Written by Daftrucker

5 Sep 2018

Ann and I recently had a wedding anniversary and decided to take a break away from everything and everyone, we found a very very secluded wood cabin complete with hot tub and naturist friendly, cabin booked car packed etc and if we set for wales.. Ann was in one of her naughty moods as we set off, and was in a lovely summer dress with buttons all up the front, and as usual when she is in one of her naughty moods, was minus bra and pants.

We had barely left Norfolk when she unbuttoned the dress and sat there as good as nude, smiled and said “ well it is Friday so let’s cheer up some truckers as we go”

Several drivers gave her a toot and a flash of lights as we drove along and it sure made the journey easier and a lot of fun.

Having arrived at our little cabin, it was exactly as we had hoped.. pristine clean, very quiet and totally secluded and private. We were shown around by the farmer who owned the place, he was about 50 well built and a cheeky sod. Ann was still in her naughty mood, and while I was given a tour of the place Ann was naked with a glass of wine in hand and headed for the hot tub.. well both the farmer and I smiled as she walked out of the house nude and straight to the tub.

After the farmer left I was soon naked and in there too, I asked why she hadn’t waited til we were alone and her response was “ he kept staring at my tits so I thought I’d show him all just because I can” what could I say..

anyway after about 3 days, Ann suggested I go spend the afternoon fishing the farm pond and see if I had any luck with the fish.. I didn’t need asking twice, collected a rod and net from the farmhouse and off I went.. leaving Ann with a glass and a bottle of wine to enjoy the hot tub in the sunshine ( yes it really was sunshine in wales). The pond isn’t far from our lodge, about 100 yards to be fair. And can be seen from the decking and the hot tub. I was fairly sure I knew Ann was planning something when she sent me fishing so I was discreetly watching the lodge, and after about an hour I was proved right, the farmer turned up and was sat on the edge of the tub chatting away with Ann, I hooked a fish so was not paying attention for a while, when I next looked he was in the hot tub with his back to me, and I couldn’t see Ann at all as he was blocking her from my line of sight. A fair while had gone by when I looked up and saw Ann was clearly sat astride the farmer with her arms round his neck and sharing a rather intense kiss, and judging by her movements I figured she was sat on his cock. After a short while I saw them both climb out of the tub, and head round onto the rear decking area which meant I couldn’t see, so fishing gear was soon being packed away and I quietly made my way back to the lodge, when I sneaked a peek into the rear decking area they were not there, I quietly made my way to the front and could see into the kitchen area, and there was Ann sat on the kitchen table, legs wide and up in the farmers arms, and him fucking away like one of his prize bulls.. Ann saw me and smiled but also made a small gesture with her hand for me to go away, so I left her too it and went back down to the pond.. after what seemed hours, I saw the farmer and Ann come back round by the hot tub, Ann sat down in a recliner and the farmer got dressed and left. He did look down towards the pond but I sat as if I couldn’t see him.

When I walked back up, Ann was lay on the lounger smiling, “ wow he can fuck good” and “ your afternoon snack is ready” then she opened her legs so they fell either side of the lounger, her smooth shaven pussy was red and still had his cum trickling out. Again I didn’t need a second invite, and was soon having cum filled pussy for tea.. Ann told me as I fucked her on the same kitchen table afterwards that the farmer wants to call round later that night for a couple of hours as his wife is out with friends, and Ann has agreed provided I am allowed to sit and watch as he fucks her and uses her for his pleasure.. knowing this was going to happen was enough to tip me over the edge and I unloaded deep in my wife’s pussy.. after we had cleaned up and eaten dinner, Ann went and dressed in her sexiest lingerie and hold up stockings, a pair of heels and then took a glass of wine and sat out on the decking to await her farmer fuck buddy to return..

Seeing her sat outside in just heels and undies had me rock hard again, but I will save it until later...