink and smooth. Lewis gently got between her legs, taking hold of his cock he positioned that huge head against Ann's opening, as their tounges entwined Lewis gently pushed and I saw the shaft of his cock dissapear into Ann's pussy. Ann let out a deep moan from deep inside her, as Lewis pushed all the way into her. Once he was buried deep into her he slowly started to thrust. Continually kissing, Ann's hads caresssed Lewis back, her fingers digging into his arse cheeks as Lewis continued to slowly and gently thrust into Ann. It then dawned on me that this wasnt fucking.. it was making love, it was gentle, caring, passionate. Ann was loving it, I watched as her toes curled as an orgasam cascaded through her body followed by another. I realised that the condoms Ann had bought werent being used and this made me smile. They continued like this for about 10 minutes before I saw Lewis bite Ann's lip as he started to shoot his sperm deep into Ann. Ann started to clutch at the bed sheets as a huge orgasam hit her, Lewis thrust in one last time and stayed in deep, his arse cheeks twitching as obviously he fired shot after shot of spunk deep into my wife. They laid still for ages afterwards, with Lewis buried deep in Ann. When they decided to move I watched awestruck as Lewis slowly withdrew his semi-hard cock, its shaft shiney and glistening, and as the head was withdrawn Ann twitched and what seemed like a spurt but was obviously just a huge drip of spunk flowed out of Ann's pussy, flowed by a steady flow. There seemed to be loads. Laying next to Ann, her hand just stroked his softening cock, a very contented look on her face as she said "that was fantastic". I entered the room and said "that really sure was". Ann asked if I had been watching all the time and I said yes. She looked a little annoyed, maybe it was because I had seen them making love rather than fucking. Anyway the look soon dissappeared and she put her had down and said, look theres so much. By now a huge wet mark had appeared on the sheet and cum was dripping down Ann's thighs onto her buttocks. Ann saw me looking and noidded, I took it that she must have been reading my mind, so I climbed onto the bed, pusheda finger followed by another into her pussy. It went in easily and my fingers were coated with sticky cum. I got between her legs and pushed my face up against her thighs, smelt the odour of sex on her, then poked out my tongue and licked her pussy lips. Then again, the first real taste of man's seed, I licked at her clit which made her shudder, obviously sensitive still.As she shuddered a blob ouzed out of her which I licked up. Then pulling her open I stuck my tongue in deep, lapping at her spunky pussy. Ann's was caressing Lewis cock throughout this and signs of life started to emerge. Ann asked me if I wanted Lewis to fuck her again, again I thought, the first time wasnt fucking, it was too gently for that. This young lad had just made love to MY wife in OUR bed. But I wasnt complaining! I nodded, so Ann said that I will have to help Lewis get ready for her, looked at Lewis and grinned. I was sure that by the look of them that this was something they may have discussed previously.Lewis sat up and moved towards me, Ann took hold of my head and guided me towards his cock, as Lewis pushed nearer, a bit of fear entered my head but when I smelt the mixed juices on his cock and saw the rements of spunk on the shaft and balls I just naturally opened my mouth, licked the head and then the shaft then just attempted my first blow job. Ann told me to take it steady, dont rush. Then I felt Lewis hands on my head as he held me still and he just started to fuck my mouth. I could feel the viens of his cock against my lips and tongue. I could feel his cock growing in my mouth. It was a strange feeling but one that was also erotic. The head of his cock felt so silky smooth then I felt a feeling down below, I knew what was gonna happen, and my cock started to spurt as I came all over the sheets. Ann burst out laughing at this, Lewis pulled out, flipped Ann over onto all fours, pushed two fingers into her gaping pussy coating his fingers then smeared his fingers over her arse, slipping afinger gently into her anus. He then reached over to the beside cabinet took hold of the tube of lube, unscrewed the cap, taking a good wad of lube onto his palm he massaged it over the head and shaft of his cock. Oh boy my eyes widdened, I knew what was coming now. Once he was fully coated he positioned the head of his cock against Ann's anus, the slowly he pushed. Ann's face went red, her hands garbbed the sheets, Lewis stopped pushing, as Ann relaxed her grip on the sheets, then he pushed again, Ann gave a scream, a tear ran down her cheeks as the head of Lewis cock entered her tight arse, all I could see now was the white of his cock shaft, the head completely gone. Lewis stopped pushing again for a bit to allow her to recover before he gently pushed in again, I watched mesmirised as an inch or so went into her, before he stopped, withdrew slightly then pushed another inch into her. All the time, Ann was panting, moaning, her face bright red, obviously hurting her but somehow she was accpting it all. Lewis continued to feed her inch after inch until his stomach was against her arse cheeks. Here he was fully inbedded in my wife. He rose up on his toes as he pushed deeper then he withdrew about half way and the slowly went in again. Slowly at first but wityh each stroke he got faster. Before long I was watching this young man hammering my wifes arse, Ann's head was being pushed into the pillow with force. But by the noises coming from her the pain was now turned into pleasure. She even started to push back onto him. Lewis pace speeded up then he withdrew completely, aimed his cock at Ann's back as I watched him cum over her back. And my god, could he cum still! I watched as the first shot hit her shoulder, another near to the centre of her back then the rest over her arse. As Lewis moved away I caught sight of Ann's anus, it was stretched open still, I reckon I could have easily slipped 2 or 3 fingers into it without her feeling.

The rest of what happened will have to wait for now. And I will continue this tale later.

And for those who asked after my last post whether I had fucked Debbie, well, not yest and to be honest until now I had never given it a thought, but maybe a BBW would be good :-)