Written by Mandy

26 Feb 2010

When I was at university I was one of four girls all in our early twenties who shared a house. We were good friends and often had intimate chats about sex and what we'd been up to so there are few secrets between us. This is something that happened on a hot evening in June a few years ago. It has lived with me in gorgeous deatil and I remember the evening vividly.

I was lazing after a busy day when Anna came to me fresh from the bath with just a towel wrapped round her.

“Will you check that I'm totally smooth?” she asked as she dropped the towel showing her smooth pussy that she had just shaved. “Ben's taking me out for dinner tonight and I'm determined he's going to fuck me afterwards. Is this OK?”'

She sat down and opened her legs for me to see. There was not a hint of hair and it looked beautiful. “Good enough to eat!” I said, and gave her a cheeky smile.

“That's what I want - for starters!” she giggled. “Thanks!”

“What are you going to wear for him?” I asked her.

“My red silk dress and a g-string. Nothing else. I'm desperate for his cock. We've had three dates and I've felt it through his trousers and it's pretty big.”

“Lucky old you! You will tell us all about it won't you?”

“Of course! Thanks for your help, Mandy,' she said as she left me. Just before Ben collected Anna she came to see me. 'How do I look?'

She was stunning, beautifully made up with soft shades and glossy lips. Her short silk dress emphasised her body and revealed quite a lot of her boobs. Her perfume was soft but very erotic. She lifted up the hem of her dress to show me a wisp of lace then turned round. Her shapely bum was covered by nothing but the g - string ribbons and made it look all the more tempting.

“Wonderful, I'm sure you'll get what you want! It's a good job it's a warm night!”

The evening passed. I had a shower and tried on a skimpy nightie that I wanted to test on my boyfriend. The other girls came home. Katie went and had a bath, Chloe and I watched some television. Suddenly we heard the front door open. Anna came in flushed and excited, and clearly well fucked. Katie joined us with just a towel round her.

“How was it?” I asked.

“Wonderful! Wonderful!”

“Come on then” said Chloe, “Tell us everything. Every delicious detail”

“He picked me up and took me to a lovely Italian restaurant. Somehow he'd got us a corner table with bench seats so that we were able to sit next to each other. We kept stroking each other's legs - hidden by the cloth - and by the end of the meal his hand was well up under my dress rubbing close to my g -string. When we left we were both on heat.

We got into his car and absolutely fell on each other. He soon found my g -string and pulled it aside. When he felt how smooth I am he gasped and gently caressed me so that I was on the verge of coming. Of course I was feeling his prick and it was huge and rock hard. I moaned and begged him to take me to his house. Whilst he drove we kept trying to fondle each other but had to stop for safety. He stopped the car and we leapt out and were in through the front door in a moment.

Straight away we embraced passionately and I rubbed him He then made me sit about four stairs up, I put my legs over his shoulders and he pulled my g -string off and licked and licked whilst I held his head between my thighs.Soon I was shaking and had an orgasm. He pulled away and took his cock out - it was so hard and so thick. Very yummy - so I was soon sucking hard and teasing him with the tip of my tongue.Suddenly he lifted me up and carried me up the stairs to his bedroom.”

Whilst Anna was telling us about all this I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter and the little panties that I was wearing with the sexy nightie weren't going to hide much. I looked at Chloe who was so engrossed that her towel had dropped from her boobs and her right hand had strayed under it. Chloe was curled up wearing only a silky dressing gown and it was clear from her prominent nipples that she was excited by Anna's description.

“My dress was peeled off me and he sucked my nipples” she continued. “A moment later he was naked and lying on the bed with me on top in a fabulous 69. He tongued me deeply and I managed almost all of his eight inches deep in my throat. I'm glad he shaves! Then I couldn't wait any longer and I swung round and rode him pushing myself down hard and enjoying every inch of his prick as I slid myself down it then rose and and enjoyed it again and again. Suddenly he took control, rolled us over and thrust deep into me as I pushed hard against him. Of course he exploded inside me; hot, hot spunk. But he didn't pull out. We just lay in each other’s arms caressing each other and drooling over the great fuck we'd just had. Gradually, after about twenty minutes, I realised that he was stiffening again and soon he began to gently slide in and out of me again, it was very gentle and very loving.”

“You lucky thing!” said Katie.” Two fucks from the same guy in such a short time!” We all nodded in agreement and I turned and saw that Chloe, who was next to me, had now let her dressing gown fall open and was gently rubbing herself. Katie's towel slipped revealing her beautiful pussy and she began to pleasure herself staring at Anna as she did so. I moved closer to Chloe and I pulled my little panties aside began to rub myself. Anna's vivid description was turning us all on and we couldn't help ourselves.

“Why didn't you stay the night with this wonderful lover?” asked Katie.

“I would have, but he's catching a plane early tomorrow, so he brought me back. On the way he suddenly stopped in a secluded spot and said he had to say good night to me. We began to kiss and turned each other on again. In no time his fingers were stroking my clitty, my juices started to run and I was just dribbling and so I begged him to fuck me again. We moved to the back seat and he slid into me for the third time and filled me again; he just seems to have lots of hot spunk!”

By now Chloe and I were rubbing each other, and Katie was kneeling on the floor in front of Anna.” You mean you've only just been fucked?” Katie blurted out. Anna nodded.

“Show us, show us” Katie whispered. All that could be heard was Chloe and me pleasuring each other as Anna slowly pulled up her dress to reveal he perfectly hairless cunt. She stared straight at us as she then pulled her lips open to reveal her pink inner flesh wet and gleaming with spunk.

“Beautiful, beautiful!” whispered Katie. “May I ....?” she didn't finish the sentence.

“Of course you can” Anna huskily replied.

Katie just lent forward and began to savour and lick at the gorgeous spunky cunt that Anna presented. This was too much for us, Chloe and I rubbed each other as we watched our friends enjoying themselves. Katie began by licking delicately tasting Anna's juices and the ozzing spunk. She even turned her face to us and showed us the mixture on her tongue which she then slid round her lips. Next Katie plunged her head into Anna and licked her deeply for what seemed an age. Anna whimpered in delight and then Chloe and I couldn't hold back any longer. We had our legs wide open and faced each other showing off our intimacy and then rubbed ourselves to orgasm just as Anna nearly screamed in delight. At last Katie pulled away, flushed pink with excitement, eyes sparkling and looking incredibly sexy.

“Fuck! I need fuck!” she wailed.

I dashed from the room returning seconds later with a double dildo and pushed it into her wet slit as deep as I could, and then pushed the other end into my dripping cunt. Together we thrust at each other enjoying the sexual excitement as the other girls watched. In a few minutes we were both moaning in delight as our orgasms built up. Seconds later we both squealed in delight and then collapsed, satisfied at last! So it wasn't only Anna who had a great night - we all did!