Written by C

26 Jul 2008

Following on from ‘A day in the Sun’ – on Monday night I emailed Michelle and said that I was off on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and would be spending some time at the park, if she wants to meet. On Tuesday afternoon, I got an email back saying she had arranged to take Friday off and if the weather was nice we could meet about 10am in the usual place.

On Friday morning (yesterday), I got to the park to find dozens of other cars there, so I parked up and wondered to the spot. Settled myself down and started to read – waiting the usual 30 minutes or so to see who was around. Within 10 minutes a dog came out of the bushes followed by an older guy – he apologised and left.

About 9:30, Michelle arrived – wearing a full length summer dress with buttons down the front, she smiled kissed me and started to unbutton her dress, revealing nothing underneath. She was just about to let it drop to the ground, when we heard a group of kids close by, so she buttoned up and waited. 20 minutes later she was standing in front of me wearing nothing but a smile, her pert nipples standing erect in the sun, then another group came passed – even though this spot is off the usual walking paths, the world and their kids seemed to be here today! I’d forgotten that the kids are now on holiday.

Michelle quickly put her dress back on and said ‘let’s go somewhere else’. I asked where as it would be impossible to go to my house. I have the keys to my brothers flat, she picked up her mobile and called a number – ‘no answer, he’s at work’

I followed her car for about 5 miles, my cock straining to get out at the thought of fucking her again. 10 minutes later we were in the flat, and Michelle was again standing in front of me naked, I couldn’t believe that I was again able to fuck this gorgeous young girl.

I stripped and stood there, cock erect, Michelle knelt down and took my cock in her mouth and slowly started to run her teeth up and down the length of my shaft, she reached the tip and sucked heavily, the feeling was fantastic – I pulled her to her feet and walked to the stool in the kitchen, lifting her onto it I knelt down and spread her legs, slowly I ran my tongue along the length of her trimmed pussy lips, she moaned and held my head, I repeated this several times and the slowly pushed my tongue into the waiting pussy – she groaned – I pulled my tongue out and then thrust it deep into her again – again she groined. After several minutes of this she grabbed my head and pulled it into her – forcing me deeper into the pussy as she let out a scream as her juices squirted into my mouth. ‘I didn’t know you were a squirter?’ I said. ‘You never did that before!’ she replied.

Michelle stood up, took me by the hand and said ‘lets go upstairs’ – it turns out this was a split level flat, we went upstairs and into the bedroom. She walked to the curtains and opened them to revile double doors that lead to a small roof garden, she opened the doors and walked out, sat on a recliner and told me to ‘come here and fuck me’ – how could I refuse, being ordered to fuck a girl who was nearly 17 years younger than me and had a body most teenagers would die for to look at.

As I walked out, she lay back on the recliner and spread her legs, I knelt in front of her and offered my cock to her waiting, wet pussy. I slowly pushed it in as she pushed against me. She sat up and wrapped her arms around me, pulling me closer. I swung round and sat on the recliner with Michelle still wrapped around my body, she slowly slide up and down my cock as I could feel her cunt muscles gripping my cock. I was getting closer and closer and could feel the tension in my balls rising – Michelle suddenly said ‘stop’ and jumped off me.

Feeling a bit confused (and let down) I said ‘what’s wrong?’ She looked at me and said ‘nothing, I just want you to fuck my arse’ with that she came over to the second recliner and knelt on all fours, offering her lovely smooth arse to me.

I came up behind her, sliding my fingers into her soaking pussy, I fingered her for a minute or two, then slowly rubbed my fingers around her waiting arsehole, she groaned and said ‘that’s good, sliding in your cock now’

I offered my cock to her waiting arse, the tip pushing against the straining ring and gently applied pressure – Michelle gasped and said ‘harder’. I pushed some more and she let out a little wimper, I stopped pushing, ‘No, fucking push harder’ she said. I pushed harder as her ring gave way and, my cock slipped into her tight little hole – the feeling was fantastic.

I slowly pushed my cock in as far as I could, Michelle was moaning, I pulled out almost to the tip and rammed back in again and again as I was playing with her pert tits and very erect nipples, Michelle was screaming – god knows what the neighbours thought! Then she pushed back and said ‘cum inside me now’

I increased my speed and depth of thrust and felt my balls tighten, ‘I’m cumin’ I said, as the first jet of spunk shot up inside her arse. Michelle was thrashing about and groaning ‘oh god, I’m cumin’ she said ‘I’m cumin’ then she arched her back. I suddenly realised that she wasn’t breathing her orgasm was that intense, then she collapsed and started to pant very heavily.

‘That was fantastic’ she said ‘I wish I’d done that sooner’

‘Was that your first anal’ I asked – she nodded.

We spent the after noon fucking in different positions and locations around the flat, we even spent a good hour bathing and washing each other – at 6 she said ‘we’d better go before my brother gets home’

We kissed and both went home, my cock aching from spending hours fucking her.

Michelle emailed me last night and said her pussy was swollen and her arse was sore, but she said the only way to get used to it was to do it regularly. We are planning another meeting at her brother flat soon.