Written by C

25 Nov 2008

Last time I posted on here was in July (Another day in the Sun), so I thought it was about time that I let you know what’s been happening. As you know I am a naturist and try and get nude whenever I can, but as this country doesn’t have the weather I often try abroad.

My wife isn’t interested in this lifestyle, so I use the excuse of doing my yearly motorbike camping holiday to visit the European naturist sites.

I had arranged a trip for the last two weeks in August and had everything planned, except one thing – if you’ve read my first posting on here ‘A day in the Sun’ then you will know about Michelle, the very slim, 23 year old black girl with very pert tits and a nicely trimmed pussy who I met while sunning myself at a local spot and have met several times since. Anyway, during one of our meets, I mentioned this trip to Michelle and she said she wanted to come too. I agreed and she booked the time off.

The Saturday came when I was leaving, I kissed the wife goodbye and said I’d see her in 2 weeks and left for the EuroStar at Ashford – stopping on the way to pick up Michelle. She came out of her house, wearing full tight fitting bike leathers and holding a crash helmet – a vision of beauty! She also had a single, small holdall with her, as I took it she said with a smile ‘well, I didn’t think I’d need anything more than a change of knickers!’ I packed it onto the bike and we set off.

As we rode the 60 miles to Ashford, Michelle held me around the waist and occasionally let her hands drop to my crotch, I’d respond by saying ‘not while we’re on the bike’ and move her hands. Admittedly, the thought of spending most of the following two weeks naked with this 23 year old was getting me aroused, so I tried to put it out of my mind.

Anyway, we reached Ashford, caught the train and set off from Calais to head down through France into Spain – a trip that normally takes me a couple of days on my own, but it actually took me longer as Michelle liked the camping and wanted to stay.

We reached our destination, found our camp site and set up the tent. The first thing Michelle wanted to do next was have a long shower, so we stripped off and found the shower block. They were unisex with individual cubicles that had a door that locked, so we had no problems in having a shower together, but we had to make sure we didn’t make too much noise as there were kids about.

We entered the shower, locked the door and Michelle immediately went to work on my cock, the sight of this 23 year old naked in front of me made my cock spring to attention – and the fact that she was about to take it in her mouth mad me nearly cum there and then! She furiously sucked and wanked my cock for all she was worth, but just as I could feel myself about t cum, I pulled out of her mouth and stood her up, spun her round and bent her over, immediately finding her wet, shaved pussy I pushed my cock deep into her and fucked her for all I was worth, cumin deep in her within minutes as she orgasmed on my impaling cock.

We stayed in the shower for about an hour fucking and then decided that it was time for lunch.

There was a dress code in the restaurant – shorts! I think to stop any pubic hairs getting in the food! As we sat at a table outside and ate, a young couple, who turned out to be Swiss, came and sat at the next table. They were both in their mid 20’s, she was called Fran, she was about 5’4’’ with blonde hair with ice blue eyes, a fantastic pair of 36DD tits and a great figure – he was Michael, about 5’8’’, dark haired and very muscular. We all chatted and got on well, but he was very reserved and I don’t think he liked it when I paid her a compliment about her figure – although she seemed to respond to it by pushing out her chest towards me and even started to flirt! Michelle had noticed and even gave me a playful kick under the table.

They asked how we had got here and when I said by motorbike, Fran said that she would love to do that, but Michael didn’t ride. She looked at me with a smile and said ‘I’d love to have a long ride with you at some point’. We left the restaurant and went back to our tent, when we got there, Michelle said ‘she is so wanting to fuck you, man!’ I laughed and said she was reading to much into it, she then said ‘didn’t you see her nipples, when she said she wanted to ‘have a long ride with you’, they went rock hard, and her boyfriend noticed it too!’

Admittedly I had noticed then, who couldn’t, they’d stuck out like dolly mixtures!

The days went passed in a hurry, but always seemed to be like the last day: we fucked when we woke, went and showered, had breakfast, went for a swim in the sea, fucked in the dunes, had lunch, fucked again, met up with Fran and Michael to have a drink, then fucked again.

