Written by Paul and Lorraine

8 Jan 2008

Hi All, we posted a story about a threesome with my partner Lorraine and cousin William on 2nd and have since given him and us a quick follow up and swansong. (farewell fuck) My partner Lorraine 38, (and no kidding) me 47, and my cousin William 57 played strip jack naked between Christmas and new year and posted (stripteaze for 3).

We are now almost at double figures now in our little adventures and much more at ease and in control of the situations and our feelings when we experiment. Not so at first when we were both nervous wrecks and dwelt on too many worst case scenarios.

After our night with my cousin we (Lorraine and me) talked of a final farewell for William and agreed that because there had been so much laughing and joking during the encounter we had enjoyed it to the full. William has now reunited with his wife and his time will soon again be at a premium. William phoned me a few days after our 3some and asked if we could meet for a game of snooker. He later explained that he was needing reassurance that everything was still okay between us? I told him that we had even talked of a swansong for him to see him on his way and that we had both enjoyed the night. He seemed really relieved and pleased too.

Rather than waste time at the snooker I text Lorraine to say that we were on our way home. She text back that she was looking forward to it. When we arrived home in the usual state of excitement Lorraine was sitting on the settee talking to her mother who had phoned from Australia. She is as I`ve described 38 with shoulder length blond hair, 36-38f boobs, lovely narrow waist, gorgeous bum and long legs. She had been in the proccess of changing for our arrival when her mother called and was sitting in just her red bra and red thong with a see through black house coat over the top of them.

When we entered the living room Lorraine raised her finger to her mouth to say ssshhh and indicated 5 minutes with her fingers. I took William up to the spare bedroom and we quickly undressed and left our clothes on the bed. We both walked into the living room naked with our 3/4 errect cocks sticking out in front of us and giggled like a couple of school boys as we danced around the room wiggling our cocks at Lorraine before sitting down either side of her.

Lorraine was trying to end the conversation and her cheeks had a rosey excited glow as she was now clearly arroused. I slipped the house coat off of her shoulders and she looked at me in a pleading way to stop and pointed to the phone mouthing the words my mother. Her breathing was shallow and the tone of her voice had altered as she tried time and again to say goodbye with little success.

I reached over and released her wonderful tits by undoing her bra and she let out a little sigh as the sexy submissive look swept over her face.

She again beckoned me to wait but the devilment in me had taken over. I nodded to William to move to the centre of the living room and whispered to him to bend over the settee beside Lorraine and I would pretend to fuck his bum. (pretend, not do it) The look on her face was a treasure to behold and she started coughing as I pretended to slam off Williams bum as we put on our best porno faces and pouted at her.

Lorraine tried to remind her mother how much the call was costing as William and me burst out laughing and had to run out to the hall to laugh out loud.

When we had composed ourselves we went back into the living room, William stood a few feet in front of Lorraine but with his back to her. I kneeled in front William but obscured from Lorraine`s view by his body and pretended to give him oral. (yes, pretend) William made all the oooh`s and aaah`s noises and I made the squelching slurping noises before we both ran to the hall laughing again.

As we stood in the hall laughing Lorraine called out get in here now you pair of bastards. Tha call had eventually been ended (really only about 15 minutes) and Lorraine`s face was bright red, a little from embarrassment and a lot from excitement. We walked into the living room and all laughed till the tears were running down our faces and took several minutes to compose ourselves.

When the laughter had died down Lorraine stood up and threw her bra and house coat to the corner of the room but kept her thong on. She sat in the middle of the corner unit settee and said to us to sit either side of her. I said to Lorraine that she had that special submissive look on her face and she replied no wonder. Lorraine put an arm round each of our backs and opened her legs placing her right leg over William`s legs and her left one over mine and lay back pushing her bum slightly forward.

Lorraine turned slightly towards me and we had a deep kiss with each of us trying to shove our tongue`s down the others throat as I squeezed her massive tits. Lorraine let out a groan and pulled me in as we broke from the kiss and I looked down to see William`s hand inside her thong stroking her pussy. William said how wet and warm she felt and said how much he loved her young love hole as he slipped 2 fingers straight inside her.

