17 Jan 2017

As I said in my last post I forgot to provide these updates although I did write them soon after they occurred. This is the next installment.

A few weeks passed where we could not arrange time to video call. I was still obsessed and my girl was being worn out with our bedroom sessions. However it only took a mention of her friend fucking herself for our pleasure and she was turned on and gagging for my cock.

I was happy with how things had developed but was always thinking 'what if..?'

To be honest I wasn't sure how to take this further

My girl and her friend were obviously talking regularly, mainly by text. My girl had mentioned that my fantasy was to watch two women and this is how it progressed.

The main issue was getting time away from the kids and her partner. They were both free during the day and therefore it was decided between them to meet up and have some fun without me but potentially video call me.

As it happened on the day in question I had a number of meetings to attend and could therefore not watch the action live. Therefore I had to wait until I got home to watch the video.

My day dragged and I kept looking at my watch when I knew they were due to meet at our house.

I sent my girl a text telling her how much I loved her shortly before her friend was due and got a similar reply. My mind was not on the job and my boss commented as such however I couldn't really say why!

As I left work I checked my phone and had a few messages from my girl

I am nervous but excited xxx

She is here and you won't believe what she has done. Xxx

You will wish you were here! Xxx

She has just left and I really want your cock now. Xxx

I hurried home. Unfortunately life got in the way for a few hours, kids to see to, baths,bedtime stories etc.

My girl was acting normal just a typical mom but inside I could tell she was horny!

The kids went to bed and we gave them time to fall asleep. We sat in the garden and I questioned my girl but she just kept tapping her phone and telling me to wait.

When the time came we curled up on the sofa and my girl started telling me what they had arranged.

My girl said she was going to dress up as she knew I would appreciate it but said she didn't ask her friend to. However when she arrived she parked on the drive and asked my girl by text to open the front door. My girl already had her dressing gown on so opened the door and watched as her friend jumped out the car wearing trainers a very short skirt and a lacy bra covered by a light summer coat. She almost ran inside and slammed the door! It was apparently something she had always wanted to do and leaving hers wasn't an issue as they are not overlooked. However our front is very open with a park opposite and only once she arrived did she realise how many people could possibly see her. She had put on her gym trainers that were in the car and left her heels behind.

They had a good laugh before going up to our bedroom which is on the back of the house and not overlooked. Here my girl removed her dressing gown and her friend removed her coat and they both got to see the full effect of each others efforts. My girl laughed though saying the trainers spoilt it all and lent her a pair of platformed heels to complete her outfit.

Then mainly for my benefit they took pictures of each other in various poses.

At this point my girl hands me the phone and shows me the pictures they took. Both looking amazing in a variety of standard poses. They certainly had my attention.

My girl had gone for a black lacy bra, black thong, stockings and matching platformed heels. My cock was beginning to stir looking at the pictures.

My girl started gently playing with my cock whilst telling me that although it was sexy posing for and taking pictures it was also funny as they said they felt a bit silly.

Next there were a few selfies of them kissing. Some were terrible pictures just showing the top of their head but a couple were pure gold showing their tongues touching. My cock was now fully hard and I hadn't seen anything yet.

The next few shots showed the girls on the bed and as the pictures progressed they removed more clothing.

The scene was explained to me. They kissed and touched each other and each time an item of clothing was removed they paused to take a picture. My girl said it sort of killed the mood at times until she started telling her friend how hard these pictures would make me. Her friend commented that my girl was lucky as she would be getting a good fucking on my return.

Finally they were down to the minimum. My girl in stockings and heels, her friend in just heels.

Next there was a video for me to watch. My girl explained they played for a while almost forgetting about the camera and me. Then as her friend was licking her pussy she remembered and took a short video which showed me her view as she reached her second orgasm. Seeing her friend actually eating my girls pussy was fantastic and I watched it three times. I had to move my girls hand from my cock to stop me from cumming.

The next video was a similar scene but my girl was eating her friends pussy. There was no orgasm on the video but my girl assured me her friend came lots and tasted great.

There was then some pictures showing my girl and her friend using vibrators on each other. Before I reached the final video.

My girl said her friend was so turned on at this point she would have done anything she asked her to. So she asked her to put a vibrator in her ass and rub her pussy to orgasm.

The vibrator was lubricated in my girls pussy whilst her friend used some oil on her ass.

The video starts showing her on all fours ass pointing up. She pushes the vibrator in to her ass moaning softly as it slides in. Once she has taken most of the length my girls hand comes in to shot and she starts to control the rhythm of the toy whilst her friend rubs her clit. In under a minute her friend has two fingers inside her pussy whilst the other hand is rubbing her clit. My girl turns the vibrator on and her friend starts to squeal loudly. She is shouting for her ass to be fucked and suddenly I heard my name! She was begging me to fuck her ass as she came!

A huge orgasm made her fall flat to the bed and the video stopped. My girl simply said 'I need fucking now!'

Her skirt was pushed up, knickers moved aside and i slid straight in to her soaked pussy. I pumped away frantically for a couple of minutes before filling her with my cum.

We lay together for a while both unable to talk. We then dressed and went up to bed.