Written by Shirley.

3 Aug 2008

My husband and I frequently read the stuff on your site not that we want to go dogging but mostly because we get turned on by the encounters described. Hubby Steve has been getting less and less interested in sex for a while, we are both early fifties and he would rather watch sport on tv than see to me which I have to say has left me somewhat frustrated as I have always had a good appetite for sex and even though I am not as young as I used to be can see no reason to stop now.

This weekend is our 28th wedding anniverary so we had reserved dinner at a really nice country pub which we had been going to for a while. Steve said that he would drive so I could have a few drinks and not worry about driving home.

The dinner was great and I had a few glasses of wine and had noticed thoughout the evening that two guys who were in there alone had been having an appreciateive look at me whenever I looked their way especially when I crossed or uncrossed my legs etc.

I had no problem with this as like I said at my age I can handle younger men liking what they see.

It came time to leave so we paid up and headed out to the car, the two guys were stood near the door and one of them said goodnight and gave me a good look up and down. I looked back as we got in the car and this one had moved closer to the door so he could see me get in the car, I got in the passenger side and as I did my dress rode up over mid thigh and I could see this one guy watching me try and pull it down but he had a good look at the top of my stockings before I managed to get it sorted out.

We were nearly home when I needed to pee, I said to Steve that he had to pullover somewhere as I couldn\'t make it all the way back.

There is a small park near where we live so he pulled the car in there, there are a mens and womens toilets in there so I got out and hurried over to the ladies. Steve followed as it was getting dark, the ladies was in a terrible state so he said use the mens as there\'s no real difference, I went in and squatted over the bog.

Steve waited outside the cubicle and just then I heard some feet coming up the path towards the toilet.

Steve said hurry up and finish someones coming. I was still peeing when I heard a couple of voices saying sorry to disturb but we recognised the motor and thought you had broken down or something. It was the two guys from the pub. I had fished what I was doing and had used a hankie to wipe myself when this one guy looked in the cubicle, I had not been quick enough to pull down my dress and he could see me stood there with my dress up over my waist with panties and stockings fully exposed.

The first guy moved towards me and I couldn\'t believe this but Steve just stood aside and let him.

He was right in front of me and pushed the cubicle door closed behind us. His right had touched my leg and he ran it up over my stocking top and pulled my panties to the side so he could feel my wet pussy..He leaned towards me and we kissed, his tongue was in my mouth and I sucked on it.

His hand was doing wonferful things to my pussy and I blurted out that I couldn\'t stand up much longer, he called out to his mate that we should get her out to the car, he pu8shed me out of the door and they both took my arms and led me down the path to the cars. My dress was up around my waist and my panties pulled down so my pubes were exposed, on the way the second guy had pushed down my dress so my boobs were bare.

Steve was transfixed by all this but I was too far gone to care.

They took me to their car and opened the back door. I was positioned on the back seat on my hands and knees, the guy who I really liked was behind me and the other one went around the other side and opend the door. he bent down and started to kiss me which I responded to while guy number one was stroking the backs of my legs and pussy.

He opened his trousers and told me to put his dick in my pussy, I reached back and stroked his erection before aiming it at my hole.

I felt him enter and start to fuck me slowly, the other guy then stopped kissing me and unzipped himself before pointing his penis at my face, I opened my mouth and sucked the end of his cock.

I looked side ways and could see Steve with his dick in his hand masturbating. I could also see a reflection in the car door window of me knelt down with drees pulled up over my waist, panties pulled down and stocking tops exposed while a complete stranger fucked me.

I could feel guy number one getting faster and the one in front start to come. I took his semen in my mouth just as the other guy ejaculated in my pussy, I came almost at the same time with a shattering orgasm.

We got tidied up and exchanged numbers etc.

I have never met the guys again but have a couple more experiences to share if interested.