On Friday, we were relaxing by the pool with Fran and Michael, when Fran said ‘We go home on Sunday, is there any way you can take me for a ride on your motorcycle?’ Michelle looked at me and said ‘go on then, I don’t mind’ I looked at Fran and said ‘when?’

She looked at me and said ‘is tomorrow okay? What do I need to wear?’

Michelle had already figured out that she was the same size as Fran, except for the tits, and offered her the use of her leather jeans. Michael didn’t look too pleased, but I could tell Fran was excited, she was acting like a little girl – and her nipples were rock hard again.

We arranged to go early to miss the heat of the day and agreed to meet at 6am.

The next morning, Fran came wondering over to out tent wearing just a t-shirt and knickers and pulled on Michelle’s leather jean – another vision of beauty! As we walked to the bike, Michelle called me back and whispered ‘I bet she fucks you later – enjoy yourself; you can tell me all about it later’.

Twenty minutes later we were riding along the coast road. We arrived at our destination some 2 hours later, a deserted beach that had plenty of dunes for privacy. Fran was over the moon that she had had a bike ride.

We went for a walk and Fran said ‘let’s get undressed and go for a swim’ so we left our clothes in the bike panniers, grabbed the towels I had brought and went swimming.

Fran’s body was fantastic, her voluptuous tits bounced as she ran into the sea and my cock started to harden just watching her.

As we played in the water, she turned to me and said ‘when I said I wanted a long ride with you did you know what I meant?’ her nipples were rock hard – obviously because of the water!

I laughed and said ‘Let’s say I had an idea’. She swam over to me, stood up and kissed me.

‘Let’s go and lay down somewhere’ she said. We found a quiet place in the dunes and lay down, her skin as tanned and smooth, the sight of her large tits and smooth pussy made me even harder – she saw this and reached over and took me in her mouth.

‘HHmmmmm’ she groaned ‘I love the taste of an older man’s cock’ and then she started to wank me into her mouth, licking and sucking hard, my cock hitting the back of her throat until I was cumin into her mouth and she swallowed the lot.

A few minutes later, I had my face buried in her smooth, shaved pussy, her lips wet and dripping with her juices as I licked and sucked at her clit. I have always had a thing for giving oral and find that this will get me hard again in no time. Fran was groaning and grabbing at me head as she began to climax, her juices poured from her pussy – as she pulled my head into her and as went rigid for a few minutes, then collapsed. She lay there panting and smiling ‘Fucking great’ she said.

When she had recovered, she grabbed hold of my now fully recovered cock and stated to rub it. She lay back on the sand and said ‘fuck me’. I knelt between her legs and slowly pushed my hard 9 inches into her wet pussy, an inch at a time, then slowly pulled out and pushed deeper. Eventually I was all the way in, she squeezed my cock with the cunt muscles as I started to build up a steady rhythm, slowly getting faster and deeper with every stroke. She lifted her legs up over my shoulders and started to moan loudly and groaned she was cumin again; I said ‘I’m getting close’. Fran then said ‘please, not in me, I’m not on the pill’. I nodded okay.

I carried on ramming hard into her as she came, and then I felt the first jet of my cum shoot deep into her, then another, then I pulled out and shoot the rest of my load out over her tits, some of it landing on her face. She looked at me and said ‘that was close’. I smiled and nodded again.

We lay on the towel for a while, then cleaned up and rode back t the camp site.

That evening Michelle asked me to tell her every detail; I told her everything except the part about shooting my first load into Fran.

The next day as Fran and Michael left, she swapped mobile numbers with Michelle.

We stayed at the site another few days than had a slow ride back to Calais and home.

Last week, Michelle told me that she had heard from Fran, who said that she was nearly 12 weeks pregnant! Fran said she didn’t think it was Michaels because her always used condoms.

Michelle asked me if I had cum inside Fran when I fucked her. I just smiled at Michelle and said ‘I might have’. Michelle’s reply ‘you dirty fucker, in that case I want you to fuck me the same way you did her’ ……..and that’s another story.