Lorraine gave me a few gentle kisses but kept looking from William`s hand on her pussy to my face saying oooh baby, look at what your cousin is doing to my pussy?

Oooh baby are you going to let him do that to your baby`s pussy?

Oooh baby his big fingers are in your baby`s pussy, is that okay?

Oooh baby, what if your cousin tries to put his big cock in your baby`s pussy, are you going to let him do that to your baby?

Oooh baby, are you just going to sit and watch if your cousin puts his big cock in your baby`s pussy and rides her?

Oooh baby, he`s making me cum with his big fingers and you`re letting him do that to your baby, do you want him to do that to my pussy?

Lorraine then had a massive jerking orgasm and moaned and groaned until it subsided. We all sat stroking each other as we all caught our breath.

Lorraine then lay back against my body resting her head on my lap next to my raging hard on and slightly lifted her bum and removed her thong.

She lay along the settee and lifted her knees and opened her legs as William moved between them with his cock in his hand.

William positioned himself with his now sticky cock gently slipping inside Lorraine`s newly shaved gushing fanny. Lorraine gasped as William`s cock glided inside her pussy and said oooh baby, you`ve let him put his big hairy cock in my shaved pussy.

Oooh baby, your big cousin`s cock`s in your baby`s pussy, is that okay?

William and me were totally sent by Lorraine`s pillow talk and the suggestion that she was ever so slightly unwilling and only being compliant for me.

William was trying to hold back and ease the pace as he was close to cumming but Lorraine said, oooh baby, I can feel your cousin`s big nasty cock all hard and ready to cum and he`s going to fill my pussy with his spunk?

Oooh baby, are you going to let him shoot all that sticky spunk inside my little pussy?

Oooh baby, his big hairy cock is hurting my little pussy and I can feel his spunk, do you want him to hurt my little pussy and fill it with his spunk? Tell me baby, tell me what to do?

I could see Lorraine and William both up the pace and Lorraine thrust her hips forward and I said, yes, I want him to shoot his spunk inside your pussy, I want to see his big cock stretch your little pussy lips and I want you to do as you`re told! Ride him, take his spunk!

Lorraine shouted back, is this what you want me to do, do you want me to take your cousin`s big cock for you, do you want your baby to take his spunk for you?

They both jerked and moaned and groaned as Lorraine pushed her head hard into my lap as they both climaxed. It was fantastic to watch and I knew the minute she touched my cock I`d not be long in cumming too. I looked down as William withdrew his floppy cock and Lorraine looked up at me and said you loved that, didn`t you?

William had hardly moved away and I was between Lorraine`s legs in seconds. I looked down at her smiling back at me and she said, do you like my pussy all sore and full of your cousin`s spunk, do you want to ride my sticky pussy too?

Just as I was entering Lorraine she beckoned William over and asked him to position himself half standing beside her head. She took his sticky floppy cock in her hand as she lay back and licked William`s knob and said, is this what you want me to do, do you want me to lick his spunky knob for you?

Between all the dirty talk and what I`d just seen, and the fact that I`ve just entered my gorgeous womans fanny full of my cousin`s spunk, and Lorraine licking his spunk covered knob just inches from my face I`m sure I can be forgiven for exploding my spunk inside her after just 5 thrusts? Lorraine had another massive jerker too!

After 20 minutes or so of mutual petting Lorraine asked us to wank ourselves hard as she sat upright on the settee with her bum pushed forward. She opened her legs and stroked her pussy positioning it right on the edge of the settee and said, you know what I want you`s to do don`t you`s?

Yip, William and I wanked furiously as Lorraine stroked her pussy and I entered her fanny and shot my spunk just as she was cumming. William immediately entered as I withdrew and Lorraine shouted out, oooh baby, this is brilliant!

We settled down and sat around naked having a few drinks and a few more laughs before William had to leave.

Lorraine gave him what she thought would be a quick wank before he left but after 15 minutes or so he had to finish himself off but obliged by dribbling his last few drops on Lorraine`s tit`s.

A great night but we`ll be off radar for the next few months as work calls. I hope you all have a good new year too?