Written by grant

15 Apr 2014

Another first meet experience following on from the floodgates opened a few days ago.

This was with someone that by coincidence, I sort of knew. Or at least I'd seen her on school parents evenings, and her son was good friends with my son. However we "met" online via a dogging site. Neither posted face pics and it took a few messages to realise we knew each other.

The plan was to meet in an empty house that I was working on (Im a handyman) for a role-play. However things got the better of us and we ended up meeting in a Chichester car park, on a Sunday afternoon, for a snog and grope.

By the Tuesday, things were set up. She would come round from work, shower, strip naked, get on all 4s and wait for me.

What a sight greeted me as I came out the room. A statuesque woman, around 5ft11, round arse, cheeks open, tits hanging. First thing I did was put a pillowcase over her head and a collar round her neck.

Spanked her...hard...leaving her arse glowing... before pulling her to her feet and to the bedroom. I'd planned lots of stuff but all that had to wait...my cock was hard and I wanted to fuck her. The bitch was soaking and I slipped straight in, balls deep on first thrust. More spanking whilst I pounded away. Next was her arse.... Her position and my fucking meant her cheeks were apart, and her ring piece was so inviting. Lubricated from her wet cunt, my cock slid effortlessly up her arse. I pounded away hard, pulling the collar, pulling her hair, spanking her arse. Finally I came shooting deep up her arse. I was soft almost immediately but so fucking horny so now I set to work first with my fingers, then with my fist, her cunt taking my full hand up to my wrist. I was almost punching in and out her hole, whenever she made a noise I spanked her...hard. I lost cound of the times she came, but her cunt would tighten, followed by her moaning.

She was made for sex. Within no time I was getting hard again, and pulling the pillowcase off her, made her suck my nipples and finger my arse while I wanked..this time pushing my cock into her mouth before I came and she eagerly sucked me dry.

As agreed in advance she did not swallow... instead dribbling my own cum into my open mouth, and opening her mouth to take it back. We swapped a few times before kissing hard and deep...not sure who swallowed the most,,,her or me

But our session was done...or at least our first session had come to an end