Written by Andy

27 Dec 2016

My wife and I have always had a very good sex life, she is 36 I'm 43 she is a size 8 with an awesome body ( I have some pics ) We have always talked about her fucking someone else but it seemed to stay fantasy for us both until recently, we went to London for the weekend for our anniversary as we usually do, we were out for a meal on the first night, the food was good and the drink flowed she is a terrible flirt when she's had a drink which always turns me on.

We went to a club after the meal, the music was good and there were people everywhere my wife always likes to go commando when she's out and she was wearing a tight very short black dress suspenders and heels, I went to get drinks and she headed straight for the dance floor when I got back she was dancing with a group of guys all trying to cop a feel she let them touch her arse but that was it, she saw me and came over, I said she had a few admirers and did she fancy any of them she said mmmm the one with jeans and tight t shirt and she gave me a wink, I asked if she wanted to fuck him she just smiled and went back over, a few minutes later she came back with him and said we were all going back to the hotel.

Once back in the room she told me to pour us all some drinks, she walked over to our new friend and kissed him his hands all over her body she stopped and let him undress her, my cock was harder than ever and I had to let him out and I slowly started to wank my rock hard cock, she looked over at me smiled then she got to her knees and undid his jeans and freed his massive cock, she opened her mouth and started to suck him and play with his balls, she was rubbing her bald pussy and I could see she was really wet and needed fucking.

He laid her on the bed and put his head between her legs, licked her pussy and playing with her tits, I got undressed and put my cock in her mouth it was amazing watching some one enjoy my wife, he got up and put the tip of his cock at the entrance to my wife's pussy and he slowly pushed his length into her she moaned and held his hips he started fucking her hard and fast her tits bobbing around, he flipped her over and fucked her from behind ( her fave ) I got in front of her and started to wank into her mouth I knew she was ready to cum, he stopped fucking her pussy and put his cock to her arse and slowly pushed it in, this was too much for me and I came in her mouth and on her face, she was playing with her clit while he was fucking her arse he said he was gonna cum and so was she they both let out a moan and they came together, he pulled out and the last of his cum shot on her back and they both collapsed on the bed, were going away again soon so I'll keep you all posted.